Party Like a Rockstar..and a Zombie

EL-P + Despot

When: Monday, May 21st.

Where:Santos Party House

Come out and see Brooklyn’s own El-P who, although hasn’t released a rap album since 2007, has been hella busy with Das Racist and his own Definitive Jux Label. His new album, Cancer 4 Cure will come out this month, so come get a little taste.

When: 10pm-4am

Where: 5 Ninth, 5 9th Ave

Looking to escape the pretentious, top 40's scene? This MeatPacking club plays soul genre beats from DJ Reborn, making sure your Tuesday nights are the best nights.

Jersey Fresh: Hot Spots Across the River

The bridge and tunnel folks may want to kick it into reverse because there are some intriguing openings that deserve a gander. Take a look at what’s new in the Garden State.

Where: Resort Casino Hotel

This Atlantic City lounge is now open on Mondays, featuring Bob Egan on piano.

Head up to the thirteenth floor, and prepare a few requests, because you never know which local singers may show up to accompany Mr. Egan.

Where: Atlantic City

International Museum Day is Today!

International Museum Day is upon us! Can’t find your old college ID? No worries! On May 18th, many NYC museums are waiving or reducing their fees in honor of the world-wide event.

Since 1977 the ICOM Advisory Committee has been organizing IMD to raise awareness on how important museums are in the developme

These deals are happening in all over the city, so don’t let the haj to any of the outer boroughs discourage you!

Here is a full list of museums that are offering special deals on admittance of society.

Daylife Festival To Make Camp In LES

Long ago, the Lower East Side was a haven for pushcart markets. Fruit stands, handmade goods, and local artisans would line the streets calling out to the denizens of New York to buy their product.

This June, the Lower East Side Business Improvement District wants you to re-live that excitement at the Daylife three-block festival.

On Sunday, June 3rd, from Noon to 5pm, head down to Orchard St. between Houston and Delancey for food, fashion, music, and a comfortable layer of astro-turf.

Fresh Fun: NYC's Latest Bar Openings

Never stale, New York’s atmosphere is always changing. Clubs, restaurants, and venues are evolving, revolving and dissolving at such a fast pace, sometimes you need a little held pinning down what’s actually going on. Here to help, browse this list of newly opened and soon to be opened hot spots within the Five Burroughs.

From Paris to London and now, to New York, the long awaited Experimental Cocktail Lounge is now open and serving up inventive cocktails garnished with a New York twist. The Parisian bar modeled like a speakeasy is in the old Kush location on Chrystie Street, in lower Manhattan.

Your Weekly Party Dose

Yay it's New York Internet Week! That means lots of tech, media, general nerdy stuff (not limited to Star Wars, memes, Game of Thrones references etc.), and plenty of parties! For our Internet Week only party guide go here. For other happenings this week, read on!

Internet Week New York Opening Party

When: Monday 14th. 7pm-10pm

Internet Week Brings Real Life Parties

Internet Week is upon us, and that means mixers, and parties. Jump into the digital world with a drink in your hand and mingle with the up and coming stars of the web. Here's a glimpse of the parties going on this week. To buy tickets to these events, and see what else Internet Week has to offer, check out the schedule, HERE.

Official Internet Week NY Opening Party

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

82 Mercer. Internet Week HQ

Happy Internet Week!

What better way to celebrate everyone being connected than heading out that door and experiencing Internet Week, right here in New York City!

Not just for nerds, techies, friend stalkers, or angel investors! For the past 8 years, Internet week has hosted a series of networking events, meet ups, and conferences sure to appeal even the layman of web users.

Starting this Monday, May 14th, through May 21st, be apart of the “ever-changing digital landscape.” The festival, like the Internet itself, is open to everyone. Check out the schedule and map out the things that interest you!

Top Spots to Get Your Dance On in Boston

Sometimes you just have to dance, right? School is letting out and the funemployment rate is going up, so what better time than ever to cut lose and discover some of the best dance clubs Boston has to offer. If there’s a floor, it’s danceable, so here are the top spots to you should bark at your cabby.

1 Boylston Place

Boston’s trendier atmospheres, The Estate boasts multiple levels, rooms, and DJ’s.

Give your feet a break as you explore the quieter lounge areas with a cocktail. There's usually a cover, so get there early as the lines tend to get longer as the night goes on.

The Problem with Awards: Nightlife's Sore Losers

In New York, restaurants, clubs, and lounges can be a very incestuous business. You’re likely to see the same names overlapping various venues and events because sociality is the name of the game.

Rivalry and bitterness can ensue when it comes to public recognition especially when it come to someone you've spent time mentoring. With any professional field comes a kudos event tailored toward those in that industry. The film industry has The Academy, the internet has The Webbys, and the food industry has the James Beard Foundation.