Facebook Launches New Dashboard

Social media giant, Facebook, announced today that the site will be redesigned in coming weeks to include a new dashboard which will allow users more direct control over applications and programs on the site. CEO Mark Zuckerberg also announced that the friends lists will be modified to include a more "interest friendly" sorting system so users can see groups of their online pals based around certain likes, hobbies, jobs and other key identifiers.

Parker Plays Hardball at Provocateur

People are talking about The Social Network. And, it seems to have made its mark at Provocateur. It was just another night when Sean Parker, past President of Facebook made his arrival at the super-strict downtown nightclub. Door goddess, Sheena Tesora, didn't want to let the girls he was with in. Why? Because they were too short. No one in the line was surprised. Provocateur is known for its ultra selective door and it's known around town that they do have a height requirement for the ladies. Parker, in a monotone rage, promised to erase Tesora from Facebook.

A Network of Social Butterflies

There's been a lot of buzz around town about the film that has been labeled "the movie that defines the decade." The Social Network got my wheels turning about the future of media, where we stand now as an industry, and, moving forward, what my responsibility as editor is to you. As we move forward into the most important season in nightlife, I want you to know that I have heard your collective voice and I promise to deliver to you the stories of the people who make our world what it is. You have told me through your interest in our interviews with notables in the nightlife community that you want to hear personal accounts from the mouths of the people who open the velvet rope for you every night of the week here in New York. So, look forward to some witty remarks, inside stories, and an exclusive look at the elite in the nightlife community.

Cell Phone Service Comes to Subway

The MTA has announced that cell phone service will be making a landmark entrance into the New York City Subway System. Stations in Chelsea will be the first to receive the massive upgrade, with all stations joining in by 2016. Along the 6th Avenue Line, the new plan will service the 14th Street Station with connections available to the F, L, and M trains. On 8th Avenue, the 14th Street and 23rd Street A, C, E stations will be wired along with the 14th Street and 7th Avenue Station service local and express trains on the 1, 2, and 3 lines.

Rome To New York: XIX Opens on Kenmare

The Roman forum it is not. In ancient times, the forum was a place everyone could come into. Don't expect XIX to be as inviting. Fitting into the upper echelons of New York nightlife, XIX will soon become the one of the most celebrity infused and intimate gathering spots this side of Rome. Find your way into the deep red corners of this new A-List nightclub for some of the hottest DJs in New York City.

Happy Birthday to Staci Perkins

The Joonbug family and the nightlife world wishes Staci Perkins a very Happy 26th Birthday. Your Mistress of Ceremonies and Director of Events has given New York City another amazing year of the best parties and awesome memories. Tonight, we celebrate Staci in style at Empire Room in Midtown Manhattan. See you there!

Gary Spencer Video: Deadbeat Darling Interview

So you read his piece, now you can see the live exclusive video from Gary Spencer and his interview with Deadbeat Darling.

Video: 'The City's' Sami Swetra at Fashion Week

Check out Talk With Coco on Joonbug.com live with The City's Sami Swetra at New York City Fashion Week.

More Than Just A Place To Pass Out

There's already an innate sex appeal to hotels. In New York City, some of the best nightclubs in the world are encased in the most elegant and ornate hotels, offering a unique glimpse into the nightlife culture. Check out our top three picks for hotel nightclubs!

Drake Official Afterparty at Greenhouse Tonight

Drake will be performing at Radio City Music Hall tonight in Manhattan. Following his appearance in Midtown, he will be heading down to Greenhouse for the official party following the concert.