NYC's Latest Openings

This past week has brought a lot of new players to NYC's world of nightlife. From tapas to Indian, you're in for some exotic treats, as these four hot off the griddle hotspots enlighten your taste and tickle your tastebuds.

If you’ve ever ventured into the decadence of Indian jewel, Junoon, and hungered for a cocktail equivalent, then we have the perfect surprise for you. Opened just next door is Patiala, the new gem on the Flatiron block. Decor is flawlessly executed, creating an Indian paradise right here in Manhattan. By blending modern accents like deep cushioned cream chairs, and simple wooden tables with iconic pieces like the intricately hand carved wooden swing, Patiala offers every patron a comfort zone while they take in each meticulous detail. With an incomparably warm atmosphere, and delicious spice-infused cocktails like the Tandoori Tequila- silver tequila with muddled Tandoori pineapple, lime, curry leaf, and pippali pepper- Patiala brings just enough adventure for you to feel temporarily transported to the lounge's namesake, delving into cocktails unknown, like the maharajah himself. For the slightly starving, they have options like the Seasonal Pakoras and the Dahi Wale Lamb Chops hailing from Junoon.

Your Weekly NYC Party Guide

Okay NYC, it’s the last week of October. That means saying goodbye to our favorite cool days, partying like Marie Antoinette or Cleopatra (or whichever skanky swank costume you chose for H2011), and being able to walk a block without seeing Uggs. We know you’re itching for the weekend- and Halloween galore- to arrive but why not try something extraordinary today? Let’s see what the week has in store:

Monday October 24th

Lincoln Center Presents: A Night with Ralph Lauren Hosted by Oprah Winfrey

Ballet Hispanico's Dance Into Fashion

Dressed to kill, and smelling spectacular after a tour of the Sephora Sensorium, Joonbug headed over to Kiss & Fly for the Junior Society of Ballet Hispanico's fundraising event Dance Into Fashion. Stepping into the world of fantasy yet again as the doors to Kiss & Fly opened to reveal the decadent red soaked entrance. The thick red curtains spread open to welcome all the donors, dancers, and partygoers as we ventured into the dark meadow-like lounge.

Swingin' Singles: Hot Spots for the Solo Scene

You already know the grueling process of sifting through the intrigues of possibility lined at the bar. Whether you’re a sucker for a fitted suit, or you love great conversation, we know you’ve been searching for someone, the one, sometimes anyone, and we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a collection of three great bets to meet someone special. So go head, delve into these singles night hits.

Lo and behold, NYC- we have found the common ground. That happy medium between sophisticated and friendly, masculine and femme, all wrapped in nautical stripes and eagle wallpaper (reminiscent of some secret underground bar situated below the White House). And like the casual class the Anchor naturally displays, so does the crowd within. Boasting a crowded sea of beautiful men and women, looking for love, and for once it’s in the right place. If the antler chandeliers, the mahogany accents, and manly features weren’t indication enough, ladies, this is the ultimate man cave. No worries though, you will feel more than welcomed once within the walls of this pseudo-chic bar. Much like their creed to break all the rules, this bar breaks the barrier between the average and elite, without a hassle or discrimination. Between the renowned DJs popping beats to a packed dance floor, and the expert mixologists sporting drinks of recent celebrity bar-frequenters, like the Murricane (After Bill Murray), you’ll feel the need to scratch that Anchor itch within a New York minute .

Halloween Weekend at D36: Jonathan Peters and Steve Lawler

Most of us see music as an auditory experience; one confined to ears and Ipods. The select few who encompass their lives in music, know that it's more than just beats and catchy lyrics. This is where District 36 comes in. With their specially designed sound system by Gary Stewart Audio, the enticement of a music-body experience is not only to be expected but also to be pursued. And what better time than Halloween, when you’re in costume and anything can happen, to be enveloped by your favorite house hits.

Party back to the future on Halloween weekend, with headliner’s and epic house DJ Jonathan Peters, and international superstar DJ, Steve Lawler. As you may already know, Jonathan Peters, who will be spinning on Friday, October 28th, joins DJ Cristian Arango, so you know you’ll hear some fresh sets. Doors open at 10:00PM and don’t worry college carousers- you only have to be 18 to enter with ID.

