Money Makes the World Go Round

Bills, bills, bills. Money is spread about everyday and the travel the green slip makes from A to B can be quite surprising. Wonder where your dollar bills have been and where they might be headed? Just ask our number one friend, George.

At Where's George, anyone can find out how a dollar has made its way from one pocket to the next. Just type in the bills serial number and current zip code. There's a second option to plug in details to later see where your current dollar in hand ends up too.

Tracking where bills go could be fun. Tracking the germs on those bills would not.

Don't Let History Pass By

The icy breeze that not even shoulder to shoulder stiffness can bring warmth to. The vibrant multicolored streamers, confetti and blissful celebration that's heard at the strike of midnight around the world. Traditions are different but the countdown is not.

All take notice of New Year's Eve, and for good reason. The new year brings a new beginning, change and the hope that this year could be the year.

The ball drop's 1907 premiere in Times Square marks the headquarters on where to tune in on Dec. 31. Others are rejoicing in every direction though and hopefully, EarthCam will be back for its 15th year in broadcasting what all have to offer.

You're A Hot Mess Spiderman

Pushing the laughter aside that a musical of Spiderman is actually performing in front of audiences, could you imagine attending the first disastrous show?

Spiderman's Sunday night performance left cables dangling and the crowd waiting patiently while the actor's stopped the performance five times, which made the show run for over three hours. Spiderman, did you get tangled in all that web or something?

Billboard.com mentioned that a woman got so frustrated that she yelled, 'I don't know how everyone else feels, but I feel like a guinea pig today -- I feel like it's a dress rehearsal.' Don't know which is funnier, that Spiderman actually sings or that the audience actually booed their outspoken fellow watcher.

Enticing Cornerstone Bar

The Cornerstone in Hillsdale, New Jersey- its nightlife bar scene and rugged style is said right in the name. Set on a corner in the heart of town, Cornerstone is a place to get familiar with.

A restaurant by day, Cornerstone consists of a full horseshoe bar, side seating and an authenticity of brick and balcony settings. By night, the rustic archways and downstairs is transformed for an inviting night of music and intimate dimmed lighting that only helps to enhance the cathedral ceilings.

The sometimes close quarters can only be blamed on how popular the place is. Dancing to mixes while peeking behind at the wrapped around mirrors, is not something that all Jersey bars have.

Food On Foot This Holiday Season

Get involved this holiday season with some of the most rewarding charities.

The nonprofit Food on Foot organization began in March 1996 when a man decided to take action and help Hollywood's poor and homeless. With the distribution of just one meal, the charity has now grown to serving 250 meals each week to those with low-income and who are homeless or disabled.

To ensure food security, Food on Foot took on a challenge in 1999 that actually got those in need involved and a recruitment for homeless volunteers began. With every fill of two garbage bags, volunteers are able to receive $10 food gift cards. The charity also helps giving volunteers the resources and steps toward living a better life and getting off the streets.

Tweet, Tweet Celebrities

As Co-founder and Global Ambassador of Keep A Child Alive Charity, Alicia Keys has turned to her celebrity friends in support for World Aids Day. Keys will be joined by other Twitter users in deleting their accounts until one million dollars is raised for those with HIV/ Aids in Africa.

Such supporters will include Lady Gaga, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Elijah Wood and Justin Timberlake. Those participating have filmed videos speaking out about their last tweets and testament. The campaign also will showcase them in coffins to represent a digital death.

For those who are anxious at the thought of not knowing what a favorite a-lister will be up to, just relax and step away from creep mode.

Raise the money and Buy Life now.

I Am Serious, and Don't Call Me Shirley

Airplane funny man Leslie Nielsen died Sunday night in a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida hospital. The actor had been battling pneumonia. He fell asleep and passed with his wife and family surrounding him at the age of 84.

Nielsen is famously known for great timed punchlines and his role of Dr. Rumack in the 1980 Airplane! film. He also played the quirky characters of Mr. Magoo and Count Dracula.

Wear the Wings of Victoria's Secret Angels in Soho

A Soho exhibit currently gives anyone the chance to see how they would look wearing a unique pair of wings. The exhibit is displaying nine sets of vintage wings that the Victoria Secret angels have actually worn. With just a few feet away from one another, once you've hit one embellished wing, its hard to miss the rest.

Just place feet on the mark and take a photo. The wings will seemingly hang on the shoulders of the curious with the help of a glass windowed structure. Diamonds, leather, white feathers and stunning jewels are just some of the seductive and radiant style to be seen.

The exhibit began on Nov. 19 and is being displayed until Nov. 30, when the previously recorded Victoria Secret show will broadcast.

November Snow on Streets of New York

Kicking up the heels and walking on the sidewalks of New York. First comes cement, then comes puddles, then comes...snow? Wait, but its November.

This past week those that took the 23rd route between 5th and Broadway got the chance to experience the winter season without having to wait until December. Turning the corner there were two big grass areas without the green. Snow covered bushes, small trees and it was beginning to melt.

On Monday and Tuesday morning tourists and New Yorker's took pictures with friends, and dogs and their owners walked through the blankets of white like it was any ordinary day.

Ne-Yo Celebrates With Celebrity Friends

Ne-Yo got more than just a little support Sunday, Nov. 21, during his black carpet affair in Avalon Hollywood. The R&B singer and producer was joined by friends at his VEVO and Compound Entertainment sponsored show and after party. The Ne-Yo and Friends Party started off with some Moet and Chandon champagne and ended with some collaborative surprise performances.

Diddy came out to perform It’s All About the Benjamins and Mo Money Mo Problems. Even Jamie Foxx was pressured to join the stage. Ne-Yo’s band started playing She Got Her Own and it was all over for the actor. Ne-Yo also took pictures with fans during a Kelly Rowland performance and Keri Hilson fooled everyone. Acting quite sly and stating she was just there to enjoy, the singer popped out of her seat a moment later with microphone in hand to collaborate Knock You Down.