Beyoncé Wants It That Way - Mission: Boy Band
The music superstar's debut of 'Pulse' & her hopes to bring back a TRL staple

Beyoncé Knowles. Gifted vocalist, music superstar extraordinaire, Grammy winner, actress, designer, ...boy band entrepreneur?

We can only imagine what goes on inside the insanely creative brain of Beyoncé. Not only is the proud mommy-to-be one of the biggest music acts in the entire world, now she wants to expand her empire even more by starting her own record label! Is there anything she can't do?

Also, this past Wednesday, Knowles, just one of her many jobs, Beyoncé recently launched her third perfume Pulse in New York. This is her third fragrance, previous ones were named Heat and Heat Rush. The product is now in stores and available for purchase.

"I'm really proud of it...I am a woman who believes that women are entrepreneurs and we are strong and have opinions," she says excitedly, "I love being a woman! I am so lucky I'm able to express myself...where I can incorporate something more chic and modern."

As for the the boy band thing, the Associated Press quoted Knowles stating, “I am starting my company, my label. I want to create a boy band. I want to continue to produce and do documentaries and music videos. I eventually want to start directing for other artists.”

Music to my ears. Can't you just picture Mrs. Jay-Z mentoring a new group of young, talented (good-looking) guys reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys/'N Sync glory days? It'll be like 1999 again. So excited!