5 Kick A$$ BB Creams

Beauty Balm Creams have always maintained their fair popularity to those that have great skin but most use as their primer or just their foundation and a refresher. Today, BB Creams are created for just about any skin type but for the incoming warmer months, less foundation and more beauty balm is ideal.

Applying any foundation and makeup in general in a hot room with no AC or fan running can probably ruin a gal's day but these quick non-messy BB creams can be applied with just our hands! We look finished and touched up, it's simply awesome. We all know the awesomeness of BB Creams but most out there in some drugs stores or your fave makeup seller carry BB Creams with SPF in them, even better, almost perfect!

PANDA: Charitable Sunglasses That Go Beyond Looking Cool

An amazing tale of inspiring entrepreneurship combined with trendy fashion and a worthy cause, the creators of PANDA separated after college only to be reunited by the power of making a difference. Lucas Lagera, Mike Mills, and Vincent Ko kickstarted PANDA with the idea of creating a new style, look, and purpose for sunglasses. We all wear sunglasses for the sake of blocking out the brightness of the sun (or to disguise those late, crazy nights!) and most of us choose our signature pair with the simple expectations of looking cool and feeling stylish.

PANDA sunglasses are not your average pair of shades. They support a cause and driving that cause is the gift of vision for those who aren’t as fortunate to see all the beauty this world has to offer. The three co-founders have most definitely made PANDA sunglasses into a living and breathing endeavor with a mission to make a difference and leave an impact socially. After reaching their fundraising goal in a record-breaking three days, PANDA had the opportunity to introduce their idea of creating change to the world. They’ve accomplished this by paying it forward and partnering up with some of today’s most influential and inspiring organizations. PANDA is currently partnering with TOMA, which gave them the means to create a community and a chance to be a part of something great, providing the gift of vision to those in need. If this alone doesn’t make want to buy a pair then we don’t what does!

Summer's Fashion Anthem: Rue St. Vincent Jewels

Rue Saint Vincent is an inspiring summer collection one must feast their eyes upon. Fashion devotee and jewelry designer Thérèse Rosebelle Quiao is new to the market but a pro player in the industry. Her recently launched, once in a lifetime, dreamy collection consists of necklaces, rings, and even the occasional pair of cufflinks created from mixed metals and the combination of new and vintage wares. With an incredibly fitting name, Rue St. Vincent is on the fast track to becoming the new definition of inspiration without words. Thérèse Rosebelle Quiao has mastered the art of inspiring women with a simple piecNew Jerseye of “wearable art”. Read on to enjoy our interview with the crafty Rue Saint Vincent creator Thérèse Rosebelle Quiao.

Inside 'The Style Suite' Presented by Daily Candy & Suave

In just a few episodes—three to be exact—Fashion Star has become a hit for fashion devotees across the country! In celebration, DailyCandy.com and Suave have launched an exclusive event called The Style Suite. Making its first debut Tuesday night, The Style Suite coincides with Fashion Star’s latest episode. Offering what seems like a one in a million affair for us hair, makeup, and fashion lovers, The Style Suite is a free (count us in!) VIP beauty and style lounge taking place in four style savvy cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Miami! The lucky attendees, a.k.a. free ticket purchasers, will receive a free hair styling session and the chance to experience the luxury of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion products.

Makeup Overhaul: Start Spring Fresh with These Affordable Essentials

New face, skin, and season equals overhauling your collection of makeup and tools. We've got great tips and tricks for you from trustworthy make up artists, who've also recommended the following fun and affordable products to get your hands on. So let's begin. It's important to remember when you purchased your current makeup and brush collection, how long ago was it?

Usually, for powder and liquid foundation make up should be able to last between 6 months to 1 year of regular use. During this time your brushes should be cleaned once a week with a gentle soap (preferably non-fragranced soap to ensure zero chance of future breakouts), squeezed (not twisted, watch the bristles!), and laid flat out to dry for a few hours. As for your eye shadows, liquid or powder can last the same time as foundation. The time periods described all depend on the cleanliness and upkeep of your make up in general.

Pastry: A Sweet Type of Footwear

With our love for shoes and the now becoming oh-so-trendy sneakers, we happened upon Vanessa and Angela Simmons, the duo behind Pastry fashionable footwear. These two sisters are the driving force of this up and coming sneaker line that has redefined the sporty shoes for our 'girly' tastes! You may remember those days of wearing Phat Farm sneakers in a men's size 6 to achieve that street ready style. There was just something about those that lacked the coveted cute factor. Luckily we've found an alternative--Pastry's kicks are sporty, cute, and sexy all in one... who knew?

Redefining The Trench: The Americans in Paris Initiative

According to the CFDA, the "Americans in Paris” initiative was created as a global showcase for emerging American designers. As Paris Fashion Week attracts a wide array of international retailers, the showroom will provide invaluable global exposure for the designers as well as the sales, marketing, and media support necessary to expand their respective businesses." This spring Tommy Hilfiger and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collaborate with ten lucky American designers to design their own versions of the Tommy Classic Trench Coat. “My own experience at the beginning of my career inspired my commitment to mentor young designers,” Hilfiger comments in a release. “I know firsthand how difficult it can be to enter the fashion industry and I believe designers benefit from supporting and inspiring one another.” Not only are these trenches gorgeous and unique, three of each are for sale worldwide--talk about exclusive--and we foresee our favorite styles trickling down into our wardrobes in the near future!

Club Monaco & Tommy Ton Collaborate on Handbag Collection

Street style "fashiontographer" and Jak and Jil blogger, takes his creative eye to the next level by collaborating with Club Monaco. Tommy's precise eye for anything that screams fashion and Club Monaco's flawless aesthetic makes this collaboration superb! These limited edition bags were featured on attendees during NYFW in a subtle manner --making them even more appealing. The women's messenger and men's backpack retail for $198-$225 (WWD.com), but will not be for sale until March 19th. The bags will be available in select locations including the 20th Street Club Monaco store in NYC and exclusively through Tommy Ton.

The Real Twins of NYC Strike Again

Celebrity fashion designers To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika also known as "The Real Twins of NYC" launched their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The crowd roared with whistles, "oohs," and "ahs." The collection was most definitely a sight to see!

As the unveiling of IVANKA: "If we ever meet again" began, there was a short film directed by Matias Desiderio. This short film introduced the character of Ivanka, a fictional secret agent-like character whom delves you into a world of action. The runway models each represented a scene of Ivanka's action-packed world thus giving the audience a feel for this character the Sachika twins created. Ivanka is sexy, sultry, beautiful, elegant, strong, and this; friends is exactly what the collection upheld!

Pamela Quinzi: Cinderella Of New York

Pamela Quinzi kicked off fashion week last night with a bang. The event took place at Room Service, and welcomed fashion lovers from all over the world. Before the show began, Pamela got up on stage and spoke about her love for fashion, New York City and its fans. Pamela stated, "I want to thank New York City for being so nice and really great to me and my line I could not have done this without you! You are all the greatest! I came from Italy just 2 years ago and here I am living a dream." Her humble speech was heart felt through out the crowd and from that point on the show was nothing but a wonderful success.