Bieber No More, Please No More

A nail polish collection? Really? Honestly? Justin Bieber is launching his own nail polish collection with the no surprise name of 'One Less Lonely Girl.' Dude, what are you doing?

The glittery nail polish, yes, glittery, will be done by the brand Nicole (OPI). The first six shades will come out in Walmart during the holiday season (shocker) and eight more in January. Target, Sears and Ulta will begin to carry the collection in February.

Bieber you are officially in the 'Your 15 Minutes Are Up' category. Just keep growing those locks and do what you do on stage. Instead of 'One Less Lonely Girl' we all might start to want one less Bieber Fever.

Lucky Number Seven

Microsoft is now going the personal route and might be getting a lot more users soon because of it. Nine new handsets were just revealed this morning by Steve Ballmer for the Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio in New York City. Ballmer stated, "We focused in on the way real people use their phones...so you're in, out and back to life."

The new software is what's really new with its 'live tiles' look. Without too much nerd talk, the live tiles give the phone a more appealing look when streaming photos or contacts and other tasks rather than just using the individual applications.

Windows Phone has consistently tried to make interacting with a phone a unique and elegant design filled experience. With nine more handsets, looks like the company will have nine more ways to continue that tradition.

Eva Keeps MTV Going

Eva Longoria from never will die out Desperate Housewives will be hosting the 2010 MTV EMAs at Caja Magica in Madrid on Sunday, Nov. 17.

South Park Meets New Jersey

Comedy Central's South Park starts off with an all-new episode titled "New Jersey" for its 14th season on Oct. 13. Randy and the boys are nervous to be joined by Jersey folk when South Park is in jeopardy of becoming part of West Jersey.

What's the big deal Randy? You should be overjoyed to meet the Jersey kids. Not to be bias or anything.

Super Jamming It In The UK

Scottish teenager Fraser Doherty will make you feel like you can accomplish anything at a young age. If bitter about not doing so yet, he could also make you feel better by supplying some appetizing and flavorful jam.

Fraser Doherty began making his own jam after being taught by his Gran at 14. "I started selling it to the neighbours and door to door in the area. It slowly started to grow and when I got to 16, I decided to leave school and start making jam all day every day. Which I loved!" Over time the selling turned into the SuperJam business and a real stomach filler for customers. "By the time I was 17, I had come up with the idea of making jam entirely from fruit and at 18 had managed to get it into the major supermarket chain Waitrose."

A.C. Slater Gets New Show

A.C. Slater has ditched the 'I'm so excited!' Jessie Spano and has moved on to a new VH1 show with his girlfriend and new baby. Mario Lopez has wrestled his way back into a television series but this time its all reality. "Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby" will premiere on VH1 Nov. 1 depicting his transition from dating to co-parenting with girlfriend Courtney Mazza.

Let's see how the two will manage changing dirty diapers while handling their already hectic lifestyle. With Mazza's performing career and Lopez hosting EXTRA and America's Best Dance Crew it just seems like another Nick and Jessica catastrophe waiting to happen.

Never Too Early To Plan

Put away the 'I won't be standing by that person' 2011 New Year's Eve glasses and grab that chilled glass of champagne. It's not even Halloween yet and already we got the big countdown on our minds.

It's never too late to start thinking where you will be when the clock strikes midnight. After all, the celebs are starting to book their appearances now. So stay tuned with Joonbug to find out where your favorites will be and places you might want to check out yourself.

A Blue Valentine First

Selected by Cannes, Sundance and Toronto Film Festival, Blue Valentine is expected to open right before the new year. Check out here the very latest and most scene filled trailer that has come out yet.

Scoop This

So you have a friend in town and you have no idea how to entertain them. Stress less and just download The New York Times Scoop iPhone app. The Scoop makes it easy without having to research anything ourselves. It gives you options for the best sifty fifty restaurants, top shelf bars, notable events and even where you can find the most scrumptious cup o' joe.

Now relax and go spend that saved time finding an outfit for the weekend's festivities.

New Gents Love Their Swatch

Share your watch with one of your favorite vampires. That was the trend at last night’s launch for the new Swatch New Gent Collection with host Nikki Reed from the Twilight series. Stars were seen and watches were worn at the Gansevoort Park Avenue penthouse.

Who made an appearance just in time? Reed was joined by a variety of celebs including Susan Sarandon, Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford, Fabolous and Chris Brown. Even Chaske Spencer surprised his fellow vamp with a big hug congratulating Reed for her host duties.

While DJ Mia Moretti played on, Chris Brown was said to be watching violinist Catlin Moe play with Reed and Fabolous at his side. Rutherford also caught up with her co-star Jessica Stahm to talk about fashion week and all things gossip. Stahm was one of the swatch models with Jessica White.