Cinco De Mayo: Bar Crawling in the City of Brotherly Love

Are you there? Are you in Philadelphia? Look around. Do you see pretzels? Cheese steaks? Before anything, get two of each, in each hand. Find a bench, and wallow in your surroundings. You’re in the birthplace of the United States of America, the City of Brotherly Love, go lick the Liberty Bell!

Philly bar crawls are high spirited adventures through a nearly pocket-sized city where cityscapes change at every corner and new options present themselves with every passing doorway.

Prepping you and your crew for a city-wide spree requires some general planning, but fear not, we’ve assembled a detailed cheat sheet to look over before you jump on your fixed gears or pile in a cab.

Miller Light Wants You To Shotgun Their Beer

Last call was twenty minutes ago, but you’ve still got a full can of Miller Light in front of you. Just shotgun it. That’s what it was designed for. Dubbed the ‘Punch Top Can,” this new design increases air flow which reduces that pesky glug. It's science! Is this the most important invention since public sanitation? You decide.

This new product isn’t all inclusive, as you see in video below, you’ll still need some sort of tool to puncture the second tab. This is sure to cull an entirely new breed of party tricks.

Nerd Tracker: Where To Go For Internet Week

Nerd alert! On the internet there are tons of cat pictures, but in real life, we have Internet Week. Since 2008, Internet Week began as a City wide celebration of the digital community which includes nearly 200 events from May 14-17. Industry insiders and innovators convene at different locations through out the city at web-focused events to discuss the current trends, history and future of the World Wide Web. Check out these featured events and you might learn something!

What's Keeping These New Yorkers Up?

Ever hear of love at first sight? According to the NY Post, residents on West 30th in between Seventh and Eight avenues are seeing love alright, in the form of used condoms and other paraphernalia!

The soiled specimens are believed to be the traces of the patrons leaving Rebel NYC and Parlour Midtown, two clubs that are popular on the weekends.

From the comfort of their $95,000/month apartments, neighbors have convinced the local Community Board 5 to help request a no-parking zone during those specific nights of revelry.

Jersey: Upcoming Parties You Don't Want to Miss

That land across the Hudson River is called New Jersey. It’s a state, like New York, and by way of a bridge and couple of tunnels, people commute over to New York City for work, dinner, friends, etc. Sometimes, at the same instance, the reverse occurs. The tide of thrill seekers shifts towards the Garden State for various destinations and attractions.

Whether you're a New Yorker or a Jersey 'res there are parties and events happening throughout Jersey that you don't want to miss, so buddy up and check out these dates for a ridiculous time.

Greenhouse Parties Naturally

It’s easy to forget that we share this planet with so many other people. Too often we act selfishly, hoarding over land, possessions, and money that we never realize how much we take from the Earth and never give back. Being eco-friendly requires some sacrifices but here, in New York, partying will not be surrendered.

Last Week, one of the City’s only, and most popular eco-friendly nightclubs, Greenhouse, helped celebrate Earth Week by hosting their “Greenhouse Gives Back” campaign. Each night from April 16th to the 22nd, proceeds were given to Global Green, Cans for a Cure, Prospect Park Alliance, American Cancer Society, Riverkeeper, Green Festival, and Plant a Billion Trees, each an environmental or health-based charity.

5 Party Spots to Get a Buzz on a Budge

Why do people throw parties? Attending someone else’s party is fun and carefree but throwing a party can be hell. This time of year is the best time to get people out of their winter hibernation modes for a real kick start to the season with a well planned gathering. Taking into account the world’s financial woes, you and your friends may want to consider a relaxed and cheap setting for your evening festivities.

You want to find a location that you can settle in for a while and really own, because you don’t want friends complaining about drink prices in the first hour. For those already creating a Facebook event page, take a look at these suggestions.

[VIDEO] Vice Mag Talks The Future of Nightlife

New York nightlife is a volatile industry, always on the look out for the next thing. You can rave about a club one week, but it may not even exist the next. With this video, Vice releases its second video installment serializing different aspects on the NYC party scene. Here, we listen to David Byrne, Peter Gatien, Amy Sacco and other pillars of nightlife talk about their experiences and predictions on the future of nightlife. You can watch the first part of the series, here, which focuses on club design.

Foursquare & Bombay Sapphire Launch Tribeca Film Fest App

At the Tribeca Film Festival, audience members are finding that once the film is over, there’s so much to come together about. Whether it’s film discussion, looking for venue information or even what restaurants to hit up next, there is now a tool specifically created to enhance the Tribeca Film Fest (TFF) experience.

For those of you interested in maximizing your festie experience, Bombay Sapphire and the widely popular geo-social application Foursquare have teamed up for the first ever interactive map of New York City geared toward TFF attendees. Make the most out of the festival, which is going on now through April 29th. Easy to navigate, these series of tools and rewards will help make this year's festival experience unlike any before.

Boston Brews: The Best Beer Bars in Beantown

Some say “beer ain’t drinkin’” and to that, Boston has several responses. Home to the iconic fictionalized bar Cheers, this city has carries the New England shaped torch for beer selection and atmospheric excellence.

While sipping on wine is a platitudinous pastime, and choosing cheap beers just to fast track it to party mode can turn dull real fast, there are hundreds of styles of beers that turn your bar stool into the front row seat of an action thriller starring your taste buds. In Boston, having the best selection is what brings beer drinkers in from the chilling streets. Here’s a look at the best Bean Town watering hole options to try out.