More Sex, Please
Stylist extraordinaire Patricia Field leaks some sultry details.

Style-maven Patricia Field told MTV a Sex and The City: The Movie sequel is definitely on the way. The stylist for the Sex series and movie talked to MTV News yesterday during a "Confessions of a Shopaholic" press junket. The fiery fashionista confessed, “I do believe it will happen, because [creator] Michael Patrick King himself told me it's gonna happen,” but admitted she hasn’t yet received official details. So far, the original movie, released this past May, has made $413,129,126 worldwide. Field explained it may take a while for King to come up with a new script, saying, “It’s a long process. I don’t think it will happen in 2009. But you never know.”

Field continued to waffle throughout the rest of the interview as she repeatedly emphasized her statements were unofficial and unconfirmed. The stars of Sex and the City said a sequel was definitely in the works alongside creator King back in September. Personally, we cannot wait to see some funky new fashions on our favorite ladies whenever they may start filming again. We just hope it’s sooner rather than later; this city could use a boost with Wall Street dragging us under! Watch Field talk up a storm below.