Making the Best of NYC's Frigid Winter

It's upon us. The brutal,infamous NYC winter. We already got a little taste of it with the recent (way too early!) snow storm. While we're enjoying a streak of beautiful fall days as of late, the pleasure won't last as the frigid winter sneaks upon us. It's inevitable, so we might as well make the best of all NYC has to offer during the winter months. As it is quite beautiful in its own right. While there’s something to make each season your favorite, we can’t help but love both summer concerts and winter galas. We have to admit that the allure of getting high off of crisp air and shopping on 5th just before Christmas, is insurmountable. It might be the fact that everything glistens, and glimmers, from the diamond shine of falling snow to the crackling warmth of your portable Manhattan fireplace. So in celebration of the coziest time of the year, here or our top things to do in and around NYC this winter.

New Spots in the City

While famous for their most authentic cheesesteaks, we’re just as excited to have a new low-key bar around Times Square. With that said we still think you should arrive, belly’s grumbling, mouths salivating over melted cheese and the smell of seasoned steak, because if you do, you’re in for a real treat. But it’s not just the food that fuels our fire, it’s the lax atmosphere without being too Cracker Barrel or the dreaded Shoney’s. Deep red walls with décor of bar decals and a menu board and the smallest feminine touch of scrolled pendants. TV’s lined everywhere showing news or sports during the eating hours. It’s a fun place to go when being hormonal with your girlfriends and itching to indulge in a fatty fest of melt-in-your-mouth Philly Cheesesteaks.

Fun + Cheap Date Spots

In today’s world, a girl expects a lot out of the first date- it has to be fun but not extreme, intimate but not sexual, and it has to wow her in some kind of way (even if it's just the excitement she feels in seeing a great smile). We know these can be pretty high demands for a bachelor on a budget, especially one in his prime dating phase. And even if you’ve been together for years, date nights are a staple for a fresh “young” couple. So here are a few of our favorite (cheap) dates.

This Sports and Entertainment complex has more options than we can count (going there would be a date in itself) but if we had to choose one place to go drop some cash, it’d have to be 300 New York. Entering into this 32 lane glow in the dark bowling alley, martini in hand, you know you’re in for a good time. And for only $25 per person (on Monday. $28 on Tuesday), you get unlimited bowling and specials on drinks and draft beers.

Your Weekly NYC Party Guide

20th Anniversary AIDS Service Center NYC Gala

Open Bar and Fashion Show @ Skyroom

Date Night with Over 100 FDNY Firemen

Chocolate Show

Champagne (v.)- For a Cause

The New Yorker’s Seventh Annual Passport to the Arts

Ricky Gervais for the 8th Annual NY Comedy Festival

Get Your Ice Skate On in NYC

The writers of Serendipity knew what they were doing over ten years ago when they
brought the chemistry-tensed John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale to Wollman’s Ice Skating
Rink. The allure of the ice, dazzling against lamp posts at night is highly
intoxicating. Whether you’re just meeting him or have been in it for life, a
date night at the winter ice skating rinks can make for a fun and sometimes
hilarious experience. Go on, who knows what fate will bring?

Wollman Rink Central Park

Nestled in the trees of Central Park, this ice skating rink is like the secret treasure
among every New Yorker. This is where we go to fall in love, to skim some hope
off the top of the constant sea of PDA, and to start new. This is definitely
the swankiest of rinks, with Chanel toting, Burberry jacketed clientele and
their CEO hubbies. The rink provides an intimate setting for each person, with
endless walking paths awesome events in and around it. Skates are a $14.75
rental fee.

Interview with The Met Opera's Jennifer Johnson Cano

In lieu of the ultra successful opera season at the Metropolitan Opera House, Joonbug was able to snag a chat with up and coming mezzo soprano extraordinaire, Jennifer Johnson Cano.

And already, she’s come to the renowned opera central, The Met Opera House to help take innovative steps toward grabbing the attention of a younger audience. “It’s really one of the greatest privileges that any opera singer can have to sing at The Met. You get to sing with the best instructors, symphony orchestra, and work with colleagues at the top of their game. It makes you feel like you’re doing your best work. That’s what creates incredible theater. For example, I am in the upcoming show, Ring Cycle at the Met right now. I’m so proud of that because we’ve done something in opera that has never been done before. The Rhinemaidens had the challenge of flying- to look like we were swimming- but actually flying midair. I always love an extra special challenge and working with the physical challenges of that project was incredible. It’s definitely going to get people talking. And it’s some of the most beautiful music ever written so that doesn’t hurt.”

Inside The Homes of Your Favorite Stars

Looking into another person’s life can sometimes be intoxicating. Especially when that person has boundless heaps of money, a gorgeous home, exciting social life, and do we even have to mention immaculate abs? Regardless of whether its right or wrong, we all secretly indulge vicariously on the delights (and disasters) of celebrity status. And here for you, is a look into the decadent sanctuaries of some of the hottest stars in NYC.

Adrian Grenier

This piece of Entourage perfection chose a classic tri-level brownstone in Brooklyn, to call home. You can find this charming arched brownstone, and him, in the cute neighborhood of Clinton Hill, where Grenier has set up a (relatively) self-sustainable rooftop garden over his guest retreat. Lucky for us, he’s planning to stay a while and work on his new eco-advocate website SHFT.com.

Inside Voodoo Music Experience 2011

Heading down to the Big Easy is always a favorite time for us (my fiancé’s a New Orleanian) so when I caught wind of lineup addition’s Snoop Dog and Girl Talk, I knew we had to go. The trek to Voodoo began last Thursday, October 27th, when we flew from NYC to Nola, in excited anticipation of the opening day. After a day of walking around the quarter, hitting up the flea market, costume shops, and snagging a few beignets at Café du Monde, we headed over to check in at the Hotel Monteleone and went to bed early (and yes, it's New Orleans, and drinking is everyone’s part-time job there, but we were too exhausted to go guzzle hurricanes that night).

Your NYC Weekly Party Guide

Even though our favorite cut-loose holiday has come and gone, the party is not over just yet. This week is stacked with countless parties, benefits, and shows for your pleasure. Yes, NYC, Halloween doesn’t have to be your last epic till New Years. Who says it can’t be tonight?

Circle Line's Phantom Masquerade Cruise

There’s nothing quite like your first Broadway show. Everything, from the booming show tunes to the intricate set design, is made to dazzle you. You can’t help but fill with a hope for magic, so tangible it is merely a stage away. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises invites you to relive that same nostalgia this Halloween weekend, for a chance to win tickets to our most beloved Broadway sensation, Phantom of The Opera.

In awed celebration of its 10,000th performance, you’ll don that impeccable costume you scoured for all month, and make your way over to Pier 83 for a naughty three-hour night cruise. There, you’ll delight on complimentary champagne (from B. Smith’s Restaurant), or if your tastes are skewed toward Oktoberfest, you’ll delight on Heartland Brewery’s top two brews, Smiling Pumpkin Ale and Grateful Red Lager. You’ll cruise the New York Harbor while dancing to top hits by VJ Randy Esulto, until the costume contest where the winner will receive a pair of tickets to the 10,000th performance of Phantom. That’s right, for a $40 ticket, you’ll not only have an incredible Halloween Saturday night, you’ll also have a chance to see the best show on the Broadway block. Snag your tickets here.