Clarence Clemons in serious Condition After Stroke

Clarence Clemons, of the Bruce Springsteen E-street band, is in serious condition after a stroke in his Florida home late last night. The 69 year-old saxophone player, has played on several works, including the single 'Edge of Glory' off Lady Gaga's Born This Way album. He is reported to be "seriously ill" with fellow E street band members being "advised to get to Florida as soon as possible."

"The Big Man" has had health problems for a while now, and had cancelled last weeks set performance of the national anthem for the NBA finals, due to a hand injury.

Lady Gaga is seen in Paris this morning, with no comment thus far-one would wonder if "she's hanging on a moment of truth" or just unconcerned. As the story develops we are all wishing Clemons the best...

Weston Cage-d

Weston Cage, son of actor Nicolas Cage, was hospitalized Tuesday after a violent altercation broke out at The Farmer's Kitchen in Los Angeles-ex-wife Christina Fulton blames it on the actors influence.

TMZ reporters caught her leaving the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, emotionally distraught, saying, "My son is in trouble, he's in the hospital right now and he is under some really good care so that makes me very happy, but I am pretty p*ssed off because his father, um, he's affected by his father and that's why he's in that hospital."

In a report from April of this year, Nicolas Cage was involved in a domestic dispute with then wife Alice Kim, where he allegedly pushed her, punched her and dared the police to arrest him. Previous this incident, papa Cage was also in a heated alcohol-fueled verbal brawl at a bar in New Orleans.

Kirstie Alley: Getting Her Cougar On

Kirstie Alley recently lost a ton of weight after being on Dancing with the stars- enough weight to clearly boost her confidence! After leaving her downtown NY hotel room, the 60 year old actress was caught kissing a younger man.

Get it in Kirstie...Get it in...

Kim K Kausing Kommotion Over 'In Touch' Article

In an article due to hit the shelves June 20, 'In Touch' magazine covered a story on Miss Kimmy K cheating on future husband Kris Humphries.

According to TMZ, the article is filled with allegations on a sexting scandal and Kim's heavy pursuit of NFL player, Brett Lockett.

Brett Lockett is quoted saying , "I knew this was a game to her, this is what she does."

The Socialite's reps have already sent a letter, issued by her lawyer, to the magazine claiming that the allegations are completely false, and Kim has never even met or spoken to the football player before.

Put Your Shades On 'Cuz...

Will Smith and co-star Josh Brolin spotted on the set of 'Men in Black 3' in Soho.

Eminem Takes a Hit at Gaga

Slim Shady, a.k.a Eminem is back to tracking disses. In his latest work, Em takes a jab at tween sensation, Justin Beiber -and who would've guessed it , Lady Gaga. In the new track off the upcoming "Hell: The Sequel" album with Royce da 5'9, Em (famous for comical disses and slamming pop stars) plays on the old hermaphrodite rumors.

"Tell she can quit her job at the post office,she's still a male lady. Wouldn't f **ck her with her d**k,You heard it.The verdict's in."

Angelina Jolie to Return as 'Evelyn Salt'

Angelina Jolie may be working on a sequel to the 2010 summer blockbuster , Salt. In the action thriller, Angelina plays a Russian spy turned CIA agent etc. (let us not give away the whole movie), under the pseudonym "Evelyn Salt." Word has it that Sony has already commissioned Kurt Wimmer to begin writing the sequel!

According to deadline.com, Angelina is anticipating the new work stating, "I'd love to do a sequel. You never know if you're going to get the chance, if audiences are going to love it. But particularly with this character, I think there is so much yet to explore in her life with her - with her family, with coming to terms with who she is in the end, because of the way it's set up, she could be anybody."

What Gaga Wasn't Wearing

After being named the CFDA fashion icon of the year, Gaga more infamously known as 'Mother Monster' was seen sporting this see-through outfit -or lack thereof.

She went on to celebrate the victory at the Boom Boom Room in NYC leaving little to the imagination, in true Gaga fashion. This was her second change of the night. Earlier in the evening she arrived to the awards ceremony wearing yet again another 'tasteful' outfit. No, not a meat suit , peeps, just meat curtains tonight.

Shock! Another spiked thong and S&M outift...how outrageous...

In celebration of her victory (and winning yet another "try harder" award) let us share a moment of Gaga pre-fashion icon...

Sean Kingston Making Quick Recovery

Eight days after Sean Kingston’s near fatal jet-ski accident, the hip hop star is reportedly taking his first steps! Joseph Carozza, Kingston’s publicist told E! Online, “Sean is breathing on his own now and walked for the first time this morning."

He is still under supervision at Jackson Memorial Hospital, but making progress at an alarming rate- he has moved from the trauma unit, into ICU. Freshly after the accident occurred, his injuries included water-filled lungs, a broken wrist and a broken jaw placing him in critical condition. According to CNN these type of injuries would take about six weeks to recover from. Coupled with support and prayers, Kingston is making record timing in recovery!

Cam-Rod may just be friends with Benefits

Contrary to rumors about their split a few days ago, Cameron Diaz and A-rod seem to be enjoying each other’s company. According to recent reports, the two were spotted being very affectionat at Soho house in Los Angeles.

“They arrived hand-in-hand, played several games of tonsil hockey and generally stayed bicep-to-bulging-bicep throughout the evening," claims a source at wonderwall.com.

“They have broken up and gotten back together before” a source from People said.