Creeped Out: NYC's Spookiest Haunted Bars

This basement haunt of the already spooky Chelsea Hotel, is bound to get that adrenaline pumping. With unexplained power outages, switched wires in the ceiling, and lights going on an off- you know this is true blue NYC haunt. For more information you have to check it out.

Located on Hudson and West 11th street, this unsuspecting ghost haven will have you shivering in eerie delight. The pub was built in 1880 but is most famous for being the last party spot of famed NYC poet Dylan Thomas who slipped into a coma soon after excessive alcohol consumption. If Dead Poets Society is your thing then head over to this Thomas-spotted tavern.

Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

Head over to Brooklyn this Thursday, September 15th through Sunday, September 18th,for the much-loved Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. This alternative comedy powerhouse will have you LYFAO, with a great line-up and wacky events. From stand-up to the “Awkward Party Bus,” there will never be a dull moment.

Comics like astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson (director of the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium) will entertain you with “A Night of Science,” while “The Drunk Show” featuring hosts Elna Baker, Kevin Townley and Anaheed Alani, will have you watching while special guests take shots and perform drunk-defying challenges.

New York's Finest: What To Do this Weekend, Sept.16th & 17th

Oh Joonbuggies, we know you’ve been attending every hot show for this year’s uproarious Fashion Week, but don’t put those Manolo’s away just yet. It’s the weekend in our beloved New York City, and how could we refuse an opportunity to show off our new stylish duds at cocktail soirees, dance parties, and a global bazaar? Whatever the outfit, we have the perfect event for you. Here’s our five fave picks for this weekend:

Friday September 16th

Don that sexy cocktail dress for the 1st Annual Late Summer in the Big City Benefit. Held by the Young Friends of the ICM Foundation for brain tumor research so you know you’ll be supporting a good cause. Live music will accompany you as you peruse the incredible view at Midtown Loft and Terrace on the wraparound rooftop bar. The party will be buzzing with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and themed cocktails, to make for a memorable and exciting evening. And the best part? All proceeds from the event will help fund the ICM Foundation’s constant search for new and effective treatment of brain cancer. For tickets go to www.icmfoundation.org/events.html

Velour Lounge Presents Thursday Gold Digger Party

The hustle and bustle of NYC can sometimes be overwhelming; especially if you’re searching for the one (like the rest of us) in this big city. While there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to meet someone, we are not getting any younger and finding the one is becoming way too serious. Lose the dating protocols this Thursday, September 15th, and join sexy singles in posh Chelsea hotspot Velour Lounge for their launch of Gold Digger Thursdays.

This specially designed weekly mixer is geared toward singles of all ages (over 21, of course) to meet, mingle, and possibly find ‘the one.’ Here’s how it works: for a $25 cover, the men in attendance will get a generous amount of play money. The ladies, who get in for free, have to try their hardest (use those feminine wiles, or ahem, charm) to convince each man to give you as much of their play money as possible. With classic red brick walls, cherry wood accents and colorful pop art lining the bar, you can’t help but feel the sophisticated vibe in this mod lounge. The interaction (or excuse) of playing this fun game will encourage you to lose your inhibitions and meet people.

September 11th Remembrance: 110 Stories

The Play

Last Friday, September 9th, was the concluding performance to the compelling tribute play 110 Stories by Sarah Tuft. Produced by Broadway genius Jennifer Maloney (Spring Awakening and Legally Blonde), this collection of vignettes, breached time and space to bring you, safely, back to the tragic day the World Trade Center collapsed.

After an hour delay, due to a box office mess-up, we were seated with only a minute before the performance started. Heartbreakingly, actors like Stephen Baldwin, Tony Shalhoub, and Samuel L. Jackson began reading people’s accounts of the day, just before the attack. Jackson played a man who took work off that day to teach his daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels. “It was the most beautiful day," he read in that solemn voice. “Why is it always that something tragic happens on what you think is the perfect day?”

NYC's Best New Hotspots

In a city where nightlife is in abundance, and you can find absolutely anything with the touch of a button, it may be easier to stick to the same old places we know and love. We all know that good service and atmosphere are a 50/50 chance, so trying something different can be hard. Well, if you're craving something, or some place new, then feel free to break out of those old-habit chains, NYC and welcome these hot new bars and lounges.

