Date Night Salvation

“Dinner and a movie tonight?” This is the typical question one partner says to the other on when that sweet Friday comes around. Sure, dinner and movies are fun, once in a while, but they are also costly and can be, well, stale.

Studies show that engaging in new activities with your partner can bring you emotionally closer to one another. So, let’s bring you two closer and feeling good about yourselves with these 5 new and fun date ideas:

Is it a Bear? A Sloth? No, It’s the Newly Discovered Olinguito!

If you do happen to be up or near these trees, then look out for the bushy tailed, red-orange furred, rounded face of Mr(s). Olinguito.

But alas, the mystery was solved upon seeing an olinguito for his first time. Helgen reports that he felt "sheer elation, just incredible excitement but at the same time almost disbelief. This animal had been missed by everyone." Wow, we wish we had been there too!

Modern Methods of Giving for the Hip Young Adult

In most matters “adult” we tend to look to our parents for guidance. But, our poor parents lacked the most incredible and expansive medium for knowledge transmission: the Internet! Our parents were hassled by telethons, snail mail, and blind calls from various organizations pleading for monetary donations.We no longer have to rely on these methods; in fact, we can give donations all while having some good fun!

Now that we are making some money—even if it is barely enough to pay our rent and happy hour lifestyle—it’s time, as young adults, to start considering our options for charitable donations. Luckily, our current times offer us busy urbanites many easy and comprehensive options for philanthropic fun.

Step it Up!
Going Green without Going Gaga

When you think of a lifestyle change, the imagination tends to picture a cataclysmic upheaval topped off with a hefty amount of hard work and struggle. That's when, all of a sudden, you change your mind and find peace with the static way things are. However, lifestyle changes can actually be extremely simple. Furthermore, they can make a big difference--if you know how to bite off the right sized modifications, that is.

“Going green” is all the rave right now, and yes, you can be a part of this movement without having to devote too much time or mental energy into your actions. Let's tackle the basics first: what does “going green” even mean? Well green newbies, or Greenbies, rather, “going green” is a term used to describe the process of changing our lifestyles in order to secure the safety of our environment. If you were to go green you would make decisions affecting your quotidian habits that could have an impact on the environment (i.e. global warming, pollution, destruction of animal habitats, and other environmental concerns). It's hard to see any setbacks now, huh?