James Franco Says the Oscars Sucked
Well, isn't he observant.

Doesn't James Franco remind you of that Sour Patch Kid commercial? One minute he's sweet, the next he's running his mouth about something he don't like. At least they're both cute.

Now that he can put "has co-hosted the Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway in 2011" on his resume, one would assume James Franco has learned to keep his opinions to himself once in a while. However, the saying that has been proven right time and time again - actions speak louder than words - was evident in his performance during the star-studded event. Franco looked bored, annoyed and all in all, just did not seem to give a f**k. What was even odder was the fact that he was nominated in the Best Actor category for his work in 127 Hours!

Now, the star is claiming the reason for his unhappiness was due to the crappy sketches that he was given to do. At least he was honest? The actor spills his thoughts to Playboy magazine:

"It's hard to talk about because it's like assigning blame - not a fun thing to do. For three or four weeks we shot the promos and the little film that played in the opening...In the last week, when we really started focusing on the script for the live show and did a run-through, I said to the producer, 'I don't know why you hired me, because you haven't given me anything. I just don't think this stuff's going to be good.'

...I just didn't want to fight anymore, even when they said, 'You'll come out as Marilyn Monroe. It'll be funny.' ... I was going with their programme...I wanted to do the material they gave me, not be one of the many cooks doing the writing...There were a lot of cooks who shouldn't have been cooking but were allowed to. There were some cooks my manager tried to bring in, like Judd Apatow, who wrote some very funny stuff that wasn't even used."

Hmmm...interesting. What do you think? Whiny or frank? Either way, Mr. James Franco scoffs at your incompetence.