Joonbug Launches New Travel Guide!
Most of us are not from here, but the minute we arrived in this city we became New Yorkers. And sometimes it's hard for us to escape those associated feelings of pride and superiority (like when we visit other cities). New Yorkers like to be experts on everything: the best places to shop, best places to eat, best places to drink, get your nails done, get your air conditioner fixed... Whatever the topic of conversation, we like to have an opinion and oftentimes, our volume is set just a few decibels higher than the rest of the country.
Incredible Time Waster

It's called Lint. You bounce around this little lint ball through an obstacle course. They get increasingly more difficult as you go on (obviously) and it is horribly addictive. I love it so much that I hate it.

Play at your own risk.

Seduced by Mayahuel

The trend in the bar scene lately has been Tequila. New mescal concoctions are popping up everywhere, as are high-end brand options that rival the old standby, Patron. Well the talent behind the mixology temple, Death & Company have created their own place for agave-worship and its called Mayahuel.

Current Obsession

For awhile now, my love affair with scarves has grown. At this point, I'm pretty sure I've reached the "full-blown obsession" status.

In my tiny apartment I have one whole drawer dedicated to my scarf collection and lately, it seems like I may have to add another. Now this may not sound like a lot but to anyone living in an NYC or environs apartment knows that a whole drawer is serious real estate.

Everywhere I go, I need to buy a scarf. Even today at the office I'm sitting here with my Alice by Temperley black, red, and white scarf and It. Is. Awesome.
And I am not alone, I notice that at least three of my colleagues today are also decked out in some great neckwear.

5 Trends From Fashion Week
Enviable Hair

Mrs. Ari Loves Temperley London

It's no secret that Entourage star Perrey Reeves is a fan of the brand: She's graced Temperley's runway show before and in 2008, she dazzled at the Emmys in a cream and red number from the line. Yesterday she was spotted at MILK Studios for the official unveil of the Spring/Summer 2011 line. Joonbug didn't want to pester the actress with questions or photos but we will say that she looked pretty interested in the collection of "Black Label" dresses - each inspired by the King Arthur era, and that fabulous Guinevere we've all heard so much about. Corsets, ruffled-edge embellishments, and steel-like fabrics... yes please.

Tom Whalley Steps Down

Tom Whalley gave no specific reason for his departure from Warner Brothers Records, where he began his career in the mail room over 30 years ago.