Woman Living In Museum, Your 30 Days Are Up

Living in a museum for a full month looked easy, thanks to 24-year-old theater artist Kate McGroarty. McGroarty won the chance to live in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry for 30 days and it looks like her time is finally up.

According to CNN.com, the stunt was done for a way to publicize the museum to the community more. During her stay McGroarty spent her time actually living in the museum's exhibits, blogged every day and had catered meals. She luckily got to get out and take care of any errands during the day though. Her responsibility for winning was to interact with visitor's.

ABC News also mentioned that her favorite was getting in a quick catnap in some of the hidden away areas where she was unseen. Friends visited the adventurous McGroarty and she usually stayed away from the clown area of the museum during the night. There clowns, after all.

Royal Wedding Details

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married on April 29, 2011 at London's Westminster Abbey. According to USA Today, the couple chose the location because of its historic royal connections, beauty and sense of intimacy. Westminster Alley is also where the funeral for Princess Diana was held.

There are rumors that Prince Charles will be paying a large sum for the event and some are even suggesting in making the date a national holiday.

The Abbey is sure to fill the 2,200 seats it offers. With just five months away, the next big announcement is most likely going to be details on the wedding gown and its designer.

L.A. Skips The Turkey, Anticipates Santa

The Grove in West Hollywood hosted its annual Hollywood Christmas Celebration tree lighting Sunday night with many star sightings.

A slew of B-listers either took the stage for some tunes (all are triple threats of course) or watched on in the audience. Host Dan Aykroyd was joined by Mario Lopez, Jesse McCartney, Charice, Wilson Philips, David Archuleta and Corbin Bleu. Even the 'Its not a tumor!' Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up with Maria Shriver.

Guess waiting a week for Thanksgiving to be over was quite a nuisance. Oh celebrities, always getting your way.

Woman Found Naked In Sheen's Manhattan Hotel Suite Now Suing Actor

Looks like the once naked woman in Charlie Sheen's Plaza Hotel room now wants the actor to lose more than his wallet and cell phone.

The adult film actress that was found in the Eloise suite is now suing Sheen for incidents that happened that night. Oddly enough, the incidents that are just being disclosed today.

According to The Huffington Post, Anderson told Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos Monday morning that Sheen yelled racial slurs, grabbed her by the neck and threw a lamp at her. She also stated that there is absolutely no truth in the idea that she was paid for sex. A $3,500 payment for dinner was the deal.

Anderson plans to file a criminal report with New York City police for battery and false imprisonment.

Guess the two won't be keeping touch.

DiCaprio On Emergency Landing Delta Flight

The Delta Flight 30 that had to make an emergency landing return to JFK Airport Sunday night had none other than actor Leonardo DiCaprio on board. The airplane's left engine caught on fire and the nine-hour flight to Russia was delayed.

After a terrifying 90 minutes of the plane hovering over JFK, it finally landed with 160 firefighters standing by for precaution.

DiCaprio's reps state that, "En route to attend the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the passengers aboard Delta Flight 30. He wishes to commend the actions of the pilot and flight crew in bringing the plane to a safe landing."

As one of the best high profile actors in the industry, the 36-year-old even signed autographs for the flight crew afterward.

Eat All That Stuffing Without Cleaning Up After

Thanksgiving stuffing, mashed potatoes and some type of casserole that should be appealing to eat on such an occasion but really just looks like last year's leftovers. Thanksgiving is a few days away and the fasting has just begun in preparation. The eating and family get together's are memorable, but who wants to eat their whole days worth of calories in one sitting then have to clean up afterward? Yea, didn't think so.

In 2009 Panasonic unveiled an updated version of a dish washing robot in Tokyo that seems to be quite fitting for such a turkey holiday. No, no. This is serious.

Coolie With That Koozie

Start early and ask for some fun New Year's items as a Christmas stocking stuffer. More importantly, put some colorful Koozie's at the top of the list.

Koozie's are the holiday friendly covers that will keep that drink as cold as the New Year's air. With a pack of 10, every guest will have an easier time keeping track of their beverage.

With 2011 approaching and with every minute counted down to midnight, just don't forget to keep recovering the next bottle in hand. We don't want a bunch of koozie's piling up in the recycling bin now do we?

Super Bowl Headliner Revealed

Imma be, imma be, imma be watching the Super Bowl's halftime show this year. The Black Eyed Peas have been selected as the headliner for this year's football game, which means they will literally be meeting us halfway.

The peas are sweet and all but it would have been nice to get some current big names like Rihanna and Lady Gaga too. At least with them there would be more of a chance that something provocative would happen like the (shh never happened) Justin and Janet catastrophe.

Oh well, at least there's the commercials.

The Super Bowl is headed for Dallas Stadium so get the munchies and coolers ready.

Joonbug Staff Bumps Into Chelsea Clinton

Editing content, posting stories and the occasional jib-jab. Lunch time rolls around and the usual Joonbug question is asked, 'What's good to eat?' Thursday afternoon is no different with the same routine. Some of us grabbed our coats, rounded up and headed down to the streets of New York for some grub. (Yes, we need to eat too.)

Down the spiral stairs and to the lobby we went. Passing along are three unknowns, but hey, its a big building. Two men walking a petite red head casually whisk past us. Looking up there are double takes and eye contact. A timid expression stares back as if saying, 'Please, don't recognize me.'

Get In Midtown's Right Lane

Get the ball rolling a little sooner than New Year's. Opening on Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 4 p.m., Bowlmor Lanes will be bowling its way into Times Square.

With a stand alone 80-foot grill sports bar restaurant with full media bar and tiered seating, this is no kid's bowling party. Get the chance to experience 50 different lanes that's divided into seven New York City themed lounges.

Director of Brand Strategy Colie Edison states, "It elevates the bowling experience to include gourmet food and nightlife. Its stunning design appeals to both tourists and New Yorker's alike. Finally giving a New Yorker a reason to hang in Times Square."