New Radio Show For Comedian

A completely uncensored Russell Brand will be hitting the airwaves with his new SIRIUS XM Radio show just in time for the turkey feast.

“The Russell Brand Show” will feature witty segments with famous and infamous guests such as former front man Noel Gallagher of Oasis and co-creator of The Office, Stephen Merchant. Clips from his recent UK stand-up tour will be just another laughing fest reason for listeners to tune in.

Brand’s debut will be on Wednesday, Nov. 24 at 6 p.m. While it rebroadcasts throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, fans of the British comedian can keep up with him when the show airs between November 27 through January 15 every Saturday at 9 p.m.

Concert Preparation Near NYPD

The wind is picking up and the crowd is getting more frazzled as everyone is branching off in every direction in Times Square this morning. To walk or don't walk, every street corner seems vacant because of the never stopping fast pace.

That is, except for the cramped elbow to elbow area across from the New York Police Department.

As everyone was busily headed toward work in the early a.m., some took the time to stop and take a peak at what was being built to the left of the NYPD building. A stage was being prepared with MTV and Showtime employer's waiting.

Change Will Happen With Facebook's New Emailing Tool

The way emailing is done can potentially look a lot different to users in the next few months. Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook is currently adding a new emailing service application to its site.

According to The New York Times, the tech savvy will soon get the chance to step away from the modern way of emailing and gain other ways to communicate. With an @facebook email address, users will be able to use text messaging and online chat services as a way to connect as well.

The new system will organize both personal and work contacts messages by its significance. It will also contain a filter that can quickly go back to past conversations a person has had.

Stop That State Stressing

New York!

Pitting state against state tends to leave the picked on quite sour. Bitter about it is alright. Getting all loco and stressed is quite another.

Research has shown that New York by far leaves its residents the most stressed out of any other state. The Daily News reported that 1 in 5 New Yorker's feel they don't have time to deal with their own stress and are more stressed compared to other Americans when it comes to personal safety, living costs and health issues.

It goes as far as some New Yorker's admitting that they eat unhealthy food or lay awake at night worrying because of the anxiety. Seriousness aside, put down the coffee and step away from the Starbucks people.

Guessing New York as the answer shouldn't have been too hard to do. What, thought something more like Minnesota or Kentucky? Not a chance.

Cringe Worthy Simpson Engagement

Jessica Simpson seems to only be in the media these days if it has to do with who she's dating this month or what awful high waisted pair of jeans she will show up in next. This week, the jeans must have been in the laundry because her relationship status is what's got everyone saying, 'really?'

Its been announced that Simpson is now engaged to her NFL boyfriend Eric Johnson. This comes only days after Nick Lachey's engagement with Vanessa Minnillo went public. Too soon?

Only a few months into the relationship and now there's speculation that the singer has no need for a prenup! Better hope it lasts Jess, because Johnson's currently a free agent and it doesn't seem like MTV will want a new newlyweds show anytime soon.

Celebrities Envy Secrets Of Victoria

Lingerie, fireworks and outlandish and radiant style. Victoria Secret's 2010 Fashion Show glammed up the night for its fall collection Wednesday night.

UsMagazine.com and The Wall Street Journal reports that celebrities looked on as fellow a-listers Katy Perry and Akon performed on the angel's runway. Perry sang Firework, Teenage Dream, Hot N Cold and California Gurls while Akon matched the events theme with Angel.

As beautiful as the models are, its hard not to crush on their boyfriends that were sitting in the audience. E! News states that both Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill and Maroon 5's Adam Levine were there to support their barely clothed Victoria's Lily Aldridge and Anne Vyalitsyna.

The Victoria Secret's Fall Fashion Show celebration has just begun. CBS will be airing the live show on Nov. 30.

K Girls Max Out At Pacha

Uh, oh dash ladies. Looks like pointing the heels toward the door’s exit too early will only leave your phone’s ringing off the hook.

Creativity You Can Touch

Former college freshman neighbors Todd Wiseman and Milos Silber went from living in NYU’s Hayden Hall to founding a media company using the very same name. The film majors started developing Hayden 5 Media back in 2005 and since have had to creatively become business partners while continuing to work on the production side of the company. Needless to say, the two have made a very smooth transition. New York based H5M now produces such media like national commercials, television shows, films, music videos and content for the web, and it doesn't look like project opportunities will be going away anytime soon.

Kanye's Surprise Plane Concert

Kanye's concert ticket sales must be plummeting. While on a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to New York, West took to the loud speaker and started rapping 'The Good Life' and 'Gold Digger' to passengers. He kept the versions family-friendly.

Wonder if he got extra peanuts as payment.

The next time a celebrity surprises a flight, Adam Sandler better be strumming his guitar with an 'I Wanna Grow Old With You' sing-a-long.

It's-a-me! Mario!

Look at this, it’s a Mario bustling down a street in his rusty kart! Super Mario Bros fans in Spain took it to the next level this Saturday when the Arcosur Neighborhood Association of Zaragosa named a street after the always favorite childhood game.

“Avenida de Super Mario Bros” was unveiled and residents came to celebrate. The immortal theme song played on with a Mario mascot and people wearing fake black mustaches. Association President Antonio Almudi Miranda stated, “We are people who grew up living with video games. We know them very well. I'm 25. I'm the same age as Mario."

More jealous than Luigi is an understatement. Duck Hunt Road better be in the works soon for the US.