Los Tweets de Bloomberg

When Mayor Bloomberg tried to caution local news viewers in Spanish this weekend, it turned into a bit of a fail. And as always, when someone famous fails, Twitter wins.

Meet Miguel Bloombito, a new Twitter presence who has been doling out advice in Spanish (sort of) since Saturday. With over 11,000 followers already, he's keeping the public informed AND amused.

Cuidado: the accent may be painful.

Broadway’s New Season Kicks Off

September is a welcome sight for New York theatergoers. Behind you are the days of being obligated to check out your friend’s “experimental performance piece in an intimate downtown venue.” (Spoiler alert: it’s a bizarre political cabaret in an East Village hotbox with no air conditioner. Sorry.) The professionals are back in town, and you’re living in the theater capital of the world.

But if you’re still scarred from this summer (don’t say “Fringe Festival,” the tears will just come back), never fear. Joonbug has scouted out the most promising Broadway arrivals of September.

Starry Eyed: New York's Best Stargazing Spots

Most New Yorkers only have one question about stars: does Lindsay Lohan count? The answer is no. But for every half-baked celebrity sprawled on the Meatpacking District’s cobblestones, there are plenty of constellations begging for your attention. And with the last days of summer approaching, outdoor romancing is at a premium. The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York hosts free events throughout the year, and has been kind enough to list some of their favorite stargazing spots.

No Irony: Hipster Dog Pageant TONIGHT

Hey, owner. It's me, Marcus. I know I've been dragging you into a lot of vintage clothes shops lately. And yes, I've been marking my territory on Bedford Avenue. And sure, I begged you to buy me the Sonic Youth Album. But if you take me to the Hipster Dog Pageant tonight, I swear I will never ask you for another doggy treat ever again.

The pageant, ignorant human, is the brainchild of Christopher R. Weingarten, who began a tumblr stream of hipsterized doggies in 2010. He began with photos of my friends Terrence and Lola, and eventually began creating portraits of other members of the doggie Hipster community.

Central Park Film Festival Starts Tonight

Grab a blanket and pack a dinner for two -- Central Park Conservancy's 9th Annual Film Festival is back. This year, the 5-day festival features movies about music, running the gamut from rock to country, from salsa to Motown.

The festivities begin tonight with a screening of El Cantante, with an special appearance by director Leon Ichaso. The 2006 biopic of Hector Lavoe stars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and follows the birth of the salsa movement. Other films will include the jazz film Bird (starring Forrest Whitaker as Charlie Parker), Dreamgirls (Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx) and Martin Scorcese's flick about the Rolling Stones, Shine a Light. The festival will end Saturday night, with a "Viewer's Choice" screening of A Star Is Born (Barbara Streissand).

Your Staycation in Brighton Beach

"Russian Dolls," Lifetime's newest foray into reality television, is the "Jersey Shore" of Brighton Beach. And unlike their MTV peers, these kids can speak other languages ("DTF" and "bros before hos" doesn't count, sorry.) But if you really want to appreciate a hard-partying Russian crowd, it might be time to head deep into Brooklyn, and spend a day in Little Odessa.

As the TV show continues (Thursdays at 10:30), you can find more hotspots for yourself. But if you can't wait, here is your guide to a memorable night out in Brighton Beach.

Have an extra house? Buy a DINOSAUR.

In case you missed it earlier this summer, a Vancouver couple posted an ad on Craigslist that immediately got the attention of any Jurassic Park lovers.

Vancouver residents Rheanna and Justin just launched www.fuckinrad.com/petdinosaur, where they insist their offer still stands. They list their qualifications, offer news about their job hunt, and take the time to answer common questions, such as "do you guys have a weird dinosaur fetish?" and "are you guys serious?" (The answers, respectively, are "ew, no" and "like the plague!")

If you would like to hire either Rheanna or Justin as a pet dinosaur, you can email petdinosaur@fuckinrad.com.

Cheap Laughs: NYC's Top Underground Comedy

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. After shoving your way through a hoard of tourists in Times Square and shelling out for tickets, you and your date sit down for a night of stand-up comedy. Only problem is, the food sucks, the act isn’t funny, and your waiter just informed you that your overpriced cocktail isn’t included in your two drink minimum.

But seriously, folks.

If you want to really want to bust a gut, look no further than New York’s best underground comedy venues. In addition to some solid stand-ups, you’ll find some world-class improv teams and top-notch sketch shows. Oh, and did we mention cheap? With a top ticket price of $15, with well-priced drinks aplenty, here are your top 5 comedy venues in New York: