Seckin Ilker's Fashion Week Debut

From color to cut, the gowns of Turkish designer, Seckin Ilker, graced the audience with a lavish feminine charm that brought new life to the runway. Her evening wear housed stunning pieces like a silk chartreuse gown with a gold lace short sleeve wrap, cinched at the waist with a green ribbon, a teal gown with ruffles fanning at the bust, clean dark blue lines to balance the cascading ruffles; and a classic black and white lace (Moulin Rouge chic) mermaid gown with black and white ruffles.

Philly: Dance Hotspots

Ah, Philly. Known for your schools, history, and our favorite faux boxer, Rocky. We know what you’re thinking: another ode to the culture of Phila. But don’t worry- we understand that while you love the constant attempts at mastering the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on weekends you’d much prefer to master the Dougie. So here they are, hot off the electrified kite (we had to throw in a B.Franklin reference somewhere), your top 4 dance hotspots.

4. National Mechanics

There’s something about walking up the steps of National Mechanics, an old columned bank, dressed, not in your sweats, but in some swanky little dress, readying your high-heeled feet for the dance party pounding within. Tucked in the recesses of Old City, you feel like you’re entering a piece of history as you pass the huge Romanesque columns, and walk inside. Among the tiled ceiling, dim mood lighting, and simple oak restaurant tables, is a small dance floor. There, you’ll bump and grind to a range of music, from house to hip hop, while drinking specialty crafted cocktails like the Jalapeno Margarita- or absinthe from the mason jar absinthe fountain. We don’t know whether it’s dancing under the glint of the vault on weekends, or the fun Karaoke Tuesdays (Quizzo Wednesdays, for the savants), people are always buzzing at National Mechanics. And if you’re hungry, they’ll satisfy your palette with tasty treats like the Frito Taco Extravaganza and the National Burger. Did we mention the Sunday Brunch make your own Bloody Mary bar?

Interview with Girl Walk's Anne Marsen

You know the feeling. The one - right after your first kiss, or after landing the dream job, that makes you feel like you could burst out in professional dance moves to your own theme song, walking home down a busy city block. You never do it, because our inhibitions quell that burst of complete happiness out of fear of what some stranger might think, but imagine having the cahonas to do it. Enter Girl Walk// All Day- an epic music video (movie length), that follows three dancers as they explore NYC. After the second screening of Girl Walk, Joonbug was able to snag Anne Marsen (who plays The Girl) for a Skype chat.

Happy Holidays: Your Weekly Party Guide

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for; the week of favorite holidays like Chanukah and Christmas. With parties, cooking classes, and a community building project, you’re bound to de-stress before and during the holidays.

Occupy Chanukah

At sundown tonight, people all across NYC will be celebrating Chanukah, otherwise known as the Festival of Lights- enjoying traditions like delicious potato latkes and spinning the dreidel. And if you’re looking for a uniquely NYC Chanukah, head over to Washington Square Park to help build a Chanukah Light Sculpture. Enjoy complimentary hot cocoa and latkes while working and listening to traditional songs.

Sites That Will Tame Your Inner Bridezilla

With the New Year just weeks away, and the stress of Christmas spending coming to a climax, it's hard to imagine planning anything after December 25, let alone a wedding. But with cozy winter snuggling, and the urge for a great June wedding at the Plaza (for next year, of course), we fiancées, begrudgingly, turn into brides. And with the constant fear looming above that you’ll be divorced faster than you can say Kardashian; or that you too, may follow in the footsteps of all those Wetv Bridezillas, we understand the hesitation to start planning. No worries though, with these amazing wedding websites, we’ve got your crazy meter under control- from venues, to jewelry, to your custom made garter, here’s your top 4 Wedding sites.

Denmark's Rainbow Panorama Walkway

If you’ve ever seen the Jetsons or even True Blood, then you’re familiar with holographic worlds- like fairy worlds, or the holographic garden at the Intergalactic Space Mall. Now imagine trekking above the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum of Denmark to enter inside a rainbow panorama. This walkway spans 1,614 sq ft long, 323 ft wide, and 323 ft high- which is pretty massive for a rooftop panorama.

