The Great Wine Decline: Quality Down, Prices Up?

Bad news for winos! Due to the declining supply of grapes, vintners are expected to start raising prices. If you’ve ever entertained the thought of starting a wine cellar, now is the time to stock up.

According to Silicon Valley Bank, a commercial banker to the wine industry, grape inventories are evolving into a state of shortage that will last for some time. As for sales, SVB predicts to growth at 7% to 11%, a bit of a drop from 2011.

They also report a decline in “wine quality for the price paid.” Wine drinkers will be forced to decide whether to put up with lesser quality domestic wines, or pay higher prices and expand their foreign tastes.

Cheap Thrills: This Week's Open Bars

What better to get you out into the spring air than a little curiosity and free alcohol? Open bars are the Pandora’s Box of New York City. You never know if you’re going to come across some foreign art exhibit or new tequila launch party, and why not let that devilish grin take over while you keep your cash in your pocket and get away with a few free drinks to kick off the evening. This week there are plenty of open bar specials to take advantage of.

Thursday, April 19th

921 Broadway at Melrose, Bushwick.

Trivia & Spelling Ordeal Hosted by Fly Biosphere.

Uptown Girls (and Boys): 5 Spots to Get Your Party Fix Above the 60's

Keeping to lower Manhattan is an easy way to have a great time in New York City, but sometimes you’re going to want to stretch your legs and take in the island for all it’s worth. Or perhaps you live uptown and are looking for local spots to hit up. Disclaimer: the Upper East Side is not quite what Gossip Girl makes it out to be. Either way, heading above 60th may feel like you intruding on someone’s property while they’re asleep, but don’t forget that with a population of 1,585,873 and growing, there’s always going to be something amazing happening. Be brave and become not a New Yorker, but an All Of New Yorker.

Hey NYC, There's a Pink Elephant Back in the Room!

Look out for the return of Pink Elephant in the West Village this May. Owners David Sarner and Robert Montwaird have shared that the new digs will be a much quieter experience offering high-end cocktails and live music. Formerly located in Chelsea, and famous for laser shows and bottle service, the previous incarnation closed in 2009 after the landlord filed for bankruptcy. The change in atmosphere isn’t the only news, Sarner and Montwaid are opening locations in Dubai and Los Vegas in the near future. For those interesting in being apart of the rebirth, bottle servers are now being hired.

Inebriated Insights: New Study Claims Alcohol Improves Creativity

It’s common knowledge that any amount of money can spin scientific results into desired conclusions. When it comes to studies about drugs or alcohol, readers perk up; because aren’t most Americans waiting for that magic pill that will allow us to eat or drink anything we want and never gain weight or let those recessive genes prevent our goals?

Yes, every week there seems to be some new study telling us that something ridiculous is actually good for you, or there’s been a cure for something and the news never really seems to stick. A couple months ago we reported on a study that claims vodka increases creativity and verbal skills.

Highlights & Must-sees of Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival is the monolith of Lower Manhattan. For just over a decade, in response to the September 11th attacks, musicians, filmmakers, and artists have come together making this one of the most highly regarded art festivals in the world.

April 18, 2012 marks the 11th annual Tribeca Film Festival founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff as they offer a plethora of screenings, panels and special events this year. If you haven’t already purchased tickets, visit their festival guide and schedule to peruse the vast amounts of options.

#LoveRiot: A Classic "Had To Be There" NYC Moment

Check out these musicians on Stanton and Ludlow playing until the cops broke it up a little while ago yfrog.us/nqsm5z (via: @TheKingEG)

— New York Nightlife (@NYNightlife) March 29, 2012

Get The Hell Outta NYC: 5 Nearby Getaways

Leave the city. Physically, spiritually, et al. Brush off that car that’s been parked three blocks away for months and hit the gas. Wander up to Midtown, purchase a round trip ticket, listen for the next departing NJ Transit line and bolt to the tracks. Within two hours beyond the threshold of the Five Boroughs are assortments of adventures to be had and the best time to cash in is now.

Those trees you see on occasion, there are more of those. Try Harriman State Park. Watch the landscape transform on a northbound train to this beautiful state park ripe with hiking trails and camp grounds, making this day trip is worth a weekend. For the explorer in you, there is Civil War era copper and silver mines littered through out the region and plenty of lakes open for swimming or, with the right permit, boating. Harriman State Park is also connected to Bear Mountain State Park which hosts a fun Octoberfest every year that is highly recommended. You’ll likely run into Appalachian Trail hikers who, if not too exhausted, will share further insight on the parks wonders.

Exploring San Diego Nights

San Diego is not a hard sell, Los Angeles. A manageable car ride south, away from the haze of food trucks and traffic, towards a Mediterranean climate and truly unique nightlife.

This spring, pack the car with a weekends worth of necessities and a good pal because there is so much happening. Here’s what’s what:

Riddled with kudos from Nightclub and Bar Magazine, MSN, and Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Stingaree is the $7 million three story, posh nightclub and restaurant that opened in 2005.

5 Watery Ways to Escape the Concrete

With warm weather looming, the temperature will be 100+ degrees in no time and you'll be scratching for an escape. New York City may not be your first idea of a shore town, but that doesn’t mean the Capital of the World is without some fine water-related activities. Enjoying the water goes beyond taking in the sun with a trashy beach novel and doggy paddling through the shallow end of the pool. Take a look at these aqua-filled activities available for everyone to enjoy.

Own a kayak? Renting a canoe or jet ski? Explore the City’s perimeter with over 160 square miles of connecting waterways throughout the five boroughs. All it takes is a $15 permit to access the various boat launches. Tip: whatever you do, don't let any of that fine tire-infused, shoe-ridden, Hudson River water enter your mouth!