Celeb Breakups We Wish Would Makeup
These celeb pairings were so perfect we're pulling for a reunion!

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

When: Dated on and off beginning in 1999, married in 2002, divorced in 2006.
Why They Split: Jessica reportedly chose partying over playing “Newlyweds.”

Even though Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are both taken, we miss having new episodes of  The Newlyweds every week, so we'd be totally down for Newlyweds, Round 2!





Britney Spears ad Justin Timberlake

When: 2000-2002

Why they split: Britney cheated and was just too crazy for him.

Do you guys remember young teen dream couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears? Back when Jamie Lynn was like, 10 and not a mother, and Britney was like, 16 and not a mother, and they all seemed really, really, happy? He called her Pinky and she called him Stinky, and the two clean-cut pop stars were the epitome of young sweethearts. We know it's improbable, but what we wouldn't give to see these two back together! It would help us almost get over the whole head shaving, attacking a car with an umbrella, not wearing shoes in a gas station bathroom phase Britney had!


Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Goslin

When: Have dated on and off since meeting on “The Notebook.”
Why They Split: Perhaps they just fell out of love?

They’re just about the only couple in the world who’s PDA magically doesn’t cause nausea, and sells millions of DVDs. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling need to get back together! Their chemistry in The Notebook is intense. Imagine when the cameras are off!







Diddy and Jennifer Lopez

When: Dated for two years in the late ’90s.
Why They Split: Being super star hip hop couple got too hectic

Known for their outfits, and their legal drama --- in other words, being the perfect famous couple got too crazy. J-Lo wanted to settle down, but Diddy was too busy being an infamous bad boy. The odds of them getting back together are slim to none but we'd be thrilled if J.Lo kicked her new boo to the curb to reunite with Puff. That would make tabloid headlines everywhere!







Chilli and Usher

When: 1998-2004
Why they split: Usher cheated, then sang about it

There's history there, even if it isn't all pretty. After Usher's infidelity, their break up got messy and even messier when ‘Confessions’ came out. The song was then rumored to be about Usher admitting to not only cheating but getting the other women pregnant! Years later Jermaine Dupri, who wrote the song, admits the song was actually about him, not Usher! Uhh, what we would give to hear Usher uttering new confessions that involve rekindling their love!