Most Ridiculous Wheel Win

Wheel of Fortune actually got fun Friday night when contestant Caitlin Burke solved a seven word phrase that consisted of 27 letters.

She must have had a bunch of letters on the wheel already, right? Not even close. She solved the phrase with knowing that just one letter was an L.

Check out the video here. The answer speaks volumes.

Generation Y Battles With Economy, Keeps Going Green

Generation X's admiration for big trucks and an overcompensated way of living is gone as Generation Y now brings the tech with a side of green.

The economic downturn hasn’t let up, and the younger generation has consciously changed their lifestyles because of it. As Senior Writer Allison Linn of MSNBC points out, the days that everyone drove cars are over. It’s currently more common to take public transportation while gluing ourselves to the latest technology gadget instead.

The economy can get quite depressing, so turning to technology where young consumers can keep in contact with friends and keep up-to-date with what’s new has made them less dependent on cars and more in tuned with going green.

Royalty Joins Facebook

Looks like Facebook has just added another friend to the site. This time--its all royalty. Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has joined the friend connecting site and wants YOU to like all of her status updates!

Alright, not really. The British Monarch has joined the network though and has frequently kept the public in the know with information already.

Seems just like yesterday when you could only make an account on Facebook with a college email address.

Coco For Conan

Everything is right with the world again! Conan O'Brien is back with his new show premiering tonight on TBS!

These past few months have gone by slow ever since the comedian quit NBC's The Tonight Show during the uncomfortable Leno battle. Now its time to welcome back the laughs and perhaps even an insulting comic dog and inappropriate bear with Conan.

Rumor has it that our favorite redhead will be bringing on guests such as Glee's Lea Michele, comic actor Seth Rogan and Jack White as the musical guest for the first show.

More A-list celebrities maybe stopping by for tonight's 11 p.m. premiere, including a mystery guest. We don't care who it is though, just as long as Conan's back.

Alright, Time For More Music

What's the point of watching these shows anymore when the first 13 could tell us who's going to win? The 2010 MTV EMA Awards broadcast Sunday night and all the usual artist's took the statues home. If you haven't listened to the radio in awhile, check out this list:

Best Pop: Lady Gaga

Best Alternative: Paramore

Best Hip Hop: Eminem

Best Rock: 30 Seconds to Mars

Best Female: Lady Gaga

Real World Cast Member Won In U.S. Congress Election

Former "The Real World: Boston" cast member Sean Duffy ran for a seat this past election. And he actually won!

The 39-year-old Republican from the 1997 series won a House seat this Tuesday for Wisconsin. Washington after a Boston firehouse stint is quite the accomplishment in the real world.

There's two points to know about Duffy if his name isn't ringing a firehouse
bell. He married Rachel Campos-Duffy from "The Real World: San Francisco" and he lived with Cyrus during his television season. Come on, everyone knows who Cyrus is.

I Love Scotch-Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch

Whiskey stones may be needed to keep the party--and flavor going. When the crowd gets too overwhelming the drink may start to feel unappreciated when set down. So add three whiskey stones to that glass. The stones will cool down the liquids without shutting out the taste.

Never has there been so many directions for a Thirsty Thursday, but here goes: Don't forget to store in the freezer for at least four hours, pour the whiskey until it reaches the height of one stone and oh, let stand for five minutes.

At least the drinking and socializing will be what takes the most time out of the night.

You Have Something On Your Face

Canadian Avril Loreti brings her best manners to the table with a collection of handkerchief art.

Mustaches, kisses, sprinkled treats and middle school flashbacks. Now heading to dinner after a day of work will no longer mean that creativity has to stop at the door.

So don't cry over spilt milk and over cooked peas and carrots. Laugh in the uniqueness that's placed on your lap and move on to dessert.

Shh, We Do Not Speak His Name!

Move aside Twilight nerds. The seventh installment of the Harry Potter series is set to appear on the big screen Nov. 19, with part 2 making its wizarding way on July 15.

Don't pretend like you like Slytherin just to spite us Gryffindor's. Young or old, J.K. Rowling has impacted every age group within the past 10 years.

Just watch the trailer. There is sure to be an increase of Sleazy for Ron Weasley fans after watching it.

Free Weezy!

Let the strip club party begin. Lil' Wayne was released from Rikers Island in New York today after serving eight months of his one year sentence for possession of felony weapons. Rumor has it that he is wasting no time to celebrate and will be partying on Sunday at a strip club in Miami. Just a little present to himself.

While in jail, Lil' Wayne wrote to fans from his website and music he collaborated on hit the radio waves.

Weezy, it took a good six months to even realize you left.