Brook Mueller Following in Ex-Hubby's Footsteps
May be a recipe for disaster

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Brooke Meuller, has been spotted carrying a few unconventional items this morning- and she's fresh out of rehab. That's a 'no, no, no' Brooke!

'The World according to Paris' co-star recently completed a 45 day outpatient substance abuse program, crediting best friend Paris for her continued sobriety; these pictures beg to differ. Brooke is sporting the 'walk of shame' chic look, heels and sweats, and what appears to be an aluminum pipe with hand rolled joint-oh my!

The socialite's priors include a DUI in 1996 and Cocaine possession 2001. Her finalized divorce from the 'winning' actor in May of this year may have something to do with it --or the failure of her new T.V. show. Either way, Brooke better be careful before it's too late (think Charlie Sheen or Gary Busey).