Living Room Bar and Terrace, 123 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006

Starwood has read our minds recently, and given FiDi this eclectic nouveau lounge, the Living Room Bar and Terrace. This chic downtown desire opened August 18th 2011, just in time for the end of summer. Like a billowy ocean wave, the LED lighting installation by Lamella, drapes across the ceiling to give a fun, open vibe unlike most of the usual modern bars of Wall Street. The lights reflect the black granite floors to create a vortex-like (think Tron:Legacy) atmosphere. But don’t worry, you won't get stuck in Tron world for too long; the neutral tan leather and purple accents warm the space to give a homier feel. And how could we forget the floor to ceiling windows, the chic wraparound terrace and most incredibly, the view of downtown Manhattan. If you’re bored with the view (or hungry) there are specially designed board games, light bites and an exciting cocktail list created by Charlotte Voisey of Rose Bar. Prices start at $15 with specialty options like the Lychee Blossom- Belvedere orange blossom with lychee juice, lemon, and peychaud bitters or the Bond Street Sparkler- Champagne with elderflower liquor with blackberries, and fresh mint.

Local Escapes from NYC

Calling all workaholics, overachievers and those plagued by cabin fever: If your dream for a relaxing mini vacay has drifted away with the waves of the summer, read on, and rest assured that our favorite mini-breaks will have you fishing for that same dream and turning it into reality.

Dubois Farms

Tarrytown- Castle on the Hudson

New Paltz- Mohonk Mountain House

Bedford Post Inn

Hole up in A-list celeb Richard Gere’s bed and breakfast ( Night in Rodanthe, anyone?), the Bedford Post Inn for a weekend of understated elegance. Gere’s hand-selected staff are ready to welcome you into their little piece of New England style paradise. From the double soaking antique claw baths, to the outdoor fireplace, this b&b amidst the woods is the place to go for a romantic weekend done right. The 8 rooms are all designed differently, with multiple textures and looks to create a personalized experience, just for you. In one room could be a tufted tan headboard, in another it could be a poster canopy bed. For your dining pleasure, there are two incredible restaurants, The Farmhouse, a fine dining experience and The Barn, a casual setting, both inspired by Italian and American delicacies. Nurture your spiritual side and go to the Yoga Loft, conveniently situated at the inn. For reservations call 914-205-3773.

Renaissance Faire

Metropolitan Opera House: Season Preview Party

Join the Metropolitan Opera House Thursday, September 15th, in celebrating the opening of their fall season with the Young Associates Preview Party. Enjoy finely crafted music, tasty hors d’oeuvres, and classic cocktails.

Reality and dreams have aligned to bring you a night of sophisticated fun in the gorgeous Grand Tier of the opera house. Starburst chandeliers, designed exclusively by Swarovski, shine above as you journey through the incredible music, by the esteemed Met Lindemann Young Artist Development Program. Don’t worry if you’re new to opera; this event is for everyone. From the opera aficionado to the novice, you’ll fit right in.

Partying in the Upper East Side

You’ve seen those lush uptown lounges; those enticing, dare-to-enter, hotspots. If you're looking for the Sex and the City lifestyle of glamour and swag we have you covered. While we don’t want you to break the bank, we’re here to ask you to treat yourself, give in to temptation and enter into one of these exclusive UES lounges for star treatment. Go ahead, you deserve it.

5. Bar Pleiades- The Surrey Hotel, 20 E. 76th Street, Manhattan, NY 10021

Strolling seven blocks downtown from the Met you may find yourself in front of the gorgeous Surrey Hotel. Look to the left and you’ll see Bar Pleiades. Fashioned after all that is glamorous- fashion icon Coco Chanel and the decadence of 1930s Art Deco - this is the ultimate display of NYC swank. Walking through the intricately designed wrought iron French doors, you are immediately taken back to a period where the summit of elegance lies in grandeur. Black and beige lacquered alcoves, with a diamond deco pattern, shield the bar and lounge areas for those who love their privacy. The floor to ceiling quilted walls, reminiscent of our favorite classic Chanel purse, help to complete that cozy esoteric vibe. A crystal chandelier hangs above the larger lounge area, which has glass-top café tables surrounded by black damasked chairs. The bartenders match the décor with perfectionism in every cocktail. And for $16-$20 a drink, we would hope so. Recommendation: For the sweet tooth, try the Down By Law. For those who have an exotic flare, try the Singapore Sling.

35 Minute Boot Camps: Exclusive Interview with Fitness Expert David Cabral

Ever wanted a workout that was not only efficient but also fun? Well, coach David Cabral, owner of Hoboken Boot Camps, sat down with Joonbug this weekend- after a vigorous workout of learning to walk walls, pounding a truck tire with hammers, and Burpees- to tell you all about his innovative new 35 minute workout. From the warm-up you’ll already feel the burn and by the end, your heart is racing to catch up with the glory you feel for finishing that last lap. He uses freestyle combinations and fun props to give his studio a unique style with results like no other. You can be sure to see anything from a truck tire to resistance bands- the props are always changing so that his clients get the best variety of exercise possible. And that’s not even the best part. Remember, all this is done in 35 intense minutes.