Micah Jesse Hosts Halloween Party at Capitale

Celebrity host Micah Jesse, a favorite of the New York social scene and a regular face on the red carpet, will be host to Joonbug's 9th Annual Halloween Party at Capitale.

If you were going to dress up like food on Halloween, what food would you be?

I would dress up as a Peach, obviously, because I'm the "Georgia Peach, in the Big Apple!"

CMJ Day Five Wrap Up

The Static Jacks, 4:00 p.m., Bowery Ballroom

by Ryan Egan

Do you wonder why you should love the Static Jacks? Well, it's easy. This band has a similar passion and camaraderie of your first high school rock band, the only catch is they're really, intensely good. The group is yet another beacon of hope shining in New Jersey, sending out signals that the scene is not dead. The live experience has fans remembering At the Drive In and Refused all the while realizing this music never left. My only critique of the performance is that we should have thrown the Jacks in a bus, high tailed it out of the Bowery Ballroom and propped them on stage at Madison Square Garden where their sound and energy could truly be harvested. The Static Jacks are musically begging to break down barriers and small venue walls, and soon enough we'll see them doing just that.

CMJ Day Four Wrap Up

Apache Beat, 8PM, Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

by Kelsey Paine

New wave/indie rockers Apache Beat offered up atmospheric indie-rock mixed with a large dose of style during their set at Rockwood Music Hall last night. The five-piece band oozes that certain 'cool factor' that all bands aspire to, but only few actually possess. This is due mostly to Australian front woman Ilirjana Alushaj, a dark-haired beauty who was declared one of the most stylish New Yorkers by Time Out New York and even edits The Pop Manifesto, an online culture magazine. Writhing around the stage, twisting the mic cord around her lithe black-clad body, Alushaj belted out the band's new single “Another Day” a soaring new-age dance pop gem, and the ominous drum-heavy “Let It Go” with an ethereal and erotic presence that lit up the space's small stage. Look for Apache Beat's just-released debut album, Last Chants, for even more of the band's eclectic mix of punk, pop and psychedelic new wave.

Sun Airway, 9PM Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

CMJ Day Three Wrap Up

Nicky Egan, Le Poisson Rouge, 7PM

by Kelsey Paine

Having gone to high school back in Massachusetts with two of Nicky Egan's band members, I knew I had to check out their soulful set at Le Poisson Rouge. Originally from Philadelphia, Egan recently graduated from Berklee School of Music in Boston where she formed her band. The group's sound blends old school funk, R&B and rock, all intertwined with Egan's strong and smokey vocals, a cross between Etta James and Janis Joplin. These kids are serious about their music--Egan bangs out notes on her piano with a power and confidence far beyond her age, and Johnny Simon's guitar solo on an Aretha Franklin cover was sexy and electrifying. Look for Nicky Egan's debut solo album Good People to come out soon.

Nottz (and special guests), Sullivan Hall, 8:30PM

CMJ Day Two Wrap Up

Kids of '88, The Delancy, 3:00 p.m.

by Ian Frisch

Making the trek all the way from New Zealand, Kids of '88 played a surprisingly crowded early afternoon set at The Delancy yesterday, wooing the crowd with their new-wave-electro-pop sing along tunes, lead by high-pitched, Prince-esque vocals from frontman Sam McCarty and pulsating electronic undertones--the skeleton of the band--by Jordan Arts. Wip-smart conversational antics with the crowd, too, gave a lasting impression for one of the most buzzed about bands leading up to CMJ. Or was it just their ending song, "Everybody Knows," which is about sadomasochism?

CMJ Day One Wrap-Up

Millionyoung, Cake Shop, 4:00 p.m.

by Hanna Furey

There has been so much hype about Millionyoung and Sunglasses leading up to CMJ 2010 that when they were scheduled to play at the Cake Shop's early show, you can only imagine what type of tricks people were pulling to get out of work early. Millionyoung took the stage first and seemed completely unfazed by the small crowd. The threesome from Florida exploded into their first song with vibrant energy and enthusiasm, which immediately got those in attendance dancing and enjoying the intimate but lively show. Their catchy drum beats, fuzzy guitars, ethereal vocals and well layered effects made me remember why I love electro-pop so much.

Ratatat Takes On Terminal 5

A galaxy of multi-colored dots swooshed back and forth on the stage's backdrop, splashing towards the right side, and flowing back left, illuminating a wall of keyboards and electronic equipment at the front, two floor drums, a guitar and a bass, and the crowd began to clap and chant in unison as blue smoke poured from the rear of the stage and two shadowy figures emerged from the fog: "RAT-A-TAT! RAT-A-TAT! RAT-A-TAT!"

"I've wanted to see them for years!" a young fan shouted as the crowd pressed her harder against the steel, black baracade separating the crowd from the stage. "This is the most important moment of my life!" she squealed.

CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival Hits New York City Next Week

New York's largest music event, the CMJ Music Marathon, a five-day, 15-hour-a-day music romp spanning all genres, is taking over New York City next week, October 19-23, with peformances scheduled by Yo La Tengo, Oh Land, Kevin Devine, GZA, and Reggie Watts.

As one of the world’s most important showcases of new music artists, CMJ draws tens of thousands of professionals from all sectors of the music and film industry. More than 1,400 artists and over 120,000 music fans will come together in the Big Apple to catch the latest buzz band, cool indie film or learn more about the ever-changing music industry from key innovators, insiders and celebrities.

New York and D.C. Are Just the Beginning: DJ George Garcia

Beneath the curved brim of DJ George Garcia's beige hat and above his modestly low-cut t-shirt and half-zipped coat beams something that you can see plain as day from the dance floor of any club as you peer towards the DJ booth, or even in a low-key conversation here in the Joonbug offices: A smile. "You’ll never not see a smile on my face," he boasts. "That’s how I was raised."

Coming from a boisterous Spanish family and background, Garcia has always been involved in parties and family gatherings, and, frankly, always around a crowd of people. "I plug in my music and my dad jumps up and starts dancing and grabbing people out of the crowd," he explained about a family gathering, which usually turns "from dinners to parties" fairly quickly. His upbringing, too, led him to experience all types of music, from Spanish to Greek to heavily drum-influenced tunes, which, in turn, allowed him to pick up the snare drum in the high school band.

Phish to Play in Atlantic City on Halloween

When music junkies think of Halloween, they skip they candy and go straight for Phish.

The long-running hippies continue their 15-year Halloween performance tradition this year in Atlantic City. The theme is always the same: The band dresses up in elaborate costumes and plays an entire album from another band. Most recently the band covered the Rolling Stones' Exile on Mainstreet, but have covered the Beatles, the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd and the Who.