Out with the Old, In with the New: Paprika Revamps Their Menu

Don't be fooled by the name, Paprika, located in the East Village, stems from Valtellina, a region in Northern Italy bordering Switzerland where the food is more Alpine and Austro-Hungarian empire than sun-drenched Italian. Chef and owner Egidio Donagrandi has been serving up non-regional Italian food for over ten years at his resto, but has now decided to shift his focus to his home and its unique cuisine.

The new menu focuses on the flavors and traditions of Valtellina, which is heavily influenced by neighbors Switzerland and Austria. Unique regional specialties and ingredients include buckwheat polenta, cheeses like bitto, crescenza, and casera --all of which are rare in New York. Another preparation Paprika uses is pickling, which is a technique used in Valtellina. Egidio pickles everything from red onions, beets and radishes to oyster mushrooms. Included on the menu are delicious appetizers like Dandelion Salad with pickled red radishes, soft crescenza, and spring onions and Bresaola Carpaccio with pickled oyster mushrooms and red radishes. Delicious pastas include Pizzoccheri Valtellinesi with buckwheat tagliatelle, savoy cabbage, casera cheese, potatoes and garlic, unbelievable Homemade Spaetzle with brussels sprouts and fava beans, and Buckwheat Lasagna with braised leeks and casera cheese fonduta.

Happy National Lobster Day!

National Lobster Day is here and summer is the perfect time to score the freshest shells. Check out these NYC restaurants and what delicious lobster dishes they will be serving, as well as a couple of recipes for Do-It-Yourself-ers!

Carmine's: Lobster Fra Diavolo

Vai: three-course National Lobster Day menu featuring dishes such as sauteed lobster fricasse

Get Drunk Off Theater

A new kind of theater show is in town and it's goal is to Get. You. Drunk. Horse Trade Theater Group and Strange Dog Theatre Company are bringing Ben Clawsons's The Virilogy: A Drinking Game to UNDER St. Mark's for your enjoyment. The show is comprised of three one-act comedies spanning a decade in the lives of the world's worst best friends.

So, you're wondering, how does the booze play into all this?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Come see the show.

Step 2: Pick a character.

Step 3: When the character drinks, so do you.

Hopefully you'll be able to last through the whole show without blacking out! The show will be running from July 5th- 14th on Thursday through Saturday at 8pm.

Tickets are $18 and include one free beer. They can be purchased here.

Sebastian Black's 'Psychic' Theater Will Blow Your Mind

Sebastian learned that he had special abilities when he was nine years old and a relative passed away. After the funeral, he was talking to his grandpa (who passed) in his bedroom. When he told his parents they were upset and obviously didn't believe him, until he told them what he said. Sebastian told his parents where some of his grandpa's possessions were hidden and lo and behold, when his parents checked it out, there they were.

During the show, you will be astonished when Sebastian knows what audience members draw or write on a piece of paper, simply by touching the envelope it is enclosed in or tell you what word you picked out in a book by touching that book while blindfolded. Of course, every show is different and dependent on the audience, so be forewarned that anything that happens during the show is unexpected.

Spend Fourth of July on the Water

Circle Line is amping up for 4th of July this year. For the third year running, they will be hosting their exclusive pier party featuring a first class view of the fireworks on the Hudson River. There will be a live DJ, as well as photo opportunities with Captain America and a Statue of Liberty stilt walker, along with plenty of carnival games for the kiddies. There will also be food and drinks available for purchase with menu items such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken kebobs, cotton candy, wine & beer, and plenty more. Guests will be able to purchase food and drink tickets when they arrive at the pier. In addition, there will be special 4th of July merchandise for sale. The party goes from 8-11pm, but for those wanting more action, stop by at 4pm to jam out to top 40 music. Tickets are $89 and can be purchased here.

Digging in with J. Dash

If you're familiar with Flo Rida, you're probably familiar with his friend and colleague, hip hop artist J. Dash. Also from Florida, this artist has recently made a huge splash in the music world with his top-of-the-charts single, "WOP." The single comes off his debut album, Tabloid Truth, and has reached the Top 100 on the Billboard charts. The album is sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. J. Dash chats with us about his past musical experience, his new album, and the lovely ladies of his life.

You are a piano prodigy who records hip hop music. Will we hear you playing piano in any of your tracks?

Music Festie Approved: 5 Handy Camping Gadgets You'll Love

June is National Camping Month so stow those stilettos in the back of your closet and whip out your boots! Summer is the perfect time to get down and dirty in nature. Whether you're camping the old fashioned way or hitting up this season's slew of music festivals, we know it's not always so comfortable sleeping on the ground and peeing in the bushes! So we've rounded up some of the coolest camping gadgets to help make your experience a little more, uh, suburban.

Don't spend your day rubbing sticks together just to get one whispy cloud of smoke and no fire. Try out this Solar Oven, which uses the sun to fry, bake, or broil your food.

Now Brewing: Andaz Launches Biergarten

Andaz Wall Street is going all out this summer. First they launch their farmer's market...and now, a biergarten! The new biergarten is now located in the courtyard adjacent to the hotel and will be open Monday through Saturday from 2:30pm until 9pm. The fifty-seater biergarten is offering up a selection of German beers, including Franziskaner and Spaten Lager, as well as local brews like Red Wagon IPA and Capt. Lawrence Liquid Gold. 14 oz. beers will sell for $7, half liter for $11, and liter beers for $16. Pretzels and sausages will soon make their way into the mix, as well.

Move over, Loreley, you've got some new competition in town.

Rosemary's Debuts in the West Village

Carlos Suarez of BOBO opened up Rosemary's in the West Village last Friday with executive chef Wade Moses (Eataly, Babbo). The restaurant, named for Suarez's mama, is inspired by her home in Lucca, Italy. The menu will feature produce from the rooftop farm, which was designed by Dekar to evoke an elegant Tuscan home. Seasonal Italian dishes from the menu include fresh pastas and a selection of focacce. Rosemary's will also offer take-out in the form of focacce, salads, panini, charcuterie, cheese, and roasted meats and the venue will be open for dinner, with breakfast, lunch, and take-out coming soon. The new joint features an impressive Italian wine list with 40 bottles, all priced at $40, as well as a reserve wine list and a broad selection of wines by the glass, including Prosecco on tap (awesome!).