Danilo Gabrielli's Old Hollywood Glamour F/W '12

Last night, Italian fashion designer Danilo Gabrielli, took our breaths away with his Autumn / Winter 2012 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week last night.

The lights dimmed as a violinist grabbed our attention from the runway, setting the tone for a crisp, clean, and classic collection. Gabrielli makes it known that his true inspiration derives from classic Hollywood and his newest line shows just that. With a 1940’s flair written all over it, there is no question what the Italian designer seized to accomplish. An ode to an era when women joined the workforce, Gabrielli reminds us of how far we’ve come in the world of women and fashion. Silk blouses, skirt suits, and trench-like-jackets in warm neutral tones of grey made up a majority of the runway. Models with soft pin curls, deep side parts and bright red lips stole the show as they strutted down the runway looking as classy as ever.

Get Celebrity Hair This New Year's Eve

Whether you have long hair, short hair, or even curly hair, this works amazingly well on many different hair lengths and textures. The key to achieving this look is our secret weapon...Tresseme hair spray and lots (and lots!) of bobby pins. If you’re someone with short hair, (we’re talking chin length bobs), this could work for you too! Dirty hair is always best when playing with your lovely tendrils, so the greasier the better! Make sure you have a mirror handy too, so that you can take a look at the back of your hair while styling. Tease like there’s no tomorrow!

Happy 120th Birthday Vogue!

Vogue is getting ready to celebrate their 120th birthday! One-hundred-and-twenty years of style and glamour. What started out as a weekly magazine for high society New Yorkers in 1892, would eventually embark a whole new meaning on American fashion. When Conde Nast bought Vogue in 1909, the advertising and sales genius decided to turn Vogue into a women’s only fashion magazine. In turn, he reached a much wider market than just rich Manhattanites. Nast owned the Home Pattern Company, so being the brilliant business man he was, he expanded the pattern section of the magazine. This gave everyone an opportunity to recreate the designs seen in Vogue. Even wealthy women turned to Vogue for fashion ideas. As the years went on and the wars unfolded, the editors at Vogue were at a loss because they had always looked to the French for the latest designs and trends. Due to the Great Depression and the extremely high tariffs, the editors resorted to American designers instead. This was when American fashion really began coming into their own.

We’re Green with Envy
Color trends are usually short lived, however this one is definitely worth the splurge. Emerald green is classy, elegant, and timeless, a must have this season. After the Golden Globes revealed this amazing trend, it’s no wonder why we’re all obsessed with it. Don’t know what to wear this New Years Eve? Well that’s easy, steer clear of the little black dress this holiday season and be sure to grab yourself a Little Green Dress instead. But be prepared to turn some heads, this is a showstopping color in every lighting.
Ready, Set, LAYER
Winter brings us gals plenty of joy, mainly because it gives us a chance to wear everything in our closet without looking like a homeless person. Thanks to the art of layering, we’ve doubled our wardrobe without the overdraft fee. Looks like we won’t be eating Ramen after all during these frigid months. Check out our guide for stylish and cozy layering tips that will have you saving rather than spending.
We're Crazy for Cuffs!

Accessorizing could be extremely draining, especially to our bank accounts, but fear not ladies, we’re here to fill you in on a piece of savvy fashion advice. The last thing you want to do after spending a pretty penny on an outfit, is spend more money to accessorize. Thankfully, the Greeks brought us chunky cuff bracelets so that we won't be needing much to complete our oh-so-glamorous looks!

The Girlie Girl
These are delicately feminine, yet they are still capable of pulling an outfit together.
Candy Store: Fun & Functional Handbag Accessories
Women are like Mary Poppins when it comes to their purses, you never know what you’ll find at the bottom of our bags. Searching for your lip stick, handheld mirror, or wallet could be rather difficult in our dark-bottomless-pit of a purse. But now, thanks to Candy Store’s new line of accessories, you’ll never have to go looking ever again!