Cruella DeDriver: Lindsay Lohan Clearly Crashes Cars for Publicity
The jig is up! Whenever the spotlight moves to another star, LiLo crashes her car.

With this week's endless array of whirlwind scandals from Kristen Stewart's affair to the Jackson family squabbles and sex tapes/nude photos of B-listers, LiLo was feeling ignored. And what does LiLo do when she's ignored? She crashes her car, of course. Yep, the Liz and Dick actress has gotten into another fender bender. In another rented Porsche. This time after shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills, according to TMZ.


There's no way anyone is that bad at driving. The woman wants attention, it's obvious. Now, if she goes off a cliff or something, then we'll be convinced she's just truly a terrible driver.

In the meantime, we're on to you Lindsay!