Teach Me How To Dougie!

Celebrity guests enjoyed An Evening with Chrysler and Fiat in downtown L.A. Tuesday night with the help of Robin Thicke.

The private party let the onlookers experience three different levels of the newest automotive brands, which included the highly anticipated FIAT 500. Not to mention some spins from DJ Samantha Ronson.

Stars came out and even got taught how to Dougie, thanks to Amber Lancaster. Other Hard Times of RJ Berger cast members included Jayson Blair and Jareb Dauplaise.

Here are a few more to add to the list: Jessica Lowndes, David Henrie, AJ Buckley, Rick Yune, Al Shearer, Brian Wilson, (catch breath) Buddy Valastro, Christopher Knight, Courtney Hansen, Jo Champa and Lorenzo Henri.

Just to name, a whole lot.

Back East Stencil Geek

Moving to California for snowboarding is spontaneous. Keeping his Back East Stencil Geek roots is quite another.

Growing up in Massachusetts, 23-year-old Keegan Flynn first found his passion for stencil art thanks to his AP Art teacher Mr. Barry. After working one afternoon in his woodshop’s spray booth, Keegan didn’t just go home with some portfolio self portraits. He went home knowing stenciling was where he wanted to direct his attention.

Amazon Launches Film Studio, Wants Talent

Amazon is closing the books and opening up to a new movie production company.

Amazon announced that they plan to set aside $2.7 million a year to help aspiring filmmakers get noticed. Projects can be submitted to the new Amazon Studios website where fans can choose their favorite.

Working as the middle man, Amazon will then pitch to Warner Bros. in the hopes that a Hollywood film will soon be developed. There's no issue if one isn't steady with a camera either. Talent can also submit scripts.

Submissions must be in by Dec. 31, 2011 with Amazon holding the rights of the work for 18 months.

Sexiest Man Alive

As a leading actor with a corky personality and chiseled abs to top it all off, was there ever a doubt that Ryan Reynolds wouldn't take home the title of Sexiest Man Alive at one point or another? People magazine didn't seem to think so.

The 34-year-old actor, married to Scarlett Johansson, lands the cover of this month's People magazine as its Sexiest Man Alive. What's even sexier? When the guy pokes fun at the new acclaimed title. Reynolds is quoted in the magazine saying, "The most difficult part is going to be organically working this title into a conversation with random strangers." He even pokes fun at his new husband privileges, "Now it's going to be, 'Sexiest man, take out the garbage."

Eva So Long-oria Gets The Papers

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are reportedly getting a divorce and Parker is the one that made the move in ending the relationship. Reports are stating that Parker filed for divorce Monday in Texas.

Longoria has been busy lately, making appearances at red carpet events. One of her most recent public outings came when she hosted the EMA Awards for MTV.

The couple married in 2007. There is still not a definite statement by either party for officially calling it quits.

Update: It is official! Longoria took to the signing of papers when filing for divorce early Wednesday morning. Its irreconcilable differences for these two.

Get Forever Lazy

“I always loved the movie Office Space as a kid, but never really understood how true the references were until I graduated from college and got into the corporate world. I hated having to wake up early to do something that I hated doing, and, like [the character] Peter, ‘ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it.’”

Does this way of thinking strike a chord? According to Tyler Galganzki, this is exactly the way he once felt. That is, until him and friend Dave Hibler decided to do something about it. “Ironically enough, I spent my days working hard to figure out ways that I could get away with doing less work. It's not that I was lazy or didn't want to work. It's that I just didn't care. That's when I realized that I wanted to work for myself and make my work my passion: Laziness. I had had enough of corporate politics, multiple bosses, pointless meetings and mission statements. I knew that there was no way that I was going to last another 40 years of my life in such an environment.”

No More Bachelor Days

Prince William finally popped the question to on-again off-again girlfriend Kate Middleton. The two 28-year-olds have been dating for nearly a decade.

The wedding is said to take place either spring or summer of 2011. The celebration will mark the 30th anniversary of when the late Princess Diana wed Prince Charles.

It's being reported that William proposed to Kate with the same wedding ring that once belonged to Diana. They made it official about a month ago during a trip to Kenya.

Greenest Country You Say

According to National Geographic's Greendex, India is currently the greenest country in the world.

The country takes first for the second year in a row being ranked as 62.6 percent green. The country beat out the other 16 countries that are indexed because of the way they maintain their goods and foods indexes.

Who's the lowest? Well, Americans. Let's just take a peek into the mirror shall we? America is the lowest for the third consecutive year in a row. There does seem to be an increasing trend though. The US score is up 1.3 points since 2009 and 2.6 from 2008.

Going green. Changes being made in a worldly effort.

Remotely Creative Pillow

New remote control pillow—for those who tend to lose the remote and those who apparently have a brown color schemed living room.

Pillow Universal Remote Control is a fully functional remote with fabric buttons sewn-in. It does everything a regular remote can do such as turning up and down the volume, changing the channel and accessing the DVD and VCR.

Creative, yet bland. Buyer's are sure to give it a try if more color choices became available. Just be careful to not fall asleep and leave a drool stain. The $30 cushion does take two AAA batteries.

Singer's Sexy Kitten Fragrance

Katy Perry is just one of the latest celebrities to come out with a signature scent. Perry introduces Purr, a fragrance that draws from her very own style and taste. Some of the aroma blend consists of peach nectar, jasmine blossom and vanilla orchid.