Kim Kardashian Takes Flight
Living life in 3D

Kim Kardashian was seen in John F. Kennedy airport this morning looking gorgeous as always.  

The reality star babe recently took photos for Nick Saglimbeni's magazine, Most Beautiful, which showcases the curvy lady in 3D! A few photos from the spread have already leaked out to the public, however, we are all still anticipating the full effect to hit the stands Monday, August 8th.

Kim shed light on her classic look, stating, "Being stick-skinny is not something I strive for. I'm all about being healthy and being in shape...It's not about having the perfect shape, it's about finding the best you and being your best no matter what. You should never try to fit someone else's mold. Anyone can be beautiful."

Oh yes, yes we can! All butt implants and plastic surgery rumors aside...