Almost (In)Famous: Lohan Back In Jail

For her most recent positive drug test, Lohan is heading back to jail until October 22. Seemingly understanding of her highly anticipated return to the clink, Lindsay was calm and collected and will spend the majority of October behind bars.

Facebook Down Day #2

Facebook announced today that the social networking super-engine was having server problems and was down or running slow for most users. Tweets about the massive outage were peaking this afternoon as bloggers and social net gurus filled the site with annoyed trending posts. Some news agencies nationwide were headlining the Facebook fallout ahead of the economy and the war.

YouTube: Dad As Justin Bieber

Check out this Dad who thinks he is Justin Bieber. Think he is good? Or is it just tragic?

Epoca Restaurant and Lounge to Open In Midtown

Basking in the glowing lights of The Empire State Building, Epoca is destined to become a new star of the Midtown culinary and social scene. Promised to be a haven for celebrities from around the world, the Friday September 24th Grand Opening begins at 11pm at 136 West 31st Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Yaz Band will be playing from 6pm-11pm followed by DJ Marty V in the lounge from 11pm-3am.

Check out a bit about the dream behind Epoca-

"A few months ago, after realizing we actually knew what we were doing the first time out, a business man, an entertainment entrepreneur and a builder with imagination got together again to give NYC yet another place to savor! Led by Entertainment Entrepreneurs and Operators Ele Kauderer and Sagiv Israeli with the design eye & restaurateur experience of Danielle Kauderer and the creation of Sex Appeal by Gary Polistena, Epoca is poised for fine dining and Entertainment success!"

DJ Vitale: From Brooklyn To Tokyo

Check out our exclusive interview with New York's DJ Vitale. As an international nightlife sensation, Vitale has played some of the hottest rooms in the world. From The Limelight and Palladium in New York to Feria in Tokyo, DJ Vitale has become a worldwide label and spins the best sounds from city to city. DJ Vitale sat down with us to talk about where he came from and where he is now.

What is the best party you have every played?

The Dolce & Gabbana party in South Korea. I was DJing for people who had no idea what the music was in the store in Seoul.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?

To play Shakira during a house set. Oh, and there was the time that two girls asked to make out in the DJ booth while I was spinning at The Limelight.

Shawn Kwek Makes Move To Greenhouse

New York nightlife owner Jon B. along with Greenhouse and Juliet Supper Club will be adding a new member to their staff to replace Vegas-bound Megan Gaver. Shawn Kwek will be leaving his position as Director of Promotions at Strike Holdings which operates the nightclub Carnival and will be taking a new role as Director of Marketing with Jon B. and his properties. Through his corporate experience at Strike Holdings, he hopes to bring his expertise to this new role. This move will give Shawn a prime role in the marketing strategies of Greeenhouse, Juliet Supper Club as well as the Sundance Film Festival.

What Happened To That Nightclub?

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite nightclub? In New York, names are everything. Here are three places that used to be called something else.

Bed Bugs at Niketown

Bedbugs have now shut down the flagship Niketown store on E. 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan. The nasty bugs seem to be heading north on Broadway toward Central Park. Pick your heels up New Yorkers!

Lohan Fails Drug Test

Lindsay Lohan failed a court ordered drug test last week. As terms of her release, she will be required to spend an additional 30 days behind bars. After only spending a little over two weeks in jail for her probation violation and even less than that in a rehab facility, it is apparent the fallen star has found trouble yet again.

Thursday's Fashion Week Photos

Check out Friday's photographs from Mercedes-Benz New York City Fashion Week! Photos are courtesy of Michael Stewart.