The Frontier Wasteland: Provocateur

I haven't had an opportunity to walk around the Meatpacking District since I left my post here at Joonbug several months ago. So, last weekend's warmth and signs of spring got me out of my apartment and downtown to check out how some of my favorite nightclubs were doing. As I was walking down 9th Avenue, I thought it would be fun to see who was where and if the scene had changed at all in the past few months. It was good to hear the bass pumping at Tenjune and a flow of beautiful women walking out of Cielo. Around the corner was a whole different story though. Expecting to see the B(and C)-list wannabes drooling to get into the notoriously exclusive Provocateur, I ended up being the one with my mouth hung open when I passed the purple-lit door.

Editor's Letter: Bidding You Farewell

There is a quiet in our office today I haven't experienced in some time. New Year's Eve and the holiday event season is over and there are only boxes to remind us of last weekend. The events staff did an excellent job producing over 50 parties in New York and Miami for over 30,000 people. It almost seems anti-climactic. I had gotten used to the hustle and bustle from the past few months.

New Year's Eve 2011 With Wynter Gordon

New York native Wynter Gordon will be playing a special live performance at BLVD this New Year's Eve. Check out what's on her mind for New Year's Eve.

Who is your celebrity crush?

I def have a cougar crush on Tay Tay (Taylor Lautner)!

If you were stuck alone on a deserted island who would you want to be stuck with?

I’d want my little brother my sister and nephew and few choice friends .. if Bear Grylls could join us, don't think we’d be stuck very long.

When Parents Text

We are a young crowd right? And we all love talking to our parents and family members. Texting makes it more of a daily routine rather than a weekly Sunday phone call to report on what happened last week. I found this site showing what happens when Mom and Dad become fluent in the language of text messaging. Check it out. Here are a few of our favorites:



Merry Christmas Moms and Dads. You are special to us (and special as well). Merry Christmas to my Mom and Dad too. I was going to find funny things they have said, but they both are quite versed in sending text messages so nothing too embarrassing came up.!

Insider's Guide: New York City In 24 Hours

Most of us don't have the luxury of taking a week long holiday around New Year's Eve. With the Christmas holiday having just ended, our vacation time at work has been all dried up and New Year's may even seem like a luxury to some people. So for those of you who want to get the most out of your New York City New Year's Eve experience, here is our Top 10 places to see, in travel order, before you hop the plane back home and back to reality.

1. Central Park: Start your tour through the park at 72nd Street and Central Park West, heading east toward 5th Avenue. You will pass Strawberry Fields where John Lennon played and through the meadow and past The Pond. You will get picturesque views of the Midtown skyline from all angles as you cut across the park.

Chat With YouTube Star Keenan Cahill
Keenan Cahill is YouTube's newest star. With his lip synced versions of today's hottest songs, this 15 year old high school freshman has shown the world a thing or two about overcoming physical adversity. A resident of Chicago, Keenan was born with a rare genetic disease called MPS Type 6. In 1997 he received a bone marrow transplant, but in 2010, Keenan blew everyone away with his amazing talent on YouTube performing songs such as Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and has appeared on talk show Chelsea Lately. We had the opportunity to chat with Keenan and talk a bit about the inspiration behind the sensation. Check it out. Did you plan on calling Chelsea Handler a cougar when you went on her show?
Insider's Guide: New Year's Eve In The Hood

If you have never been to New York City before, or are unfamiliar with our eclectic neighborhoods, take some time now to get familiar with what's where and who's going to be there. New Year's Eve is a great time to take in some culture and the party spans out well beyond the confines of Times Square.

Manhattan island is split up into three major sections: Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown. Doesn't give you much to go on does it? Let this be your whirlwind tour of the three major geographic locations in NYC.


Insider's Guide: NYC Myths

New York City is full of urban legends, and in a city so large it's to be expected. What have you heard? What are the dark secrets which linger in the shadows in the back alleys of The Apple? Come in a few days early before New Year's Eve and check out the truth behind the myth! Here's our top three:

1. Up on the rooftop at the Empire State Building, there have been a whirlwind of legends and myths. Ever heard the story of committing murder by tossing a penny from the top floor to land in the skull of a person standing down on 5th Avenue? I'm sure you have. Well, it's all false. Because of the architecture of the Empire State Building, the building itself creates an updraft and the money usually ends up being blown back up to the 86th floor observation deck. So, don't worry about penny's falling down from the sky as you walk up 5th.

Insider's Guide: From The Airport To The Apple

So we got you around town on the Subway and let you know where to hang out while you wait for the ball to drop and now it's time to tell you how to get from New York's crazy airports to the heart of Midtown without getting lost (or having to take an expensive taxi).

From New York's LaGuardia Airport (Astoria, Queens):

LaGuardia (LGA) is the trickiest in terms of transportation. Serving mostly domestic carriers, LaGuardia is the smallest of New York City's major airports, but also causes the least amount of headaches in terms of on time arrivals and departures.

G is for Glamour

New Year's Eve is all about style, sophistication, and of course, Glamour. On the biggest party night of the year, glamorous faces, outfits, venues and celebrity style are all the buzz during December. Check out our top three picks for "Most Glamorous" this New Year's Eve in New York City.

1. RdV (aka Rendezvous): Nestled under Bagatelle, RdV is one of New York's City's most sophisticated nightlife venues. The decadent decor and upholstered seating illustrates a rendezvous between yesteryear and the modern nightlife scene. This is a dress to impress velvet rope, so don't skimp on the outfit, especially this New Year's Eve.