Opaque Comes to NYC

With all the new technology coming out faster than we can say “Ipad 2,” it’s easy to forget the basics. Strip down to your senses this Friday, September 23rd, and Saturday, September 24th, for California’s dining staple, Opaque: Dining in the Dark. This unique meal will have you trusting your senses more than ever. There, you’ll be eating- in total darkness- a five course prix-fixe menu (designed and prepared by April Bloomfield and Peter Cho, of Breslin Bar & Dining Room).

Open For Business: New York's New Spots

It’s the beginning of Fall and instead of retreating to our typically small NYC apartments, lets make the most of the city’s nouveau offerings. With new bars and clubs sprouting all over New York, you can make the city your personal treasure map. Go discover your future favorites at these fab up and comings.

Opened September 7th

Hearing the name of this new resident of Williamsburg, you’d expect to see the most serious, baby-boomer businessmen presiding inside, in crisp leather studded couches, and drinking scotch on the rocks. Now, throw those preconceived notions to the wind because you’re in for a comfy treat. Simple décor fills the narrow space with lightbulb pendants, a white tin ceiling, and classic red brick walls. This is the perfect addition to an area plagued by speakeasies (which we also love, but not for a low-key night). With its apartment-like interior combined with the Euro-themed wine list and menu (delectables hailing from Greece, Italy, and Spain), get ready to feel a homey sophistication at The Saint Austere.

The Double Seven is Good & Ready

As if he heard the calling for Fall comforts, David Rabin, has re-opened the renowned Meatpacking favorite, Double Seven. Finally, years after they closed in 2007, they are open and ready to welcome V.I.P guests found solely in the luxurious embrace of Double Seven. The décor is complete with individually sectioned black crocodile couches for those chilly nights where all you want to do is cozy up against your honey. Hundreds of candles flicker against an enormous shelved mirror to maximize that feeling of intimacy as fashionistas and friends mingle in twos. A place for friends, David Rabin, opted for a slow opening during Fashion Week, where friends and longtime fans of Double Seven (oh, how we’ve missed sinking into those couches with our perfectly concocted specialty cocktails), could preview the lounge.

Corona Light’s Electric Beach Series

Missing those awesome summer beach parties already? Well you can stop planning that Christmas vacation to the Bahamas, and start day dreaming about Saturdays in downtown Manhattan. Your thoughts may be trailing, but rest assured that summer is, again, within your grasp. Well, in your fists, actually, since you will be fist-pumping the night away to this house music extravaganza.

Brought to you by the partymakers themselves - Corona Light - the Electric Beach series kicks of this Saturday, September 24th, at downtown dance hotspot Santos Party House, a legendary gem hidden in the depths of Chinatown. You may have heard of Santos Party House before; the nearly impenetrable velvet rope, the simple yet chic (regal white columns with a red brick interior) décor. Luckily for us, Santos Party House has opened the proverbial gate, allowing entrance to all music enthusiats who hear hear a house beat and can't help but dance.

Jonathan Peters Classics Weekend

Groove back in time to all your beloved classics this weekend at District 36 with taste re-maker Jonathan Peters, who is ready and waiting to bring those old hits back to the future this Friday, September 23rd, and Saturday, September 24th. Friday, or Side A, will feature all the greatest hits while Saturday, or Side B, will have all your alternative favorites. Imagine entering, whether dressed in your 80s gear or usual sequined club wear, into the gorgeous 14,000 sq ft dance floor of District 36. Crystal strands, like diamond water drops falling, hang from the ceiling along with fun stars, poised as if ready to drop to the floor for a giant game of Jacks. The bar, untouched by the constant color change of blue, pink, and green, is simple yet elegant with Deco chandeliers lined above the sleek black granite countertop.

Bounce Sporting Club Opening Party

On Wednesday, September 14th, Bounce Sporting Club, NYC’s newest addition to the unique nightlife of the city, celebrated its grand opening in Chelsea. Celebrities in attendance like Scott Disick, Kris Humphries and Mario Lopez.

This red carpet event was the first of many to come, with its sophisticated yet fun vibe, the models and businessmen that mingle inside will not only be normal but expected. Even the Knicks city dancers had to make a stop to see the hype around Bounce Sporting Club. Enjoy the cocktail perfection of Charlotte Voisey’s exclusive list while you watch one of the 30 flat screens playing the best, live sports. Who knows? You might just be caught on film, drinking PBR's in the background for “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Bounce Sporting Club

55 W. 21st (between 5th and 6th Ave)

New York, NY 10010

Felix & The Diligence

Join the Pipeline Theater Company this Friday, September 23rd, for the premiere of Felix & The Diligence. This compelling yet funny play is about growing up amidst World War II, while trying to maintain that childish sense of wonder. Embark on this journey with the incredibly talented cast (Willy Appelman, Samuel Chapin, and our very own Brad Mielke), for a night of love, laughter, and all the hope that goes into being a cod fisherman in the 1940s. If that’s not exciting enough, there will also be sea monsters, mermaids, and fighting Nazi’s, to keep you on your toes during the performance. Original music is by Seth Clayton, so you know you’re in for a musical treat.

Met Opera House Young Associates Preview Party

On Thursday, September 15th, The Metropolitan Opera held their annual Young Associates Preview party. After checking in, we were let behind the velvet rope to ascend the red carpeted staircase, as grand and dramatic as Liza Minelli herself. We were greeted, name-tagged and soon were ushered into the Revlon Bar and Terrace for delicious steak tartar on toast, and selections from gourmet Italian antipasti bar- fresh mozzarella, roasted artichoke and prosciutto. They also served champagne, pinot grigio, and beer all with a chic touch of fresh lemon or lime.

This Week's Hotspots: Our NYC Party Picks

We have a sneaking suspicion that you know exactly what it feels like to be jonesing to go out (the doctor prescribed a cocktail), during the week. Which is exactly why we’re launching your new guide to NYC’s best weekly bashes. Just don't blame your morning tardiness on us! Have at it:


Beat that Monday droll by heading over to Brooklyn for this one of a kind dance party. DJ Chris Video is hosting Music Video Night at Trophy Bar this Monday, September 19th. He’ll be playing your favorite music videos from classics to techno, 80s to today. Make sure to check it out between their late night happy hours12:00am-2:00am.

Attention PYT's: NYC's Under 21 Fun

For the many avenues of NYC nightlife, traveling down the under 21 block is as exciting as the nonexistent streets of the Upper West Side on a Monday night. Key word: nonexistent. While we couldn’t find you a plethora of night hits, we have found some solid choices for all you Joonbugs-in-training. The perfect end to your first date- some dancing, bowling or maybe a quick concert- any one of these are bound to have you, your friends, and your future boytoy partying the night away.

Webster Hall 19+