Fashion Week Disaster Playlist

What would Fashion Week be without a broken high-heel, scraped knee, torn stocking, smeared make-up, or a face-first tumble off the runway stage resulting in a high-speed ambulance ride down 5th Avenue to the hospital? At least everyone will be looking at you, right?

If this were a B-level romantic-comedy staring Paul Rudd and Melissa Joan-Heart, these are some songs that may be playing in the background that could narrate the events for you, so you don't have to listen to the cheesy dialogue:

You're walking down the isle, tossing your hips left and right. Life is just so good!:

Big Gigantic Launches New Album September 1st, A Place Behind the Moon

A clearly innovative brainchild from saxophonist Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken, Big Gigantic's mixture of acoustic, electronic and saxophone-driven dance-pop is further showcased in their new hit album A Place Behind the Moon, put out by 1320 Records.

After months in the studio perfecting their new album, the two-man sound machine blasts into a tour this fall with STS9, Alex B, and Ana Sia, with some headlining gigs along the south and mid-west.

This strong second showing from Big Gigantic effortlessly combines saxophone and syncopated drum rhythms with intoxicating, intertwining electronic undertones, truly bringing a unique sound to the evolving, electronic genre. It goes on sale tomorrow.


Covert Cocktails: Please Don't Tell

It looks like a normal, East Village hot dog shop.

It smells like hot dog water, there are ketchup smears on the counters, and the air conditioning putts and struggles to evaporate the sweat off the back of customer's necks. But, across from the wall of faux-leather booths, there's the strange, out of place, telephone-booth-style set of doors with pitch black windows.

The booth has a phone hanging on the wall with a single, lone button: "Call."

The conversation is always the same:

Mixtape Mondays: Fashion Week

Fashion Week starts September 9th. In preparation, I've lined up a playlist that takes us through a day during the most wonderful time of the year because everyone knows you want to be part of fashion week.

9 a.m.: Flashy shirt that is more like a tarp draping off my emaciated frame? Check! Hair that looks like it just grows that way (even though I've been awake since seven preparing it)? Check! Numerous rings, myriad necklaces and clunky bracelets (and even an anklet for good measure)? Check! $300 True Relgions jeans that I ran under my uncle Pete's belt sander for a little extra flair? Check! Empty wallet from stringing together this outfit? Check! Oh, wait, my boots. Yes. I can't forget those...

Bob Dylan's Artwork to be Featured at Denmark's Staten Museum for Kunst

Bob Dylan can do some pretty remarkable things with a paintbrush. Beneath his harmonica-blowing and guitar-wielding musician image that he is so well known for, Dylan has actually been a devout painter since the 1960s. His work was even featured on The Band's Music From Big Pink album cover. And from September 4 until January 30 his "Brazil Series" collection will be featured at Denmark's Staten Museum for Kunst.

"I chose Brazil as a subject because I have been there many times and I like the atmosphere," Dylan said in a public statement about the collection. Vivid images of gamblers, police officers, wine producers and other Brazilian depictions fill the series.

Electric Zoo Zaps Randall's Island Labor Day Weekend

The Electric Zoo Music Festival is plugging into Randall's Island for a two-day, 24-hour party with an expected crowd of over 25,000 throughout the weekend. The line-up includes some heavy-hitters such as the Chemical Brothers, Armin van Buuren, Moby, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Major Lazer, Fake Blood, and Steve Aoki.

This open-air music festival is buzzing more and more this year, and especially with each day leading up to the event. It will feature an unprecedented line-up of over 70+ artists across four stages, covering all genres: House, Techno, Trance, Electro, and Indie, including DJs. Tickets are still on sale, so get yours today!

Brooklyn Celebrates Michael Jackson's Birthday

As the preceding week's chilly, sulky and soggy weather faded out, Brooklyn celebrated Michael Jackson's birthday yesterday at Prospect Park under blue-bird skies and the first 90-degree day in almost two weeks.

Adendees flaunted signature white gloves, slick jerry curls, white-socked feet stuffed into shiny black shoes while presenting King of Pop art and t-shirts. DJ Spinna Pharoahe spun classic Jackson tunes, fans signed a communal birthday card, and signs boasted some of Michael's most notable lyrics, including excerpts from his heartfelt hit "You Are Not Alone."

My Dear Disco Does Damage

Coining their heavy-hitting, hip-swinging, electro-pop-fuzz as "Dancethink," Michigan-based My Dear Disco proved to be dangerously catchy at Lollapalooza this past week in Chicago, and is heading east to hit up New York City for the first time since Lollapalooza at Piano's in the Lower East Side on September 7th.

Only two years out of college, the that band seems more like a chemistry experiment--a mix-mash of arena-guitar, techno thumps, keytar and female vocals--rather than an systematic orchestration has been declared by the Urb Magazine as "an out-of-body experience," and "modern dance-floor anthems" by the Onion.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Release New Music Video
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - "Bottled In Cork" (Official Video) from John Hodgman

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists gear up for the Great White Way in their new, Tom Scharpling-directed video, with help from fans (they threw a blast out for die-hards to come and be a part of the production). There was even lipstick involved!

Phosphorescent and Sloane Crosley Show Off Their Sugar

After the sun went to sleep behind the Hudson River on Thursday August 19, Phosphorescent started moving their fingers atop the stage in the back room of Coco 66 in Brooklyn. Matthew Houck picked and strummed his guitar and sang into the microphone. The bassist’s hands slapped and plucked the thick strings of his electric bass. The drummer stomped and pounded his high-hat and snare drum. The keyboardist pushed and punched his black and white keys. They took the stage after Sloane Crosley read “Light Pollution,” one of the many humorous essays published in her new book, How Did You Get This Number. They performed together as a part of Show Off Your Sugar, an event hosted by 826NYC, a non-profit organization that supports students with their creative and expository writing skills.