YRB Magazine Party Hosted by Nick Cannon

Tuesday night was the all-out celebration for YRB Magazine’s Fall cover with (you guessed it) 92.3 Now’s Nick Cannon. We ventured out to one of MePa’s premier locations, Kiss & Fly. After checking in with the press and passing legends like Peter and Corey Gunz, we danced to favorites like “I Just Wanna Love You” (Jay-Z, of course.) with a little Mariah Carey mixed in here and there. The crowd was elegant with a good mix of swagger and sophistication in the lighting and décor. The seating areas were gorgeous, imagine partying in some fairy tale land with a canopied gazebo with dragonflies playfully atop.

Inside the NY Wine & Food Festival

We'd been waiting patiently for the NYC Wine & Food festival to arrive, and finally it had. Thanks to an obsession with Gilt City and all that is nightlife related, we scored tickets to three incredible (and delicious) events hosted by an array of celebrity chefs, like Guy Fieri, and Food Network stars.

Day One: Godiva Presents SWEET with Sandra Lee

On Friday, September 30th, we arrived at 82 Mercer St., decked out in cocktail attire (Black mini with Chanel black leather and chain belt and black Louboutins) and were promptly ushered behind the velvet rope. We climbed the stairs toward music and as we neared the sound of Adele’s Someone Like You, we could see pink and purple mood lights, flashing in patterns along the three hallways (think Hogwarts Great Hall X 3). With over 40 dessert stations to test, we began at the Doughnut Plant- a succulent bite of Crème Brulee glazed doughnuts gave my taste buds a whole new standard of French patisserie expertise. Another, held the freshest Carrot cake macarons, you could taste the warmth inside.

Columbus Day Regatta

This 57 year old tradition calls boat-lovers hailing from all over the world, for two entire days of yacht racing. While the courses are the same as last years, the regatta committee has revamped the experience with fun new raffle prizes like a weekend getaway at the Mutiny in Coconut Grove. But the sailors won’t be the only ones having fun. Exciting new venues like CRYC will be offering a Dockside BBQ at 1730 (5:30PM for all the yacht-novices) so be sure to make reservations in advance. If you’re interested in joining the regatta go here today, October 4th, for the last available entry.

NYC: Weekly Party Guide 10/3-10/9

A hint of chill has already announced the arrival of October and we can't be more excited. NYC has cooked up an awe-inspiring week for you and we, its mere servers, have compiled a daily schedule of goodies for you to attend. With so much to do and only the week to do it, you'll be out every night, being that shining socialite we know and love. One night, a Breast Cancer fundraiser, another, dancing your A$$ off at Deadmau5, and then, to put a cherry on top, sauntering in your red ball gown at a vampire Halloween masquerade.

Monday October 3rd

Marquees' Columbus Day Music Marathon

Join the impeccable tastemakers at Marquee Las Vegas, Columbus Day weekend, for their Music Marathon. With the utmost world-renowned DJs in house, you know the party will be out of this world. We have to warn you, with incredible talent like Armin Van Buuren, the dance floors will literally be shaking. With bashes of epic proportion booked the entire holiday weekend, you’ll practically be living at Marquee’s Dayclub and Nightclub, trying to get into these trance extravaganzas.

Friday October 7th

Dayclub- The party rocking EC Twins will be spinning, poolside, at Marquee’s Dayclub. They are spreading like wild fire with their new remix of Paul Oakenfold’s “Resurrection and upcoming release of “Disco’s Cure.” You may already know them from their hit remix with Remy Le Duc, Adele’s “Someone Like Me.”

A Little Jurassic Treasure Hunt

Join the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker and her Tony Award toting hubby, Matthew Broderick, for a night of sophisticated fun and exploration. Taking place at the awe-inspiring Museum of Natural History, this charity soiree is like a childhood fantasy come to life. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Friends In Deed, an esteemed non-profit organization that focuses on emotional and spiritual healing of those affected by fatal illnesses (whether victim or loved one). So attending this once in a lifetime experience will not only be exciting, it’ll also be rewarding because you’re helping a great cause.

The Ultimate Halloween Survival Guide

If you haven’t taken a cue from the candy aisle at CVS, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that Halloween is fast approaching. Practically a month away, and we have to say, this Halloween is going to be the ghoul-fest yet. But before you stock up on those awesome tickets, or fill your schedule with endless costume parties, you need to read up on what to do to ensure the greatest night possible in this jungle of a city. Here are your survival tips for Halloween 2011.

1. Be Aware- First and foremost, your safety is the most important thing. While we’re not your mother, we still worry about you. So beloved Joonbuggies, just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. If its 3:00AM and you happen to be one drink for the worse, make sure to be around friends. If you get to that point, try to pace yourself- no one likes a barf-stained Cleopatra.

Exploring the Dark: Opaque

Already late, we bustled through the door of The Breslin at Ace Hotel. After a bit of wandering through the steam punk décor and buzzing crowd, we found the staircase that led down to Liberty Hall- descending underground to begin our adventure (how appropriate right?). After checking in at the reservation table, and meeting Chris Lynch (GM of Opaque San Francisco), we were lead into the lounge- dramatic black and red textured walls (like rows of wax envelope seals) and chic leather couches graced the dimly lit, ultra romantic, room.

After grabbing a drink at the bar, (vodka with cranberry and pineapple) we posed for the awesome complimentary photo booth, and read the introduction handout- “This evening you will be guided through a five-course meal of delicious tastes, diverse textures, and full aromas. You will embark on a unique and flavorful journey where your neglected senses come to life, and delicacies from different culinary backgrounds are explored.” And with that, we waited, slightly apprehensive but mostly excited to enter, blindly, into the dark. The room emptied as people were taken to meet their blind or visually impaired server, and finally when most were gone, we were called to the hostess’ podium. Pitch blackness came from the open double-doors that led into the dining room, already heightening the mystery of our approaching meal. The hostess called for Eddie, our server, on her wire. Within a minute he appeared out of the shadows to guide us to our seats.

NYC Party Breakdown 9/26-10/2

Alright NYC, with Fall moseying around the corner, let's make the best of our last week in warm September. There are some incredible parties this week, and we've compiled the best, just for you. With charity benefits and parties on boats( from yachts to Navy ships), you're bound to have an unforgettable week.


When: Monday, September 26th, 6:30PM-11:00PM


When: Tuesday, September 27th, 7:00PM-10:00PM