Vampire Sighting in NYC - Alexander Skarsgård
'True Blood' actor walked New York streets with too much clothing on

Spotted! Alexander Skarsgård of HBO's True Blood was seen parading around New York yesterday (08/07/11) along with his iPod for company, like most city slickers on the go. He sure does make that T-shirt he's donning look damn lucky...

The 34-year-old actor just recently split with girlfriend Kate Bosworth, but he didn't look too bummed during his appearance on Regis & Kelly last Wednesay where the topic of his, err, clothing-free job in the hit television show came up.

When asked if the frequent nudity in True Blood ever made him nervous, Alexander charmingly responds, "I'm from Sweden...We don't wear clothes in Sweden. Can't you tell how uncomfortable I am?"

He then adds later, "Let's get naked! Let's get naked." 

Regis & Kelly were more than happy to oblige and play assistant/enthusiastic onlookers. "We won't mind...I'll hold your jacket if you want", Kelly says. Her excitement, understandable, but Regis? Well, Alexander IS pretty irresistable.

"I'll hold your pants!" Regis added. Unfortunately, the show is supposed to be family-friendly so we didn't get lucky. Maybe next time.

Lady Gaga clearly knew what she was doing by inviting the Swedish actor to take part in her "Paparazzi" music video a couple of years ago. Eyepatches and all. Surely if we had the money, we'd all launch music careers just so he can make an appearance...

Looks like your trusty editor needs to buckle down and start watching this man show immediately...