1969 Is About To Become A Bit More Modern

Guess what? Gap’s 1969 denim jean line is becoming its own brand, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Coming up with this idea has left creative director Rosella Giuliani with a lot on her plate by creating a new look for Gap’s premium collection.

In efforts to stay ahead of the fashion curb and competitors, they are broadening the range of colors, fabrics, and lengths used in the denim jeans. That’s not exactly her main challenge though; it’s to keep the momentum of 1969 denim sales that started two years ago after repositioning the line and changing the overall fit of the jeans.

Bluefly & Badgeville Join Forces

Bluefly, an online fashion retailer has officially partnered up with Badgeville, a social rewards startup site, which will add social gaming to the website.

According to Mashable.com, Bluefly will be rewarding customers by watching videos, reading blog posts, writing reviews, or creating wish lists. They will earn badges, which will let them gain credentials on the site. The more badges earned, the better chance the shopper will have at unlocking unique awards, such as early access to products, badge-holder specials, and discounts.

Looking for the most luscious scent for the Spring?

You’ve seen her rise, you’ve seen her fall, and redeem herself once more. Britney Spears has recently come out with her 9th fragrance! Yes, she has NINE on the market, each one completely distinct from the other. She’s had the “Curious” and “Fantasy” series, and now she has introduced her latest one, Radiance. Wild berries and soft petals were the key ingredients, used to create this irresistible aroma. Her tagline, “Choose Your Own Destiny”. Try it out! “Radiance” starts at $39, and can be purchased at Kohl’s.

Aritzia is coming to town!

Even though the Canadien retailer Aritzia has been opening stores in the United States, it was just announced that a new store location is coming to New York City. They currently have a temporary location for now, but a permanent store will open in SoHo in May.

Aritizia is a vertically integrated multi-label retailer typically for women ages 18 to 25. There are eight brands that are produced in house, including J Brand and Rag & Bone. They are said to be completely independent from each other yet complement the other brands as well. The brands are not private label. They haven’t been sold to other stores yet, but plans are made for being wholesale eventually.

From Preppy to Princess

Vera Wang isn't only known for her fabulous wedding gowns that all girls dream of wearing someday, but she's also known for her fabulous fragrances. Glam Princess, Flower Princess, Rock Princess (which is very Taylor Momsen-esque!) are just three to name a few. But, if you thought she was finished placing sweet-scented fragrances on Sephora’s shelves, think again! She has recently added “Preppy Princess” to this ever-growing family of fragrances.

“Preppy Princess” probably has one of the most adorable perfume bottles ever made. Judging from the super-cute packaging, it looks as if Blair Waldorf would wear it herself! The heart-shaped pink and blue plaid really channels the inner wannabe-princess in the consumer, not to mention that the ever-present classic crowned bottle-top is as cute as ever.

Lauren wears a Paper Crown

Lauren Conrad is at it again! Her newest line, Paper Crown, was debuted at the Fashion Coterie here in New York City this past weekend.

Why is it named Paper Crown, you may ask? It’s a collection for “those who love to play dress up in a grown up world.” says Conrad. She designed these garments with the inspiration of her own closet in mind. Ruffled dresses, high-waisted skirts, blazers, blouses, leather jackets, and minimalist-inspired dresses make up this collection. The influence of cocktail attire and menswear also grace this adorable collection with a classy, yet modern vibe.

Nordstrom & Hautelook: Two become one!

Our favorite retailer, Nordstrom, is adding something exciting to their store! The department chain just released the news that they will now acquire HauteLook! HauteLook is an online retailer that offers a variety of discounted designer goods, and this collaboration is making a stir in the industry!

Why, you may ask? Because this “up to 75% off” hit will be the first time that a traditional retailer will obtain a company that specializes in online retail. HauteLook’s popularity has gained over time, and people are always looking for deals, so this alliance is hitting at a perfect time.

Head onto Nordstrom.com soon and expect to see some irresistible deals from the one-and-only HauteLook!

Splatters and Stripes: Spring 2011

You’ve seen it everywhere. Okay, maybe not. But you will! Splatter-painted looks and eye-catching stripes will be walking the runway. These look will be tie-dyed and even graffiti inspired. You may have never guessed that such childish patterns would be manifesting in the workshops, but so far they’re a huge success.

Massive amounts of stripes are being recognized as “in” for the season. The timeless designs grab attention and can be toyed with by designers. Although mostly seen in sportswear, we will just have to wait and see which designer’s say “hello” to the stripes for their Fall 2011 collections!

Feel the Rush

World-wide phenomenon Beyonce Knowles is bringing the heat!

“Heat Rush” is the 29-year-old singer’s newest, highly anticipated fragrance that finally hit stores this month. Last year she launched her first fragrance “Heat” that was a complete success. (Except in the UK, where they banned her ‘sexy’ commercial from the air before 7:30 PM.

The R&B/pop star’s two perfumes work in sync with each other, with “Heat” being ideal for evenings while “Heat Rush” is great for use during the day. The main scents contributing to this fragrance are its floral and honey "notes".

Power is within the beholder, and Beyonce hopes to capture just that within each woman that wears her scent. Complementary body creams and shower gels are also being sold.

Marc Jacobs: Can We Predict His Future?

Fashion week is coming up, and everyone is thinking, “What will be next for Marc Jacobs?” The 47-year-old designer has been a major hit in the industry since shortly after his college days. He was tremendously recognized for being the youngest person ever awarded the Perry Ellis “New Fashion Talent” Award from the CFDA.

Marc’s ability to design such far-fetched garments and accessories is certainly beyond us. Not only does he design splendid accessories, (shoes, bags, watches and fragrances) he has the ability to focus on the entire industry it seems, from men, women, to children. He even has his own book!

Ever since his “grunge” look hit the runway, people consistently wonder what the prestigious designer’s next big move will be.

Looks like we will all have to wait and find out.

Stay tuned!