Pippa Middleton Parts Ways with Boo
The stunning maid of honor seen 'round the world breaks at least one more heart

  Pippa the playa is single again!

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a truly spectacular affair indeed. It is quite commendable that despite this day and age, the world can still very much respect a traditional and historical event such as this and celebrate it.

BUT, we are in the modern era after all. Aside from the marriage everyone was waiting for, the true center of the wedding was arguably Pippa Middleton, the beautiful little sister of Kate. Almost instantly, a star was born. However, after only a couple of months in the heavy spotlight, Pippa has broken up with boyfriend Alex Loudon, a former cricket player for England. Reports say that their relationship had taken a backseat to her newfound fame.

She has known Loudon for almost 10 years, not to mention he was her escort in the Royal Wedding. Despite the so-called animosity between the two, the pair insists that they will "remain friends".

Seems like newly single Middleton has a history of staying close to former flames. Just this past Thursday (06/09/11), at London, Pippa was seen with ex George Percy (the son of the Duke of Northumberland) at a men's tennis game at Queens Club. They dated while they were students and housemates at Edinburgh University. Deja vu! Is this Will & Kate 2.0?

Well, maybe...Pippa and George were also spotted photographed together in Spain just this past May. Hmmm...

Then again, Pippa seems to be quite the flirt, one can never really know what she's up to. She has also been spotted with brother-in-law (in-law?) Prince Harry having tea and crumpet dates together for a few times now. Uh-oh. Could it be?

Eh, probably not. Especially since Hippa doesn’t seem like such a royal name.