Courtney Stodden Belongs On the 'X-Files'

Courtney Stodden, the wife of 51-year old actor, Doug Hutchinson, may be the only plastic surgery alien in her mid-thirties whose 16 again. Rumors are ary this evening as reps of Stodden go on to say she is really 16 years old. Really now? Since when was marriage legal for a minor, this leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Another failed attempt at publicity is leaving Stodden looking lost in a media scam that may cost her more damage than her little singing career. She is a self proclaimed model/actress/singer/talent without a voice, and apparent real assets, says her mother-despite the clear appearence of immobile basketball bosoms.

If this is in fact a hoax, your five minutes of fame will be duely noted. Check out the pics below and let us know what you think-30 going on 16 again?

'Bad Teacher' Style

Cameron Diaz was seen this afternoon leaving her NY hotel, looking like a Bad Teacher in a knit jacket. There was no sign of A-Rod today --just the star looking glamorous as usual.

Ms. Diaz has been promoting her new movie with co-star Justin Timberlake, making the rounds on both David Letterman and Good Morning America. It's going to be hot- just like her latest style. Can you say Cah-ah-zah chic.

Ex-Factor: Cheryl Cole Taking Ashley Back

Since getting dumped from the The X-Factor USA, Cheryl Cole, has been rendered vulnerable and recently spotted with ex hubby, Ashley. The two parted ways last year after a slew of affairs on Ashley's behalf, and now he's creeping his way back into her life.

The Daily Mirror spoke with Cheryl's mother, Joan Callaghan, who seems to be less than thrilled on former son-in-law's sneaky behavior, saying, "How many times do you want your heart broken?"

Cheryl's friends and family have also gone on to say, "Once a cheat, always a cheat. Ashley will go on to break her heart again."

Spotted: Sacha Baron Cohen As The Dictator

Borat/Bruno star was spotted yesterday working on a scene from the upcoming film, The Dictator, set to release May 11, 2012. The film, roughly based on Zabibah and The King by Saddam Hussein, tells a tale of a dictator whom risked his life to suppress democracy.

Sach has created many fictional characters throughout the years ,including the incredibly successful Ali G. We can't wait to see Sacha's spin on the novel, originally about romance. Get ready to ROTFL! "Booyakasha!"

Tupac Shakur's Alleged Shooter Confession

First and Foremost, Happy 40th Birthday Tupac Shakur, let us celebrate and honor the life and achievement of such an outstanding artist and activist before we continue. *Pause*

Yesterday, Dexter Isaac, who is currently sentenced to life in jail plus 30 years, issued a statement on the shooting and robbery of Tupac Shakur on November 30, 1994 in Quad Studios located in Manhattan. In the statement, the inmate pointed fingers to Czar Entertainment founder and known rat, James "Henchman" Rosemond, who is currently on the run from the government on drug charges and operation of a drug ring.

Ashlee Simpson: Spotted In Flatiron District

Ashlee Simpson was spotted at 3:30 pm today on West 21st Street meeting up with a friend. Beyond the fact that up close she has the best nose job in Hollywood, she has a really snooty attitude. Pfft, it's not like you're Jessica Simpson.

All in all, the recently divorced mother of one was sporting her bleach blonde pixie cut in a flowy skirt and top that looked reminiscent of a silkened Snuggie. Not a croak, not even a horrible hoe-down occured this time around, just pure snobbery. A photo opp was out of the question, especially with that history of physical violence...

Madonna Does More Teasing

Ah yes, finally, the infamous Madge is ready to begin recording a new album! Since the release of Hard Candy and the greatest hits compilation, Celebration, Madonna is ready to start recording all new material and get the wheel going. Manager Guy Oseary tweeted:

"Madonna goes into the recording studio next month to begin work on new album. She has a good idea of which producers she will be working with ... lots of questions about what kind of music it will be ... stay tuned."

After leaving record label Warner Bros in '08, Maddy entered a serious recording contract with Live Nation and produced the "Sticky & Sweet" tour. The show raked in $408 million worldwide, breaking records, and according to the Billboard Boxscore, has been the highest ever grossing tour for a female artist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Breaks Her Silence

In the never ending soap opera that is Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's love affair, Mistress Mildred Baena finally opens up about the Kennedy heiress' reaction to the estranged love child, Joseph. Allow joonbug to paint the picture for you:

It was a hot, almost hellish summer in the good ol' Californ-eye-aye. Mildred was taking out the trash and showing son, Joseph, around the house (he had only been there a handful of times before). Maria Shriver, lady of the house, has barely seen Joseph before (despite employing Mildred for two decades), and her mind begins to wander and question. Mildred has never brought over a man before, and there is something all too familiar about this boy. Maria's eyes began to widen as the "whispers" in the house got louder. "I'm here if you need to talk, " Maria assured the housekeeper.

Soulja Boy: Hacked?!

Rapper Soulja Boy was allegedly hacked this weekend after discriminating comments were made on his facebook page. He claims it was "previous administrators" (who no longer work with the record producer) whom hacked his site, but definitely not him. The artist born, Deandre Cortez Way, had several disturbing comments on his page, including:

"I'm gonna keep talking sh*t to these white f*ggots until they unlike my page. f**king weirdo stalkers!"

Way also made remarks such as, "white boys make me sick man. F*ck Them. I HATE YOU" on his bias rant.

Wait Til You're 18 Taylor Momsen!

Taylor Momsen (formerly of Gossip Girl), and now lead singer of the band The Pretty Reckless, was seen at the 2011 Download Festival in Donington Park Leicestershire exposing herself -yet again.

The barely there attire is getting definite attention but due to her age, it may be all the wrong kinds of attention. The juvenile's attire not only consists of 'fashion' statements of electrical tape nip x's and barely there tee-shirts, but also thigh high stockings, garter belts, and stripper heals. Miley Cyrus get to steppin, there's new jail bait on the market...

Yes Taylor, you're edgy, we get it- but please keep your top on until you're legal...