Within you see a complete view of Aarhus through bent glass in all the colors of the rainbow. Imagine seeing the world in red, yellow, or purple in this $9 million walkway designed by Olafur Eliasson in correlation to the buildings influence of Dante’s "Divine Comedy." This rainbow path shows the divide between heaven and hell.

The Fashionista's Guide to NYC's Best Shopping Displays

As cliché as it sounds- it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Even scientifically speaking- shopping produces endorphins- our happiness drug; is there any other time that we shop more than just before Christmas? That, paired with the out-of-this-world adverts kindly created by NYC classics like Henri Bendel and Saks Fifth Avenue, have us practically eating out of the palm of their deliciously gorgeous, string-lit, ornament-strewn, hand. But before any holiday purchases are made, some window shopping is in order. The window displays of NYC are a little piece of magic created intricately for anyone who still believes in Christmas. And while yes, it’s a ploy to get you inside, you can still enjoy the beauty for what it’s worth- and maybe score some incredible stocking stuffers (Think Bendel bangle or Serendipity-esque gloves from Bloomies).

Our Weekly Party Picks

In between the shopping, the decorations, and the countless attempts at the perfect cup of hot chocolate- you can squeeze in some football with ESPN legend Steve Porter or maybe some night shopping in Brooklyn. Whether it's party, dance, or shop, this week's party guide is a must. Read on!

Steve Porter Hosts Monday Night Football at Bounce

When: Monday December 12th 8:00PM-12:00AM

Redirekt: Official Giant Step Holiday Party

The closer it gets to Christmas, the colder it seems to be. And with all of NYC’s love for everything social, you can’t blame us for having random dubtastic dance parties on a Tuesday night. Between all the 5 hour energies and power naps, you should be fine to party a little at Giant Step’s third holiday party installment. Picture dancing to Redirekt! Vikter Duplaix’s best dubstep, house, and progressive from night to early morning. Tickets are $10 (free before midnight) and there’s an open vodka bar from 9:00-10:00PM. Let the drunken dancing commence.

NYC's Latest Openings

There's definitely a theme this Holiday 2011 and that is mixing tradition with modern to create exciting nouveau flavors, atmospheres, and ideas. Why not indulge in something you've never experienced before? Here's our guide to NYC's latest new spots. Cheers!

In a city that has it all --class, culture, excitement, innovation, it’s always refreshing when a spot like Greenwich Village Country Club opens its doors. Nestled above its brother bowling alley, Bowlmor Lanes, this mega-entertainment center is newly opened and catered to all the fun you desire. While satisfying your nostalgic love for mini-golf, shuffleboard, and David Burke’s classic Bowlmor Bob Slider, and your effort to create memories with friends, beaus, and fam. We love the kitchen interior (think blue diamond sock print accenting the walls, green golf themed lights atop the bar and did we mention it turns into a bopping GVillage lounge at night?) But if you’re a bier connoisseur and don’t feel like paying a whopping $7 for a PBR go to a recession-friendly sports bar to pregame with some $1 PBR specials like Johnson's on Rivington or Cherry Tavern in Chelsea. All in all though, with everything from service, food, to fun, the Greenwich Village Country Club has you covered.

NYC: This Week's Party Picks

?uestlove Eats- In Concert @ Blue Note

Leave it to one of NYC’s favorite DJs to cook up something this innovative and fun for a regular Monday night. In this one-night-only paring of taste and sound, you’ll get to delight on a specially designed three-course tasting menu (hint: drumsticks to die for) while hearing ?uestlove’s “Tour de Course.” In this, he’ll perform a song in correlation to the course- basically each bite will be accompanied by the perfect sound, created by ?uestlove himself. Also performing will be his friends and co-musicians Bobby McFerrin, Rahzel “The Godfather of Noyze,” Black Thought, and Brass Haven- so you know its going to be classic. For tickets go here. http://www.bluenote.net/newyork/schedule/moreinfo.cgi?id=9582