Who Will Be Next to Judge on American Idol?
Our top picks to take over the reigns on Idol!

After weeks of speculation the news is finally in!

Fox's American Idol judge, Steven Tyler, has made the official announcement that he will not be returning for the new season. Quickly after Jennifer Lopez released a "maybe I will, maybe I won't return" statement, audiences are wondering if the songstress will be following in Tyler's footsteps and departing from from the glorified singing competition.

But do not fret Joonbuggers, such is life. Out with the old and in with the new!

What sets the American Idol panel apart from other singing competitions is its consistency in choosing musically relative judges year after year. That being said we would not want to tamper with the formula of success. We have a few suggestions for AI's producer Nigel Lythogoe on who we would want to see in the judge's chair come next season.

Here's a list of the Top Three artist we think would be a perfect fit!

1. Neyo: The singer/songwriter/producer is a Grammy winning artist who was recently inducted into the Song Writer's Hall of Fame and we know he knows a hit when he hears one!

2. Lady Gaga: The reigning Queen of Pop would be perfect at spotting the "it" factor among contestants!

3. Beyonce: Now this may be a long shot BUT the "Put A Ring On It" singer is an all around triple threat, she's a Grammy winning, billboard charting, dancing superstar and she has been a guest judge before. She'd be beyond perfect at choosing entertaining contestants.

What do you think Joonbuggers? Who would be the perfect AI judge next season?

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