Kray Kray Will Be Out Next Week
The continuing drama of Casey Anthony

Judge Perry announced that the four year sentence in the case of Kray-C Anthony will leave the child murderer convicted liar free on July 13th. Say whaaaaa?!?!

Apparently Kray Kray served three years in prison while the investigation for her murdered daughter, Caylee, was going on, and that has been factored in to her sentencing. She was set to be released at least 2-3 weeks from her conviction date, however she will be free in 6 days. Her attorney, Cheney Mason, had a little bit to say about this at the restaurant event in Orlando yesterday evening.

There has been talks about Kray's well-being while in lock, stating that she might be in danger from fellow inmates. Lest we forget, even with minimum sentencing Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in prison. Sometimes criminals just don't agree with the justice system. Do you?