Stop Looking At My Moms!

The Astronomical Almost Famous kid has gained almost 200,000 hits for this video. His mom probably edited it.

Lizzie Borden Comes To Play

Weird New Jersey shenanigans are out this Halloween. Visit the Lizzie Borden home in Fall River, Massachusetts instead. Book a room at the bed and breakfast or just take a daily tour.

Why the Lizzie Borden house you may ask? The home is where the ghastly murders of Lizzie’s father and stepmother took place, with her as main suspect. So stop the trick or treating (that you’re too old to do anymore anyway) and be catered with the breakfast that the Borden’s ate on the day they were killed back in 1892.

Liz Lemon Live You Say

No second takes and no messing up. NBC's 30 Rock will be taking a daring step by taping a live broadcast of their show Thursday night. With Tina Fey leading the cast its no surprise that 30 Rock would be the very first show to take on such a challenge.

Goofing off by some cast members would be some hilarious improvisation, but let's hope the network has checked the weather. A thunderstorm with an end all lights out would be Lemon's worst nightmare.

Help Snooki Complete Her Community Service!

Who knew someone could get arrested for public drunkenness and just have to sign autographs as a community service? That is exactly the predicament Snooki from The Jersey Shore will be finding herself in this weekend. For just $10 an autograph fans can line up and meet the reality star at the Seaside Heights Community Center. The money fundraised will be given to Snooki's favorite animal charity, Donations of Love.

Incredible to see how the court system is working these days. Snooki can probably feel the pain in her hand already. What a punishment.

Whoops, Forgot Your Birthday Again

It’s your best friend’s birthday today and you only know because of a Facebook reminder. Don’t sweat it. Get on Giiv.com and send an extra bonus with that birthday text.

With Giiv, anyone can save the embarrassment from sending that belated card. Giiv offers a variety of gift cards that can be sent to that certain friend in minutes. Just find the gift, enter the friend’s number with a little note and send. Your friend will receive the text with a giiv code to take to their local retailer in order to get the real gift.

Thank you technology—you save the day again!

Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire magazine names actress Minka Kelly as the Sexiest Woman Alive. Minka who? For those who don't know Kelly could have been seen on Friday Night Lights and the more recent television show Parenthood. Baseball fans know her better as Derek Jeter's girlfriend and rumored fiance though.

Jersey Wants Your Abs Back

Was it any more obvious that Mike "The Situation" knew he was going home last night? Right before announcing the next kicked off celebrity wannabe on Dancing with the Stars 'The Situation' started saying goodbye with his pecks.

If only the competition was on how well you can move your pecks instead of dancing.

Wire Bag Edge

Now here’s something for the fashion fall. These Bounce Wire Shop Baskets are great when wanting to go modern with a little dash of rock and roll. The metal accented baskets are a way to be a little more edgy, so don't just hide it in your living room as a magazine holder. Get a little more bold and wear it out as a bag during the day.

Just don’t put anything too personal in it for all eyes to see.

Miley, Oh Miley

There's a reason why parent's are outraged. Britney's no longer innocent phase two is now in session. Check out Miley Cyrus in the Who Owns My Heart video for her European single. Cringe moment takes place at 1:38.

You Get The Bill This Time, I'll Leave Tip

'No, don't worry, I got this one.' A common statement made by college friends and one that you've most likely said before yourself. 'I'll get this round and you'll take the next.' The exchange is usually equal but if not then the paying a friend the next morning scenario can become even more irritating than the hangover.

Venmo is here for the fast, easy and 'we are still friends' solution. Venmo is a simple way to link a credit card and bank account to your phone in order to send and receive that cash to your friends. Just ask Kortina and Iqram, the founders of Venmo. They first started off as freshman roommates at The University of Pennsylvania and now they are business partners for the social payments company.