A-List Party: Kardashian Style
Happy newlyweds!

Yours truly was present on Wednesday night's festivities at New York City's own A-list venue, The Capitale - and it was flooded with people as paparazzi and the masses alike desperately flocked to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian's post-wedding blowout.

The evening began with a lingerie clad violionist, playing along to Jay-Z and other popular top 40 hits. Among the celebs in the crowd were Scott Disick, Lance Bass, LaLa Vasquez Anthony, and of course the Kardashians! Each one looking stunning and glamorous in their own right. As the night continued, the entertainment only got better; Jason Binn and Colin Cowie sure know how to party!

There were acrobatic performances and a dancing fiasco as the four bars were packed to the brim. Personally, I indulged in a few too many ambassador martinis as I chatted away while admiring the crowd. I could have sworn the bartender was Enrique Iglesias...ah, Martini goggles!

It was a touching and memorable night for all who came out to celebrate. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kris Humphries as well as all the Kardashians!