Carbonated Cocktails are the New 'It' Drink

We've all had our fair share of rum and Cokes or vodka with Sprites, but that's not what carbonated cocktails are all about. Some of the top New York bars are incorporating carbonated beverages into their menus, combining cocktail recipes with molecular mixology in order to create the most innovate libations. Booker and Dax, Lantern's Keep, Amor y Amargo and Saxon + Parole are a few of the joints in town that are utilizing this new technique. How exactly do you carbonate a cocktail without the traditional splash of soda? Get your hands on The Soda Siphon, a hand-held beverage carbonator. All you have to do is whip up your favorite cocktail, pour it into a siphon, and charge it with some CO2.

Fight the End of Summer Blues with Flowers.

If you've ever ventured around Greenpoint, then hopefully you've seen The Little Glass Slipper, a truly one-of-a-kind herb florist. Cary Pereyra combined her tenure under master decorative artists like David Tutera with her interest in herbal studies to debut the Brooklyn shop. The florist sells ready-made and bespoke arrangements that offer aromatherapy, skin care, air purification, edible arrangements, and other medicinal benefits. Since everyone is getting the blues now that summer has left us, we asked Cary to help our readers out by letting us know how to fight the end of summer blues, courtesy of her herbal arrangements.

Get Fit & Get Outta Dodge

Gansevoort Turks + Caicos is offering up a snag-worthy deal for vacationers! Incorporate some exercise into your vacation or some vacation into your grueling exercises with a special four night getaway for two. This beautifying package includes the famous exhale core fusion classes in a beachfront open air yoga pavilion, fusion massages in tranquil treatment rooms, along with a signature spa drink, as well as a healthy breakfast buffet and fresh fish each day. Check out all the details below and hurry up to book your last summer getaway!

Fun Things Happening in NYC Right Now

With so many options out there it can be hard to pick just one thing to do in NYC. Luckily for you, we've narrowed it down to some awesome upcoming events and specials that you should not miss!

Gotham Burlesque is at it again...this time with special guest star Dirty Martini. September 1st at 10pm brings you the spiciest Labor Day Weekend around with New York's sexiest show. Headliner Angie Pontani is sure to bring the house down with her sultry moves, along with fellow dancers Peekaboo Point, Bettina May, Nasty Canasta, Medianoche, Pinkie Special, and Albert Cadabra. The show will be hosted by *Bob*, with special appearance by Dangrrr Doll. Head to The Triad for a night to remember. Ticket prices range from $35-$45 and can be purchased here.

Show Off Those Pearly Whites

Dr. Arthur Glosman, a cosmetic dentist located in Beverly Hills chats with us about the best ways to show off those pearly whites. Dr. Glosman has been featured on CNN, TLC, Bravo, MSNBC, and more. With a healthy end-of-summer glow and Labor Day Weekend right around the corner, this is the perfect time to show off your smile. Dr. Glosman shares some tips on getting those teeth as white as can be and how to prevent tooth stains and chapped lips.

"With my practice being in sunny California – in Beverly Hills festooned with celebrities and VIPs who demand bright summer teeth for a beautiful smile, whitening your teeth is a quick and easy way to get results. There are a few options for whitening teeth depending on the color and condition of your teeth to begin with," says Dr. Glosman.

Summer Sign-Off: Hit Up These Places

These last few days of summer are precious so take advantage and do all things summer: enjoy the outdoors, bqq, and cool off with something cool 'n' sweet. Check out all of these New York City restaurants offering up just what you need!

Folks who want to relax in Washington Square Park should order pizza picnic boxes from Pizza Roma on Bleecker Street in the West Village. These clever carryout containers, named after parks in Rome, are filled with the restaurant’s signature Roman-style pizza al taglio (square pizza by the cut), Paninis, fresh summer salads, and more.

To host a barbecue feast near the East River Esplanade or in your own backyard, turn to Neely’s Barbecue Parlor on the Upper East Side. The restaurant offers hefty picnic baskets to feed three ($89) and an even larger option to feed five ($149), both of which come with items like chopped beef brisket sandwiches, spicy pinto beans with burnt ends and warm peach crisp.

Toni Marie Ricci Opens Up: I Married a Mobster

Toni Marie Ricci got the surpise of her life when she found out she was married to a mobster. Michael 'Mikey Scars' DiLeonardo wooed her in, but forgot to metion that he was a Gambino capo working for John Gotti, Jr. After discovering that her husband had an illegitimate child with his mistress, Toni Marie did not get mad - instead, she got even - by testifying against her ex-husband at his trial. Toni Marie was recently on the hit show, I Married a Mobster, which features a different woman each episode, who shares her story about the rise and fall of their marraige. We chat with Toni Marie about her reasons for doing the show, what she's up to now, and the importance of advocating for women who have suffered abuse.

Old Fashioned Photography At Your Fingertips

StrutType, a new iPhone app, gives both amateur and professional photographers the ability to turn their photos into turn-of-the-century works of art. iOS app developer Christine Summers of Ultimate Chemistry and media relations guru Neil Alumkal, and President of Stuntman PR, collaborated to bring this unique app to life. The app recreates dry-plate photography between 1875 and 1920. It features a range of 20 filters, black & white, gray tones, sepia, greens and cyans combined with period-specific canvases, textures, watermarking, vignettes, light-leak effects and frames. “The wood and brass Strut folding camera introduced the first portable, dry plate photography in our history. It was actually the flaws of the process that gave images of that era a character that’s been lost ever since,” explains Summers, President of Ultimate Chemistry. “The light leaks, the vignetting, the canvas, the frames, the random blurs and the tinting culminated to create a certain magic that’s almost unachievable now. This is the first time in a century where you can get that look without an extreme amount of antique shopping.”