Your Weekly NYC Party Guide

This October has flown by faster than we can say street fair. No worries if you haven't stocked up on your weekl appearances though. Despite that its already mid-October, there's still a plethora of Fall parties, festivals, and those oh so favorite cocktail soirees. But we busy New Yorker's, with our Socialite bashes and constant tastemaking, wouldn't have it any other way. Read on and taste the carefully-selected fun we've prepared:

Monday October 17, 2011

Zagat Presents: Chef Akira Back’s Meal of Memories

Inside the Genius of 7D's CEO Sasha Devic

After the whirlwind of parties- from the Cannes Film Festival, to New York Fashion Week’s Official Party, (should we also mention the Milan Fashion Week’s Party- voted #1 party in Milan), it’s a wonder that Sasha Devic, one of the world’s leading event planners and CEO of 7D, has any energy left to sit down and have a chat with Joonbug. Luckily for us, even with his hectic schedule, he lets his passion for nightlife fuel and inspire him. Who knew that the young Sasha Devic (He’s turning 25 this weekend ladies)- a former pro basketball player, hailing from Sarajevo, could have accomplished so much in so little time? The answer: He did.

Now Open: Salon Hecho, The Fulton, Bar 21

Opened just last week on October 6th, is Salon Hecho- the much awaited addition to Hecho en Dumbo. This Mexican-styled cantina, is bringing the heat to the Bowery, with unique options and a sexy atmosphere. From the minds of Ethan Smith and chef Danny Mena, this bar will feature fresh specialty cocktails like the Pimienta Gorda- an allspice infused mescal, and Margarita Tamarindo- Chile Piquin rum with fresh tamarind and cane sugar, among other curados and tequila drinks, so you know you’re in for a quality take on traditional Mexican favorites. And the cocktails aren’t the only reason to check out this new village cantina- they will also be showcasing different local and south-of-the-border bands daily.

NY Weekly Party Guide 10/10-10/16

This week in NYC is definitely not for the hermits or faint-hearted. Along with parties for every night, midweek the NYC Beauty Sample Sale is mixed in for a chic make-over. Great sounds and causes, with party themes ranging from prom to stargazing, your week is bound to be out of this world. Without further ado- your weekly party guide:

Monday October 10th, 2011

Head over to Le Poisson Rouge for a fresh, original brand of acid jazz, unique to only DJ Nicola Conte. Hailing from Bari, Italy, Nicola Conte, has become a renowned acid jazz mix master, because of his incredible ability to blend styles like bossa nova, Indian, with samples from 60s Italian film scores, and acid jazz. With new songs and international hits like “Bossa Per Due” (heard recently in Acura commercials), you’ll know you’ll be enveloped in a sea of great music. Also, the talents of Erica Mou are not to be missed tonight, after Nicola Conte’s performance in the booth. Be sure to get your tickets in advance here.

Bottoms Up: NYC's Latest Bar Openings

Fresh out of the oven, here are your four new openings for the beginning of Fall 2011. These warm, funky atmospheres will have you craving a slice of that NYC magic we all know and love. You know the feeling- the wonderment filling within as you take in a new spot, privy only to those who love all things nouveau. Go ahead, take a look:

Leading down a plain staircase, you wouldn’t expect much of The Tippler, hidden in the recesses of Chelsea Market. That is, not until you see the books, perfectly placed around flickering candlesticks. Then, you turn and as you notice the reclaimed wood from an old water tower, the train rails retrieved from the Highline, all shining against the Americana pendants, you realize that you are reliving a piece of New York history. With its definitive red brick arches and warm décor, The Tippler has primed the paramount atmosphere for any intimate situation, whether with friends or your hubby. This, fellow clandestine-seekers, is, by far, the newest old Chelsea night hit, since it hasn’t been open to the public since 1890. With thrill-drinks like the Screaming Greenie Lushie- Pernod absinthe with Finlandia vodka, lemon, and exploding (!) basil leaves and the Derek Smalls- Zubrowka bison grass vodka with cucumber, anise, grapefruit, and mint, you’ll feel compelled to return again and again. Oh, and did we mention they have small bites from all the shops buzzing above in Chelsea market?