Evelyn Drinkery Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary with Kick Ass Parties All Week

Evelyn Drinkery is without a doubt one of New York City's best cocktail bars. We loved meeting the guys behind the bar last year and are excited to join them in their week long fete of celebrations!

Kicking off on Monday, September 16th, Evelyn will host Your Drink Here, a cocktail competition featuring El Jimador Tequila. Some of the city's best bartenders will be competing for the chance to have their cocktail featured on Evelyn's menu and your vote counts! You can purchase your $25 ticket here, which will get you a sample of four different specialty El Jimador Tequila drinks, along with a half dozen oysters from Village Fishmonger. The doors open at 6pm and the competition starts at 7:30pm.

Catching Up with New York's Hot Shot DJ Monique Rodrigues

You have both Brazilian and American influences in your music - how do you think that distinguishes you as a DJ?

I think because it's a whole different culture and it's so accepted - Brazilian is so in fashion and in style; anything in Brazilian culture; Brazilian music, food, etc. I think bringing a little bit of that and mixing it in with everything I live and breathe in New York City makes a big different.

I heard you are going to be launching a Brazilian party series in December. Can you tell us about that?

It's something that I did this past December at a coffee shop with some friends. I was doing a party at The Darby and then I moved to Coffee Shop, but now we are in talks about doing something else Brazilian at Hotel Chantelle. We are shopping around for different ideas, but hopefully by the Fall we will have something solid together. I want to do something more classic Brazilian, like Bosa Nova and some newer stuff.

Fabipops Opens in Park Slope

With the creation of Fabipops, Fabiola Scarbrough has introduced Brooklyn to a delectable selection of cake pops! The store, located in Park Slope, opened this past Thursday and hosted an evening party where a select few were invited to taste some of their delicious treats. Fabipops specializes in luxury cake pops, push pops, and ring pops perfect for a quick snack or a glamorous event. Each pop is hand-designed by Fabiola and uniquely created in order to yeild customized flavors. During the event, we got to try Cotton Candy, Cookies n' Cream, Birthday Cake and Lemon Raspberry Drop. Each was super moist, light and flavorful. Within an industry dominated by heavily frosted cupcakes, it is refreshing to have the cleaner, lighter option of Fabipops; simply put, cake pops are way easier to eat than your typical cupcake! We also love that the store offers bite-sized mini truffles in each flavor for customers to sample. Another great characteristic of Fabipops, besides how fun and cute they are, is that you can also order them gluten, dairy or nut free!

The 6th Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Ball

"This charity means a lot to me because I'm from Haiti," says co-founder Unik Ernest. "I had the chance to leave Haiti to come to America and have a better life, education, and the opportunity to see what life has to offer. People in Haiti are still living on under $1 a day. People keep saying that it's getting better, but honestly, I don't see it getting any better."

Mr. Baldwin presented the night's honorees Sharon Bush, Dr. Jane Aronson, and Cindy Stagoff with the Edeyo Hope, Humanitarian and Empowerment awards, respectively. Chair member Nigel Barker honored Nancy Myers-Alverez with the Edeyo Ambassador awards.

One Clique: Revolutionizing The Shoe World

November marks a momentous occassion for women worldwide. One Clique is going to change the fashion world as we know it when it launches the first ever shoe that can take you from stiletto to wedge in a matter of seconds. That's right, with one easy click, your shoes can transform right before your eyes.

One Clique sought out to design a shoe that has interchangable heels for your everyday girl. Why spend hundreds of dollars on 10 pairs of shoes, when One Clique's one-of-a-kind latch system can create 200 different shoe combinations? Here's how it works: Select the top half of your dream shoe, whether it be a bright pink peep toe or basic black and with it you will receive two different heels -- whether is be a chunky snakeprint heel, a nude wedge, or a spiked stilleto. Additionally, you can purchase extra heels to keep the combos coming. One Clique worked extensively to envision shoes that can mix and match and look fabulous with each different combination.

This Rose Has No Thorns

Earlier this week, The OUT NYC Hotel expanded their franchise to include The Rosebud, a new speakeasy-style lounge located next to XL Nightclub. Look for a glowing neon rose and you've found the place—laden with warm red lighting, ample seating and elements of walnut, rosewood and bronze can be seen throughout the space. The staff is donned in 1920s garb—the women in Prohibition-era cocktail dresses and the men in classic oxfords, vests and trousers lend a great vibe to the lounge.

Xante Made the Rounds Last Week

First off, for those who have not had the pleasure of trying Xante, it is a pear-infused cognac liqueur that hails from Sweden. Last Thursday, there was a VIP Xante Beauty Bar at the 2013 Speed Rack National Finals, held at Element Night Club. At Speed Rack, 10 finalists from across the U.S. competed to be named Miss Speed Rack USA. The event is the first nationwide competition that highlights women in the cocktail industry and gives back to those impacted by breast cancer. During the event, VIPs were able to chat with the finalists, enjoy underground Xante cocktails, and get beautifully styled at the beauty bar. Music by Ryan Fitzgerald added to the party and judges Julie Reiner, Dale DeGroff, and Audrey Saunders really made the event. But if you think Xante started off with a bang, wait till you hear what they were up to during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic!