A Little Extra Frosting, Please: Hank and Cupcakes

Amidst Cupcakes' spastic, stand-up drum-punching; and Hank's mouth-harped-effect-induced squealing of his bass guitar--their own, pulsating thump-pop--Cupcakes screeched out the chorus to one of their hometown hot-spot Brooklyn Bowl's favorite tunes of their show on November 23: "Jimmy! My name is Jimmy and I have a TV show!"

On stage for their last show of their headlining fall tour, reaching as far down the East Coast as Atlanta, with Biker Daughter and Kenan Bell, Cupcakes shook and danced on top of her drumset, red suspenders strung tight over a yellow t-shirt, clipped into a black skirt that suctioned over shin-length spandex. She stomped her boot-wrapped feet in unison with Hank, who sported a blue corduroy sports-coat, grey jeans, a shirt and tie combo, and a solid red square of facepaint over his eyes, matching Cupcakes' yellow triangle around her right eye. As the song came to a lull, and she tossed her hair out of her eyes, she confided in the crowd that, "Hank is in love with prime colors," smiling, each pointing to their outfits. "Red. Yellow. Blue."

Kanye West Playing Surprise Show Tonight in New York City

Hip-hop megastar Kanye West is playing a surprise show at the Bowery Ballroom tonight in the Lower East Side.

The award-winning producer and hip-hop icon is set to perform his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in its entirety tonight.

Teyana Taylor, who will open for Kanye tonight, leaked the surprise news on her Twitter page Monday, writing: "Just got to rehersals [sic] for my performance with mr Ye West tomorrow at the Bowery Ballroom 2morr. Dark Fantasy Baby!!!”

Tickets went on sale today at noon.

Covert Cocktails: Downstairs at Andaz 5th Avenue

Deep in the catacomb basement of the Andaz 5th Avenue hotel, there is a lone, unmarked wooden door that blends seamlessly into the wall that surrounds it. Grab hold of the silver door handle, push, and step into Andaz's un-named, speakeasy-style bar that boasts handcrafted cocktails and locally-sourced, sharing-style dishes from Excecutive Chef Roberto Alicea.

Two, 120-year-old massive cuts of Claro wood act as the bar, jutting along the left of the entranceway, littered with baskets of fresh fruit and crude-wood boxes stuffed with bottles of small-batch liquors. A stainless steel open-kitchen suckles the rear of the bar--chefs clad in white coats with black aprons serving up cast-iron skillet dishes; bartenders in all black preparing intricate, hand-made cocktails--for a rustic, candid, up-scale reinvention of a secret speakeasy without the pretentiousness of underground hot-spots in the East Village.

Dr. Dre Debuts First Track Off New Album
It has been nearly ten years since hip-hop legend Dr. Dre has released any new music, but today, Dre's newest song, "Kush" off of his much anticipated album Detox, is available for purchase on iTunes. The song features collaborations from Snoop Dogg and Akon and is also streaming on DrDre.com. The album will be released in its entirety in early 2011.
iTunes Is Proud to Present: The Beatles

For the first time since iTunes started selling music online in 2003, the Beatles--probably the most awaited band to be featured for purchase--is finally available, in its entirety, for a mere $150.

And $150 gets you a lot. The Beatles Box Set yields pretty much everything the band ever produced, including all their studio albums, the Past Masters collection, all A and B sides, and a lot of extra goodies, including photos and documentaries. The freebies that go along with the inclusion of the Beatles on iTunes, too, are notable, featuring old-school advertisements, numerous videos, and a documentary of the band's first concert in the United States.

Brooklyn Boy, Born and Raised

In the quiet, empty, basement-bar at the Williamsburg Hall of Music before his headlining performance with the Goddamn Band at the 2010 CMJ Music Marathon, Kevin Devine ran his fingers through his medium-length, straight red hair, and twitched his pursed lips in thought, flickering the whiskers of his mustache. "I do feel like I am haunted on some level by the awareness of what the world is capable of being for some people--really fucking hard," he started. "And I don't think there is some architectural grand design, just that there are some political and economic realities that are why life is one way for me here in New York City and one way for someone in Sub Saharan Africa. It's a lot less about God or something than the way things actually are." And his life in New York City has been a very accomplished one. In the past ten years, Devine has released six studio albums, six live albums and six EPs, has toured internationally, and has become renowned for his extremely naked, introspective, and politically-influenced lyrics and a hard-pressed longing to understand the world and himself.

Metric Debuts New Music Video

The official music video for "Black Sheep" by Canadian rock quartet Metric from the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack debuts today. The video was shot live in July 2010 at Comic-Con in San Diego, California shortly following a screening of Scott Pilgrim. The action-comedy stars Michael Cera, and is directed by filmmaker Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). Nigel Godrich, the celebrated producer who has worked on albums by Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney, Travis and many others, serves as executive producer on the soundtrack.

Check out the video below!

Deity Hosts Afterparty for BAM's Persephone

October 26 marked the debut of the Brooklyn Acadaemy of Music's presentation of Persephone, the classic Greek myth, staring Julia Stiles, as part of their Next Wave Festival. To celebrate the kick-off, the cast, crew and friends sauntered their way down to Deity, the bi-level, allegorically themed downtown Brooklyn hotspot, where appetizers and drinks were provided, as well as a crowd-pleasing, top-40 fueled DJ set by Mick Boogie in the lower level of the venue.

"There were lot of nerves, but it was very fun," said star Julia Stiles, clad in a long, pomergranate-red dress, putting down her drink on the bar, tugging at the sides of her outfit. "I'm glad to be part of the whole performance. It's such an honor to be performing at the Harvey Theatre. I was standing on stage today, saying, 'You guys have no idea who has performed here!'"

Ticket Giveaway: Alberta Cross Aboard the Temptress November 9

Alberta Cross, whose British take on American southern-blues-rock has attracted the attention of Rolling Stone and the New York Times, is giving two very lucky fans the chance to attend their show aboard the Temptress, a 50's-era former Navy vessel that floats on the Hudson River, that is sure to pack nearly 500 die-hards for their show on November 9.

Coming off a massively successful tour after the release of their 2009 album Broken Side of Time, where they opened for Them Crooked Vultures, the New York based band is now simultaneously headlining their own tour and recording their next studio album. Gaining global recognition with their rock-driven, soulful undertones, Alberta Cross is not only a band to keep an eye out for in the coming months, but also one that you have a chance to see for free.

DJ Martial Spins The Rivington Right Round
On Halloween Eve, DJ Martial will be spinning the celebrity-filled Rivington Hotel at one of Joonbug's hottest parties. Check out what makes DJ Martial tick... If you could carry one person around in your pocket all day, who would it be?

Well, I'm pretty crazy. And I have a crazy best friend who lives in Los Angeles. I've known him for 17 years, so if I had him in my pocket all day, I'd be dead right now! But I'd have to say my brother. He's older than me, and has three kids, but he took me to a rave in 1993 or 1994, and right after that I asked my mom to get me turntables. It would have to be him; he went from this partier to a straight up dork. I'd want to show him how crazy my life is.