Minding the Gap: A Transformative Housing Innovation

With over 4,000 food vendors occupying the streets and the largest mass transit system in the world underneath them, it is clear NYC is a hot spot to live in. So hot, in fact, that residents will even assent to living in a “converted” 6x12 bedroom with no closet. And now, Denmark architects Ole Robin Storjohann and Mateusz Mastalski have designed award-winning micro-apartments for urban dwellers. The idea is to fill the narrow gaps between buildings with perched loftsan idea that won the first prize for roof window manufacturer FAKRO’s “New Vision of the Loft 2” competition.

Matt Damon Uses Celebrity for Clean Water in India, Empowering Women

This past Friday, Matt Damon went on a tour in India, and it wasn’t to promote his latest sci-fi blockbuster, Elysium, but rather to help India’s rural and urban poor gain access to clean water and sanitation. Rather than signing autographs and escaping paparazzi, Damon formed relationships with struggling individuals and families while investing in tube wells, hand pumps, and toilets with proper drainage facilities.

And this was no spontaneous trip on Damon’s part--he and Gary White cofounded Water.org, a nonprofit organization that partners with microfinance institutions to facilitate loans so that people can afford clean water and the dignity of sanitary units like toilets.

Philly’s Labor Day Weekend Roundup!

Why is this weekend different from all other weekends? Because it's the much anticipated Labor Day weekend! Labor Day beckons in the end of summer as a bittersweet day that also includes an extended weekend of nonstop parties. Check out our roundup of Philly's hottest events to enjoy in the last few days of our warm-weather season.

Happy holiday weekend!

Friday, August 30

Smiths Restaurant & Lounge

We all love happy hour for those clutch deals. If only that happy hour kept going all night. Smiths Restaurant & Lounge is giving you just that with its Late Night Happy Hour from 11:30 AM - 2 AM. Specials: $5 boneless wings, $4 Coronas. It's the best late night happy hour in Rittenhouse. Enjoy $3.00 Coors Light Bottles + ridiculous appetizer specials and the DJ goes on at 10:00 PM. Get your friends together and come by for a great time!

Adoptapalooza: Pet Adoption Extravaganza!

Adoptapalooza is a free public event featuring activities and entertainment—raffles, training and agility demonstrations, advice on pet health care, grooming, and pet photographers, to name a few. Just like dogs will wag their tales come rain or shine, Adoptapalooza will go from 12 – 5PM rain or shine!

Pet Adoptions!
Close to 300 dogs, cats, and rabbits will be available for adoption from over 35 Alliance participating organizations. A list of all the confirmed shelters and recue groups found at the ‘palooza can be found at the bottom of the page.

Prepare Your Pets for Emergencies!
In a fast paced city like NYC, pets can slip away from us. Emergencies happen to the best of us, but the best of us can prepare for these situations with the help of experts at Adoptapalooza. Here are some of the ways in which you can prepare for pet emergencies at the ‘palooza:
-Have your dog or cat microchipped for $25.
-Register for a dog license (required by law in NYC) with the NYC Department of Health.
-Get free Pet Passports to record your pets' important information, and learn how to prepare yourself and your pets for the unexpected from representatives from the New York City Office of Emergency Management or Ready New York.
Chicago Weekend Roundup

Friday, August 23

Get your dance on all night long and into the wee morning hours with Los Angeles based People Under The Stairs, featuring Double K (Michael Turner) and Thes One (Christopher Portugal). They are the most successful independent hip-hop duo ever in history! Other acts include: Qwel and Maker, The Palmer Squares, PHNM Striz, and Shazam Bangles. This is sure to be an epic night. 10 pm - 4am. To purchase tickets, visit their Website.

Eat, Drink, and Give to Charity

We’ve been there--stressed out from a long work day and hankering for an ice-cold beer. Happy hours, birthdays, promotions, we can think of a thousand and one reasons to go spend some time at our favorite pub. Sure, the costs add up, but it’s important for our sanity to unwind at the day’s end. However, it's important to make smart decisions with our hard earned dollars. Statistically, young professionals of this generation give less charity than our older generation. Whatever the reason may be, it is time to now draw focus on how we can change this. What if the money spent on that much needed beer could simultaneously fund a cause for good? Good news: it actually can, at least in Washington, D.C. where, Cause, a philanthropub, donates 100% of its proceeds to charity!

Meatpacking Mega-Club Features Roots

August 21



18 Little West 12th Street New York, NY 10014

Stage 48 YOLO Party Celebrating Ciara

This Friday, Aug. 23, there will be a live appearance by Ciara at Stage 48 in Hell’s Kitchen celebrating her new album “Ciara."

The party, dubbed You Only Live Once, will have limited ticketing so get yours ASAP! Beginning at 10pm, this party rages until 4:30am playing your favorite Ciara hip-hop, pop, and R&B.


DJ Muggs Premieres music video for his song "Safe"

DJ Muggs, the prodigious DJ for Cyprus Hill, brings forth the new music video for his song Safe featuring the gorgeous and talented Belle Humble.

Known for his experimentation with hip-hop and electronica, DJ Muggs has produced yet another legendary music video for his bass loving fans. Belle Humble’s sweet vocals accompanying the aggressive bass result in a beautiful syncopation.

The music video for Safe, released back in January on the album Bass For Your Face via Ultra Records, is set in a vast Californian desert-land in which an Indian Chief, perhaps a desert mirage, pulsates light and energy around him through his dance. Meanwhile, warrior women clad in Coachella-chic garb, and youngster cowboys wielding bows and arrows observe the enigmatic gesticulations of the Indian Chief.

Altogether a trippy and beautiful video that serves to highlight DJ Muggs and Belle Humble’s unique musical talents.

Watch the video below: