Kelly Bensimon & Boris Kodjoe to Host the Edeyo Gives Hope Ball

Join Kelly Bensimon and Boris Kodjoe at the Edeyo Gives Hope Ball on Wednesday, June 27th at the DL in the Lower East Side. The evening will begin at 7pm with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails by MEDEA vodka and VEEV. There will also be live and silent auction featuring coveted goods that you won't want to miss out on. The after-party will follow at 10pm where guests will dance the night away to tunes by DJ Ettiene Deyans. The requested dress code is "carnival chic." Orange, red and gold for the ladies and white, green and blue for the gentlemen.

Special guest, famed fashion photographer Nigel Barker will be honored for his work with the organization. Edeyo is a non-profit foundation with a mission is to improve the future for children in Haiti, by providing students with a safe learning environment, healthy food, and clean water. The foundation also helps rebuild dilapidated schools throughout the poverty-stricken country.

[VIDEO] Watch Madonna's 53-year-old Nipple Perform

Between Lady Gaga's lip syncing pole concussion and Madonna's geriatric nipple performance, celebs have certainly been on a 'Peanut Gallery' worthy rampage the last few days. Here ya go. Happy Monday!

Warning! This video is NSFA: Not Safe For Anyone

[VIDEO] Lady Gaga Lip Syncs, Gets Pole to the Head

Lady Gaga suffered a concussion while performing over the weekend in New Zealand when one of her backup dancers accidentally struck her in the head with a pole. Thanks to her handy lipsyncing Gaga didn't skip a beat as she continued "singing" without interruption while stumbling off stage. She later returned to the stage to "sing" sixteen additional songs and according to Rolling Stone she told the crowd, "I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion but don't you worry I will finish this show." [NY Post]

Top Secret BBQ DNA Revealed: Brother Jimmy's Releases First Cookbook

Brother Jimmy's fans rejoice! The wildly popular Southern style BBQ has just released their first cookbook containing over 100 finger-licking-good recipes; including Hush Puppies with Maple Butter, Frickles, Smoked Brisket, Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese, Pecan Pie. There's also instructions on how to whip up their signature Southern style drinks such as Swamp Water, Palmetto Punch and Carolina Coolers! Additionally the cookbook shares tips on how to make homemade seasoning, how to properly smoke meats, as well as "recipe music playlists," drinking games, and even decorating tips!

Juliet Supperclub Shooter Confesses to Vigilante Style Retaliation

Victor Walker, 47, an ex-con, turned himself into authorities on Saturday after confessing he was the gunman responsible for the November shootings at Juliet Supperclub. But this wasn't just any random shooting or any random victims. Walker said he did it "to send a message." The victim, Artis Arthur, 43, and his cronies Tracy Ryals, 28, and Jonai Washington, 27, were part of a crew that, according to authorities, had built a reputation for targeting and mugging club-goers. The entourage mostly targeted celebrities, athletes, rappers and other "high-profile victims reluctant to go to the police because of the hassle and publicity" said authorities. Their victims reportedly include Busta Rhymes and Cam'ron

TONIGHT: #8's Grand Opening to the Public

After a slew of drama and board approval issues, Amy Sacco and LDV Hospitality will open #8 tonight, a revamped version of former hotspot Bungalow 8.

Last Tuesday select friends and family were treated to a private preview of the new spot located at W. 16th Street. Early reviews have been favorable. This evening regular folk will be the judge, as #8 opens to the public.

And we say "public" loosely --getting past the velvet rope will be more annoying than having to type the # key (and simultaneously confusing your friends) every time you want to hit up the swanky new spot.


357 West 16th Street

New York, NY

New Restaurant 'RSVP' to Debut in SoHo

A new modern American restaurant, headed by Chef Seth Levin, is coming to SoHo. RSVP, owned by Jon Bakshi, will feature high-end modern American dishes along with signature dishes with a flair.

The restaurant will feature a sunken dining room with a centerpiece of crystal chandeliers, a surrounding balcony, elegant mirrors, and contemporary wall decorations. They will also offer private dining in the 'The Greenroom' which is centered around a crystal chandelier with seating to accomodate up to 40 guests.

Just Announced: Sensation Festival to Debut in Brooklyn

New Yorkers will be glad to hear the renowned all-white European Sensation White Music Festival will make its debut in Brooklyn at the brand new Barclays Center on October 26th & 27th.

ID&T, the organization behind the massive music festival, reveals:

With production-quality at its height, Sensation America is sure to raise the bar for all future festivals to come. Domestic concert producers can wave goodbye to cleverly-lit DJ booths after Sensation tears through town, leaving attendees awestruck and hungry for more. There’s no doubt this is the game-changing festival for the rapidly-growing EDM scene in America, but the question remains - will ID&T be able to pull off the same level of craziness when on our turf? How will a European company conquer local and unfamiliar markets?

Paris Hilton Gets (Afro) Jacked

We know you all didn't see this one coming, but hotel heiress/former reality star, Paris Hilton, has just been dumped by star DJ Afrojack. According to RadarOnline, a source cited Hilton wanting to "settle down" and Afrojack wanting to keep partying as the cause of the split. Paris, who is reportedly going through a mid-life crisis amidst her dwindling popularity and ticking maternal clock was apparently blindsided by the breakup.

We're gonna go ahead and put this out there, maybe her terrifying bunions were the real cause of the split?

Cocktails + Puppies: Come out to Social Tees' Animal Rescue Party

What is better than puppies and cocktails? Well, puppies, cocktails PLUS a great cause! Come out to Sway Lounge this Thursday from 7-10pm for Social Tees Animal Rescue's (S.T.A.R.) fundraiser to benefit abandoned animals from kill shelters. S.T.A.R is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide at-risk animals with a safe haven and veterinary care until they find a forever home.

S.T.A.R. relies heavily on outside donations from people like you. Even if you're unable to attend, any donation will help! The evening will include cocktails, a rally and real puppies! Yes, squee-worthy, fluffy, adorable puppies! All proceeds will go directly to S.T.A.R. to help bail out our furry friends from certain death.