Angry Birds: Green Day Edition

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Bobby Brown Enters Rehab, Again

Just 6 months after the death of the R&B singer's ex-wife Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown has entered an undisclosed rehab facility late last week as part of an agreement involving his arrest for drunk driving in March of this year. This comes 8 weeks after marrying his manager Alicia Etheridge-Brown, during a short break from his performances on the New Edition 30th anniversary reunion tour.

Now 43, the entertainer rose to fame when the influential '80s boy band New Edition released such hits as Candy Girl, Cool It Now, and Mr. Telephone Man. He was given the boot in 1985, with fellow members citing bad behavior, and he developed a solo career which would release his defining hit single "My Prerogative." Meanwhile after a few unsuccessful attempts at finding a new fit for the group, the three remaining members re-formed themselves as Bel Biv Devoe and in 1990, released their platinum single "Poison."

Madonna Sued in Russia for Support of LGBT Community

These days it seems like things are starting to look brighter in the ever persistent struggle for the equal rights of those who identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender. With same sex marriage becoming legally recognized in more and more states across America, it's as though we've entered a new era in human acceptance and equality. But in places like Russia, it's actually looking more like the struggle may only be worsening, as anti LGBT activist groups seem to be gaining strength.

In the latest example of this growing trend, a law was passed there last February which makes it illegal to promote homosexuality to minors. As a result, world famous pop star and gay icon Madonna is being sued. The lawsuit comes following a performance in St. Petersburg where the artist distributed several pink wrist bands and later asked fans to raise their hand while wearing them, proclaiming "fight for the right to be free" -demonstrating solidarity in support of equal rights for the LGBT community.

Afrika Bambaataa Named Visiting Scholar at Cornell University

Not many people would immediately connect the term Hip Hop artist with Ivy League school, but that's exactly what Upstate New York's Cornell University had in mind when they named music pioneer Afrika Bambaataa as a visiting scholar for the next three years.

Considered by many to be the "Godfather" of Hip Hop, Afrika Bambaataa (whose real name is Kevin Donovan) forever changed music when his 1982 single "Planet Rock" was released. At the time, a new sound was beginning to emerge which he quickly found himself at the forefront of. The song has been sampled by everyone from Paul Oakenfold to Ice Cube and even now, thirty years later, you can still hear it played in clubs everywhere.

Batten the Hatch, Trap Music is Taking Over Everything

It seems one cannot go out these days without either hearing Trap music being played or hearing someone talking about Trap. Even Snoop recently tweeted about it. But as with any new genre, sometimes it can be difficult to understand or define what exactly makes it that new style of music. Enter Atlanta based Heroes x Villains, whose forthcoming documentary Certified Trap explores its history and evolution while covering some of the main figureheads of the emerging genre.

The Duo behind Heroes x Villains -who have been friends and DJ partners since their teen years- released their first mixtape 'We Off That' on Mad Decent in 2010, featuring several of their own electronic dance music remixes of artists Lil Jon, Waka Flocka Flame, Diplo, Gucci Mane, and many others- putting them on top of the game over night. And that description in itself more or less defines what Trap music is; Dirty South Rap (beats) x EDM (synths) x Deep Sub-Bass.

Obama Calls On DJs For Campaign Support

Once an underground movement which usually invoked ideas of drug use, graffitti, and other illegal activities, DJ culture has worked its way from the streets of the inner city all the way to the White House. In the latest strategy to reach out to the younger generation, 'DJs for Obama' calls on such household names as Steve Aoki, DJ Cassidy, D-Nice, DJ Rashida, Irie, and Adam 12 among others for campaign support.

In many ways it's a modern version of the non-partisan 'Rock the Vote' effort, which in 2008 registered a mind blowing 2.5 million voters (making up HALF of the total 5 million voters registered by the program since its inception in 1992). And who better to do it than the first presidential candidate to incorporate social networking sites in his previous campaign?