Recession Approved: Cheapest Happy Hours in NYC

Being a young barhopper in New York can be tough. Your friends who moved to Nashville call to tell you about their wild night, and here you are, plopping down your last 7 dollars on a pint of Rolling Rock. But fear not, draft hounds: justice comes to all in the form of happy hour. We've scoured the city for the best deals this side of South Dakota, and while the drinks may not be top shelf, at least your wallet won't be hung over the next morning.

Bourbon Street (407 Amsterdam Avenue)

Boston's Top 5 Dive Bars

To obtain an alcohol license, a Boston bar must offer food on the menu -- it's technically not a bar, but a restaurant that serves liquor. Joonbug has scoured the Boston metropolis for the finest drinking establishments that disobey the spirit, if not the letter of the law. Food here is an afterthought -- these are neighborhood dive bars, through and through. And whether you're looking for a cheap brew, a quick game of pool, or simply a place to avoid the latest wave of undergrads waving their fake I.D.'s, we have it all mapped out for you.

Silhouette Lounge (200 Brighton Avenue, Allston)

Tips on Throwing a Killer Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Let's face it -- weddings are for parents. Receptions, with their buffet meals and tired DJs, might as well be for grandparents. The real party lies a few days before, as best men and bridesmaids try to show their besties one more wild night before they get hitched.

But as anyone who has ever thrown a stag party (or "hen party," as bachelorettes are called across the pond) knows, debauchery takes planning. No one likes being forced to make decisions late in the evening, and if you're doing it right, no one will be able to. Luckily for the faint of heart, we've assembled some tips for those who dare to go above and beyond for their soon-to-be-newlywed friends.

MEME IN PROGRESS: Feminist Ryan Gosling

Three days ago, a blogger named Danielle created a tongue-in-cheek blog, devoted to portaying Ryan Gosling as a feminist scholar.

It has officially gone viral.

Feminist Ryan Gosling explores what the teary-eyed hunk might be thinking in some of his finer, introspective, bell-hooks-reading moments.

"Hey, girl," begins the caption of every picture. In a Saturday post, a photo of Gosling says, "sometimes I think about Focault's theory of marriage as a governmentally developed tool that interferes with the appropriation of land rights, normalizes heterosexuality and subjugates woman's sexuality..." Gosling is wiping away a tear. "...And it makes me want to cry with you."

The Best (and Strangest) Google Searches

Admit it. You've done this before. You're doing some simple research on the internet -- in this case, you're wondering, "why is there such a thing as a spork, but no such thing as a knork?" -- but you can't figure out what search terms to enter. Rather than futz around with quotation marks, minus signs and "advanced search" methods, you just type your question, in its barest form, into Google.

As AutoComplete works its magic, you get a rare glimpse into the soul of the internet -- Google's most popular searches. All you have to hit is "w," and the search engine will give you the weather. "Why" yields answers to well-intentioned parents, desperately trying to find answers to "why is the sky blue?" Then, this happens.

"Jack the Ripper" Movie Premieres Nationwide on Thursday

In 1888, a mysterious letter was sent to Scotland Yard. "I keep hearing the police have caught me," it said in scrawled letters, "but they won't fix me just yet." Police had become desperate for clues during the "Autumn of Terror," in which five women had been savagely murdered in the streets of the Whitechapel district of London. Now, they had not only a letter in the hand of the murderer -- they now knew what he preferred to be called.

"Yours truly," it read menacingly, "Jack the Ripper."

The letters, which were released to the public in the hopes of turning up new leads, turned some unusually bloody killings of local prostitutes into the most studied murder case in history. The juicy details were practically built for gore obsessed London newspapers. In nearly every case, a Whitechapel streetwalker was brutally sliced up before her organs were methodically harvested...just out of view of potential witnesses.

Topless Pool to Host Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Tao Beach at the Venetian,one of the more notorious topless pools on the Strip, is hoping you'll bare your assets at "Save 2nd Base," a party to benefit the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. This Saturday, anyone wearing a pink bathing suit will be entitled to an open bar from 1pm-2pm. The event begins in the morning, and will go until 7pm. And although temperatures are expected to reach the 80s on Sunday, this party marks the end of the pool party season.

Entrants may purchase "Save 2nd base" wrist bands, and are encouraged to make donations throughout the day. For an extra $5, ladies can imprint their "second bases" on the foundation's Wall of Fame.

So show off. For charity's sake.

Alicia Keys for Broadway

The singer famous for singing "there's nothing you can't do" is proving it herself.

Alicia Keys announced Tuesday that she's joined the creative team for Stick Fly, a new Broadway play starring Dulé Hill ("Psych," "The West Wing") and Mekhi Phifer ("E.R.," 8 Mile). Keys, who was already a producer on the project, can now add Broadway composing to her resume, which already includes her 30 million album sales, best-selling book, and philanthropic work to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

"As someone who walked up and down this boulevard as a young girl, I cannot describe the thrill of having the opportunity of composing songs for a Broadway show,” Keys said. The classically-trained pianist added that the play about sibling rivalries flaring during a family's Martha's Vineyard vacation, has "honestly been a dream come true. I love the humor and humanity of Stick Fly, and I'm so excited to be a part of the emotional journey this show will take audiences on.”

Boozy Brunch at the Wit

The air might be getting a bit crispy, but that doesn't mean Chicago's party scene is cooling down. And since the Friday night line at the Wit can be enough to make you want to stab someone with your stiletto, you might want to consider moving your night out to the afternoon. With an influx of brunch parties invading New York and Los Angeles (and when we say "brunch party," we're not talking about baby showers), the Wit wasn't about to be left behind.

WATCH: No Brushes, Just Gravity

Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton is no Jackson Pollock -- she might be cooler.

Like Pollock, she doesn't use brushes. But the 25 year-old doesn't just splatter shapes and colors onto a canvas. Rather, she makes fully-formed landscapes and still-lifes, using only the gravity of the Earth below her to guide the paint.

In this video which she uploaded to YouTube, Shackleton speeds up her process 800 times, revealing how she uses two separate canvasses to make one kickass piece. Watch and learn, fingerpainters. She barely needs her apron.