McClure's Pickles Are Lookin' Good

Ask me about my pickles! From Detroit to Brooklyn, McClure's Pickles began in 2006 by brothers Bob and Joe McClure after learning their great grandmother's recipes growing up in Michigan. Now with the addition of the Brooklyn headquarters, Bob and Joe have shaken up the average veggie that most are familiar with to a more tastier and spicier cucumber.

These pickles aren't your usual barbeque side dish. "The original spicy pickle recipe was passed down through the years and now has made its way into our hands. Small changes along the way have taken place, like adding a habanera pepper, but everything else is pretty much what we remember doing as kids," stated Bob. "The Spicy Pickles are one of our best sellers. It's traditional in the fact that it...has a good amount of spice, which is the twist. It tends to keep customers interested as it's a bit different. Also, everything in the jar can be used. The garlic, peppers and brine can all be used to re-pickle, marinate food for cooking or used in cocktails."

Historic Luxury Weekend in D.C.

Who says you can't learn some history while on a weekend getaway? The sophisticated Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington D.C. is set just down the road from historic monuments such as Capitol Hill and the Smithsonian Institution.

If Only Cool Meant Completely Creepy

Don't carry that doll around anymore. Instead, grab its hand and go on an afternoon stroll with it. Walt Disney Co. has added a few more inches to its Disney Princess dolls recently and the reasoning for the change seems a bit like they are off their rocker. Even the Mad Hatter would have to agree on this one.

Manufacturers are saying that girls are ditching their dolls at the tea party once the seventh birthday cake rolls around. Getting worried, companies like Disney and MGA Entertainment are now producing pre-teen looking dolls at a height of 18 to 21 inches just in time for the holidays.

Gossip On This!

The Upper West Side's favorite couple are officially over! Blake Lively and Penn Badgley called it quits way back in early September but have been keeping the split quiet. Even cast and crew members didn't know right away because the two still spent time together and continue to be very close.

A young celebrity couple keeping the peace even with the media following their every move on set. Now there's something for the record books.

Spray Painting Party No Criminal Will Like

With SelectaDNA Spray, even the most ruthless criminals can experience the embarressment of being put behind bars because of a simple spray.

A new canister gadget has been developed that is loaded with a harmless solution that consists of synthetic DNA. If a robber comes a knocking, a panic button can be pushed that will release a spray onto the robber's skin. Police will then be able to shine an ultraviolet light on the intruder. The spray has a unique DNA signature, so glowing blue at the jailhouse means a big guilty verdict.

Grab Your Boyfriends And Hubbies!

Men tend to want to run in and out when it comes to clothes shopping. The clothes they are wearing are fine as long as they don't have to fight off the mob of people at the local mall. Truth be told, we don't blame the men in our lives for feeling this way. There is a problem though when febreze bottles are being bought like they are going out of style.

Welcome to Trunk Club boys. The shopping at home site that will add more clothes to those hangers and less advil (for your girlfriend's) in the medicine cabinet. By just signing up men will be matched with an expert, get referred to accessorries that meet their needs and later get sent some fashionable clothes that will impress the women.

So stop that febreze clicking and click on to the site. Now that Saturday football game won't be interrupted by an afternoon trip to the store anymore.

Commuters Walk With The Walking Dead

Commuters had a rough time getting to work this morning due to the walking dead swarming the streets. Dozens of zombies took to the streets of New York today either scaring pedestrians or leaving for a more amusing coffee break discussion with co-workers later on.

With bruised eyes, grimy teeth and bloody skulls, the mobs creepily 'blended in' to promote the new AMC original series, The Walking Dead.

Now don't sleep tight just yet. Zombies climbing taxis and walking the Brooklyn Bridge is just the beginning. Today's stunt is a part of a worldwide campaign that will take place in a total of 26 cities. The first cities to experience the takeover was Tapei and Hong Kong on Oct. 26. Other landmarks and cities to watch out for include the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., London's Big Ben, the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Acropolis in Athens, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Chicago and Los Angeles.

So get in the Halloween spirit and make some new friends, because The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, Oct. 31.

Charlie Sheen's Naked Night With Drugs

Tables thrown, $7,000 in damages and some partying fun with a hooker. Just the usual week night for Charlie Sheen.

Early this morning the Two and a Half Men star was brought to the hospital after he flipped out in the Plaza Hotel's Eloise suite. According to The New York Post, a naked hooker in the room is the one that called the police when Sheen started freaking out that he couldn't find his cell phone or wallet.

Sheen admitted to snorting cocaine but his rep later stated that it had just been an allergic reaction. The excuses are getting old, my friend.

People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Is the tradition of carving pumpkins dying out? From door to door, it just seems like there's a lack of pumpkins on stoops and walkways these days.

There can only be two explanations for this. Either people are too busy to decorate or they just have been working hard for weeks and us neighbors haven't gotten to see the final product yet! That's what these pictures are showing us at least.

Stars Wars, Harry Potter, Homer Simpson and Nightmare Before Christmas. Where do people come up with these detailed stenciled patterns?

Even though it seems a little extreme, carve as you will and carve if you must. The little kiddies probably get some enjoyment out of it.

Celebrity Cheaps

Costume planning time is running out with Halloween being just a week away. So keep the cash and go thrifty this season by taking our advice and going with the simple celebrity look.

Here's our list of simple star looks that anyone can pull off with little to no preparation. Only a few items are needed.

Lady Gaga- Kermit frogs, bubbles, meat. You choose.

The Situation- Pretty sure they still sell those awful t-shirts with painted on bodies with abs.

Some of these celebrities may not live cheap, but that doesn't mean we can't.